Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Q&A: '24 Irvin Fisher

PA Staff
Ground Forces

Irvin Fisher OF/ Bonner-Prendergast, PA / 2024



PBR: What are you planning to study and why?

I. FIsher: I am planning to study graphic design. I’ve always loved making graphics or edits and such on the internet so I think I’d 
highly enjoy it. 

PBR: What region of the country are you trying to play in?

I. Fisher: I’m trying to stay on the east coast for my college career. I’d like this mainly because I’ve become very familiar with most of the east coast throughout my baseball journey. 

PBR: How has PBR helped your recruiting journey thus far? 

I. Fisher: PBR has helped me gain exposure to college coaches on many social media platforms. I’ve also learned which areas of the game I should focus on improving in through the data and stats that they provide at their events. 

PBR: Any advice to recruits in a similar position as yours? 

I. Fisher: My advice to other recruits in my position would be don’t let it being uncommitted right now affect your mentality. It might be draining seeing people around you have everything set with commitments, but patience is key. You just have to keep a positive mindset. 

PBR: What has been your primary method of communicating with college coaches?

I. Fisher: My primary method with communicating with college coaches has been through texts. Most of the time it’ll start with a follow on social media and then go on to text where it’s a lot easier to communicate. 

PBR: Something you enjoy doing in your free time?

I. Fisher: I enjoy doing many things in my free time but I’ve always enjoyed playing video games. They’ve has helped me stay in touch with many of my old friends who’ve gone to different schools and moved far away for college. 

PBR: Any gameday routines/superstitions?

I. Fisher: Some of my game day routines range from listening to the same songs to the same throwing partner. I’ve also always done a back of the hand high five with one of my coaches who’s been coaching me since I was nine! 

PBR: Favorite PBR experience/event so far and why?

I. Fisher: My favorite PBR event had to of been the PCL Scout day. At this event I think I overall performed the best out of all of the events I have attended. It was also nice to connect with some college coaches and friends from other teams.