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10.18 Underclass Games: Infield Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On Saturday, October 18, Prep Baseball Report-Missouri held the Fall Underclass Games at Simmons Field at the University of Missouri.  Previously, we have broken down the pitchers and outfielders. Today, we will look at the infielders.  Catchers will reviewed early next week.

The overall level of projectability and athletic ability was impressive, with 17 players taking part in the infield evaluations.  Five players were in the class of 2018, and seven were corner infielders. 

To see the entire list of times and velos, CLICK HERE.

Top Middle Infield Prospect

Nick Wohlbold
, SS, Rock Bridge, 2017
Wohlbold is a strong, athletic 6-foot 182-pound right-handed hitting SS.  82 mph exit velo (one to top for the event), balanced/square set up, solid contact during BP, gap-to-gap approach, pull power, fast bat speed, level path, repeatable mechanics, works inside the ball. 4.31 home-to-first (among the best in the event). At shortstop, 87 mph positional velo (an event high), fluid footwork, quick high ¾ release, accurate throws, plays thru the ball, advanced actions during game action with athletic plays in the field.

Top Corner Infield Prospect 

Jake Hausmann, 1B, CBC, 2017
Hausmann is a wide-shouldered 6-foot-5 190-pound right-handed hitting 1B.  Excellent round of BP, consistent solid contact, middle approach, drives balls to both gaps, short stride, smooth load, no wasted movement, level swing to extension, 81 mph exit velo, 5.10 home-to-first, collected on hit in game action, single through hole at SS.  Defensively, high ¾ release, fluid footwork, clean exchange, accurate throws, 81 mph velo from 1B, top among 1B's in the event.

Top 2018 Infield Prospect

Jakob Woods, SS, Maryville, 2018
Woods is a athletic, wide-shouldered 6-foot-1 165-pound right-handed hitting SS. Projects well at SS, with advanced actions, quick release, fluid footwork, accurate throws, positional velo of 72 (one of the top velos for 2018 infielders).  Offensively, has no wasted moves, smooth load and rhythm, quick bat speed, consistent line drives to middle of field in BP, 78 mph exit velo, 4.78 home-to-first.  Woods projects to be one of the top players in the 2018 class.

The Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Alex Bean, 2B, Maryville, 2017
Bean is a strong 5-foot-7 150-pound right-handed hitting 2B/MIF and on a upward trend from his last event.  On the infield, 72 mph positional velo, high ¾ release, clean exchange, fluid footwork, mostly accurate throws.  At the plate, 72 mph exit velo, 4.44 home-to-first (among the best of the event), wide base in stance, quick bat speed, level path, produced line drive to middle of field in BP.  Bean has showed increases in the field and at the plate and is a player to continue to follow in the 2017 class.

Ty Buckner, 2B, Ladue, 2017
Buckner is an athletic 6-foot 170-pound right-handed hitting 2B/MIF. Buckner has impressed in last two events with smooth actions on the infield, 82 mph positional velo (and increase from event on 9.27, and one of event's best), soft hands, quick feet, quick exchange, high ¾ release, accurate throws.  At the plate, simple/smooth/repeatable load, accelerated bat speed to extension, level bat path that works to inside of ball, line drive approach, 81 mph exit velo, 4.88 home-to-first.

Jackson Caley, 2B, Pleasant Hill, 2018
Caley is an athletic 5-foot-9 143-pound right-handed hitting 2B. At the plate, 79 mph exit velo, balanced stance, some hand load, level bat path, aggressive bat speed, gap-to-gap approach, potential for pull power, 4.72 home-to-first. On the infield, over-the-top release, mostly accurate throws, quick feet with quick exchange, 72 mph positional velo (one of the top velos for 2018 infielders).  Versatile player in the 2018 class. 

Cade Chiles, 2B/SS, Warsaw, 2017
Chiles is an athletic 5-foot-10 150-pound right-handed hitting 2B.  At the plate, balanced stance, smooth load, quick bat speed, level to extension, line drive approach to both gaps, 63 mph exit velo, 4.51 home-to-first, in game action was 1-for-3, single up the middle, good contact on three at-bats. Defensively,  quick feet, soft hands, clean release, ¾ release, plays through the ball, 67 mph positional velo.

Mark Duley, 1B, Joplin, 2017
Duley is a physical 6-foot-4 200-pound right-handed hitting 1B. At the plate, uses athletic stance with leg kick, level bat path to extension, power to pull gap, quick bat speed, strong lower half, 4.75 home-to-first, 85 mph exit velo (tops for the event). At 1B, 74 mph positional velo, fluid footwork, quick exchange, high ¾ release.

