Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Q&A: '24 Keaton Phillips

PBR-PA Staff
Ground Forces

Keaton Phillips 3B / C / Delaware Valley , PA / 2024

Physical: Sturdy, full, 5-10 200lbs 7.9 runner in the 60 yard dash.

Offensively: RHH Open set-up, with the feet just outside the shoulders. Has a prepitch bat waggle and loads straight back. Utilizes an up and down stride while staying behind the ball. Has a strong lower half with a moderate swing path that finishes around the back. Displayed more fly ball than line drives and ground balls. Peak exit velo of 95mph. 

Defensively: The primary third baseman featured a balanced set-up while using a prep hop. Utilizes a quick first step with the hands out in front. Displayed a clean transfer with a moderate arm circle from a standard 3/4 arm slot. INF Velo of 80mph. 

Unsigned Senior Question & Answer

PBR: What are you planning to study in university? 

K. Phillips: Business

PBR: What region of the country would you prefer to play in?

K.Phillips: Northeast

PBR: How has Prep Baseball helped your recruiting journey thus far?

K.Phillips: I've gotten many looks after events and they have made it very easy to get looks because of the well put together videos that showcase my abilities as a player.

PBR: Do you have any advice to recruits in a similar position as yours?

K. Phillips: Don’t get caught up in the division level, any chance to play at the next level is a good one. And if there are still no offers yet, just be patient, they will come. Also, don’t stress about how much time you have left to commit because there’s a lot of time and a lot of opportunities to play college baseball. If you can play, coaches will find you.

PBR: What has been your primary method of communicating with college coaches?

K. Phillips: Texting has been really the only means of communication I've had with coaches.

PBR: What's something you enjoy doing in your free time?

K. Phillips: I spend most of my free time on the golf course.



2023 PA Last Chance: East PA 10/07 Wilkes University - Wilkes Barre, PA
2023 PA Last Chance: West/WV PA 10/14 Washington & Jefferson College - Washington, PA
2023 York-Adams League Scout Day PA 10/17 South Hanover YMCA - Hanover, PA
2023 Philadelphia Catholic League Scout Day PA 10/18 MSI Sports Complex
2023 Northeast JUCO Sophomore/Transfer Showcase PA 10/22 Heritage Financial Park - Wappingers Falls, NY
2023 PA Fall Top Prospect Games PA 10/22 Fairchild Field / Shippensburg University
2023 PA Last Chance: Central PA 10/29 Liberty Arena - Williamsport, PA