Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Q & A: '24 Matteo Klopfer

NY Staff
Ground Forces

Matteo Klopfer

SS / RHP / Orchard Park, NY / 2024



PBR: What are you planning to study and why?

Klopfer: Business because being a part of a team puts meaning behind things, and business is all about "teammates"

PBR: What region of the country are you trying to play in and why?

Klopfer: The Northeast, so that I can stay close to home and my loved ones that enjoy watching me play, and because I know how beautiful some of the schools are.

PBR: How has PBR helped your recruiting journey thus far? 

Klopfer: By giving me an opportunity to see recruiting first hand, and feel the pressure with coaches and situations. Really just getting my name out there and letting me run with it.

PBR: Any advice to recruits in a similar position as yours? 

Klopfer: Colleges will not come running after you, and its almost like a job application. Get yourself out there and advertise yourself in the best ways you can.

PBR: What has been your primary method of communicating with college coaches?

Klopfer: Using X(Twitter), to learn more about the coaches and schools I am interested in, and then contacting them with my highlights right there on the same page. Using resources like friends and family around you is another great asset.

PBR: Something you enjoy doing in your free time?

Klopfer: Hanging out with friends has always been a big one, and enjoying time with people around me. Watching and playing baseball/ football.

PBR: Any gameday routines/superstitions?

Klopfer: I always wear white socks, and if I strike out with a certain accessory, I make sure to change it next time at the plate.

PBR: Favorite PBR experience/event so far and why?

Klopfer: The Northeast Senior Games, because it was my first event where I felt like I had experience and I was less nervous. It allowed me to leave it all out there, and it's where I received a few offers to look at and play for schools. For that I am grateful.

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