Zach Gibbs, SS, Wentzville-Holt, 2017
Gibbs is an athletic 6-foot 180-pound 3B.  On the infield, has 79 mph positional velo (one of the event's best), long arm swing with high ¾ release, fluid footwork, clean/quick exchange. At the plate, swing the with authority, 81 mph exit velo, smooth load, pull power, smooth load, level to extension, 4.71 home-to-first. 

Max Hewlett, 1B, Rockhurst, 2017
Hewlett is a sturdy 6-foot 180 pound right handed hitting 1B.  During batting practice, 83 mph exit velo (one of the event's best), power to pull gap, line drive approach, repeatable swing mechanics, 4.79 home-to-first. Defensively, 71 mph positional velo, high ¾ release, accurate throws, fluid footwork.

Drew Kirchoff, 1B, SLUH, 2018
Kirchoff is a 5-foot-9 180-pound right-right handed hitting 1B.  67 mph positional velo, over-the-top release, quick feet, fluid exchange. Offensively, fast bat speed, wide base in stance, minimal stride, loads hands, level path through extension, strong lower half, exit velo of 78 mph, gets down the line in 5.09-seconds.

Roberto Merced, SS, Kickapoo, 2017
Merced is a projectable, long-legged 6-foot 150-pound SS.  Soft hands, quick exchange and release, quick footwork, high ¾ release, 72 mph positional velo, mostly accurate throws, all-around good actions on infield including athletic play on ball up the middle in game action.  At the plate, tall/athletic stance, slightly open, produces line drive to middle of field, consistent quality contact during BP, works to inside of ball, 74 mph exit velo, 4.75 home-to-first.

Carter Mize, 1B, Fort Zumwalt West, 2017
At the plate, 74 mph exit velo, athletic set up, smooth/simple load, line drive approach mostly pull side, quick bat speed, 4.94 home-to-first, went 2-for-4 in game action with a pair of singels. At 1B, 68 mph positional velo, high ¾ arm slot, quick feet, clean exchange, soft hands,

Austin Polina, 2B, Lee’s Summit, 2017
Polina is a strong build 5-foot-7 150-pound 2B/MIF with a positional velo of 72 mph, (increase from last event) high ¾ release, long arm action, somewhat accurate throws, fluid footwork, clean exchange. At the plate, athletic stance, uses toe touch for timing, quick bat speed, level to extension, hit consistent line drive to the middle of the field during BP, 79 mph exit velo, 4.31 home-to-first (one of the event's best times)

Gunnar Seams, 2B, St. James, 2018
Seams is a 5-foot-9 155-pound right-handed hitting 2B.  Offensively, athletic set up, slightly open, no wasted movement in load, level bat path, gap-to-gap approach, 75 mph exit velo, 4.58 home-to-first. Singled down 3B line in game action. Defensively, infield velo at 70 mph, clean exchange, high ¾ release, fluid footwork, accurate throws. Projectable player for the 2018 class. 

J.P. Schneider, 3B, Rock Bridge, 2017
Schneider is a 5-foot-10 165-pound right-handed hitting catcher. At the plate, athletic stance, smooth load, no wasted movements, repeatable mechanics, level bat path to extension, line drive approach, 79 mph exit velo, 4.95 home-to-first. On the infield, 79 mph positional velo, clean exchange, fluid feet, plays through the ball, mostly accurate throws.

Brent Shinkle, 2B, Blue Valley Southwest (KS), 2018
Shinkle is a 5-foot-7 140-pound right-handed hitting 2B/MIF.  At the plate, 67 mph exit velo, smooth rhythm and load, athletic stance, line drive approach to both gaps, quick bat speed, 67 mph positional velo, 4.41 home-to-first (one of the top times of the event).  On the infield, high ¾ release, accurate throws, quick feet, quick exchange.  Overall, projectable player in the 2018 class that can play in the middle of the infield as career continues. 

Max Spitzmiller, 3B, Pattonville, 2017
Spitzmiller is a strong, wide-shouldered 6-foot-4 195-pound right-handed hitting 3B.  At the plate, balances set up, short stride, fast bat speed, gap-to-gap approach, pull gap power, exit velo 76, 4.72 home-to-first. On the infield, 80 mph positional velo (one of the event's best), high ¾ release, clean exchange, mostly accurate throws, plays thru ball.

Wade Stauss, 3B, Lafayette, 2017
Stauss is a 5-foot-11 165-pound left-handed hitting corner infielder.  Positional velo of 72, high ¾ release, mostly accurate throws, clean exchange, fluid footowork, plays thru the ball.  At the plate, balanced stance, uses to touch for timing, line drive approach, mostly to pull side in BP, quick/level bat speed, 73 mph exit velo, 4.99 home-to-first.

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