Prep Baseball Report

2027 Class Rankings Update: Spring Edition

Scott Hood
Oklahoma State Director

As the freshman class continues to get their feet wet in their first high school action, we take an updated look at the rankings and double the amount of players ranked to 60 in this update.  For this particular update, we are only ranking guys that we have seen in person knowing that there are still plenty of players in the 2027 class we have yet to see.  This class will continue to see movement in the coming years with players often making big jumps throughout their high school careers as well as some of the younger prospects catching up to some of their older peers in the class.  Today we jump into the movement in the Top 10, a look at 10 rankings risers and newcomers, and three of the youngest prospects in the class that are still producing even at a younger age.

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We have a new number one in the class with Barrett Standley from Bixby taking the top spot in this update.  Standley has already proven himself to be one of the toughest outs in the state regardless of class showing a high-end hit tool from both sides of the plate.  Standley provides a strong punch in the middle of the order for the Spartans and is also showing a higher-end athleticism than what we have seen from him in the past.

Brady Holliday from Stillwater make his debut in the Top 10 moving up to number 9 in the this update.  Holliday has already begun to cement himself as one of the better leadoff hitters in the state regardless of class thanks to his advanced barrel control and his ability to routinely drive balls back up the middle.  Defensively, Holliday has strong actions in the middle of the diamond and plays with one of the higher baseball IQ's in the state.  While the measurables might not be as high as some of his peers at the moment, the skills play up at a very high level and he should continue to see jumps as he continues to add strength and size.

1 Barrett Standley OK Bixby 2027 OF
2 Cole Dunlap OK Carl Albert 2027 C
3 Bentley Seeberger OK Duncan 2027 C
4 Landon Schmidt OK Edmond Memorial 2027 OF
5 Brock Copass OK Bixby 2027 C
6 Koen Isaacson OK Edmond Memorial 2027 SS
7 Wade Webb OK Mount St Mary's 2027 OF
9 Brady Holliday OK Stillwater 2027 SS
10 Jax Van Valkenburg OK Owasso 2027 C


Brock Copass C / 3B / Bixby , OK / 2027

Copass sees a rise in the rankings to number 5 on this list as he has shown advanced skills in the starting lineup for Bixby in his freshman campaign.  Copass has more than held his own offensively showing comfortability in the box and the hand strength is playing up at a higher level.  Where he has probably made his highest impact is the continuing improving skills behind the plate.  Copass has handled one of the top pitching staffs in the state with strong receiving skills and is showing the type of skills that should keep him behind the plate in the future.


Maxon Gipson sees his stock rise to number 8 in this update after a strong performance at the Tulsa Preseason ID and getting off to a hot start at the varsity level for Cascia Hall.  Gipson has strong 2-way potential with the higher end athleticism showing up both on the mound and in the swing.  Gipson has speed on the basepaths and a top of the order type bat that has already shown to be productive and is working the fastball in the mid 80's already with strong hand speed.  Gipson's athleticism and proven ability to produce make him an intriguing follow in the coming years.

Brendon Voss OF / CALUMET HS, OK / 2027

Voss enters the rankings at number 11 in this update after we caught him in action earlier this spring where the athletic outfielder showed one of the better swings in the class.  Voss has strong bat speed and maintains his athleticism throughout the swing, showing advanced strength for his size.  He handles both the fastball and breaking ball well with natural lift to the swing which should translate to even more power in the future as he continues to add strength.

Tyler Sparks C / RHP / Sapulpa, OK / 2027

Sparks enters the rankings at number 21 on this list after we caught him at the Tulsa Preseason ID and is already making an impact on the Sapulpa varsity roster.  The switch hitting catcher worked exit velos into the low 90's with a repeatable swing from both sides of the plate.  He also shows some arm strength behind the plate with showcase pop times as low as 2.03 paired with strong receiving and blocking skills.  Sparks also can add some positional versatility with strong defensive actions in the infield and an arm that registers in the low 80's across the diamond.



Caden Digby OF / RHP / Deer Creek, OK / 2027

Digby makes his debut at number 23 on the list after strong performances at the OKC Preseason ID and the Preseason All-State.  The 2-way from Deer Creek ran a 7.09 60 and showed strong rotational acceleration in the swing to generate exit velos into the upper 80's.  Digby is also showing some arm strength already working the fastball in the low 90's and showing feel for spinning both the curveball and slider as well as adding in a fading changeup.  Digby has already made big jumps in the past year and should continue to show improvement as he adds strength and experience.


Clark Cariker SS / RHP / Jenks, OK / 2027

Cariker makes his debut in the 2027 class rankings at number 24 as one of the more athletic players in the class.  The Jenks shortstop turned in a 6.86 60 time at the Preseason All-State and in our looks at him already at the varsity level, the speed translates to the game.  Cariker has smooth defensive actions and enough carry on the ball to handle the play in the hole.  Using a short and compact stroke, Cariker is showing strong barrel control in games and should continue to see jumps with the bat in the future as he keeps adding strength to his athletic frame.

Joey Grabeal C / 3B / Owasso, OK / 2027

Grabeal makes his debut on the list at number 25 with already seeing some playing time at the varsity level for Owasso.  Grabeal's value comes in the form of his positional versatility where he can play all over the field as well as behind the plate.  The Owasso utility man has shown some strength at contact using a level stroke that should continue to play up at a higher level.  Grabeal is gaining valuable experience competing for one of the top programs in the state at a young age and it would not be surprising to continue to see his stock rise in the coming years.

Colby Whiteman OF / RHP / Owasso, OK / 2027

Whiteman continues to make jumps each time we see him and makes his debut at number 27 in the update.  At the plate, the right-handed hitter is already showing big strength at contact with exit velos into the low 90's using a heavy levered swing.  Where he might make his most impact is on the mound where the right-hander worked at the Tulsa Preseason ID with the fastball showing heavy sink at 80 mph and there are reports that the velo continues to rise.  Whiteman has already made strong improvements in the past 12 months and should be an intriguing follow in the future.


Caston Fox SS / RHP / Poteau, OK / 2027

Caston Fox makes his debut on the 2027 class rankings at number 29 after showing off the arm strength at the Preseason All-State.  The right-hander is already working the fastball in the low 80's and is showing advanced feel for spinning a tight slider and mixing in a bigger curveball.  His ability to spin the ball with that level of effectiveness should translate into future potential swing and miss pitches.  In the infield, Fox has a feel for working around the ball with glove action and shows enough arm strength at 84 mph across the diamond.

Tucker Brown SS / OF / Mustang, OK / 2027

Brown showed strong athleticism and strength at the OKC Preseason ID earning him his debut at number 31 in this update.  Brown turned in a 4.08 laser timed 30 and showed hand strength working exit velos up to 89.5 mph using strong rotation around the core.  On the mound, Brown has a quick arm that is currently working in the upper 70's but should continue to see that number rise quickly with his already strong feel for spin and his natural athleticism.  Brown has plenty of present athleticism and strength and should continue to see his stock rise as he gains experience on the diamond.


Jax Van Valkenburg C / 3B / Owasso, OK / 2027

Van Valkenburg is the youngest player currently in the 2027 rankings at the time of writing is 14 years old and 11 months.  The switch hitting catcher has high level skills that show up in games and has some positional versatility being able to play strong defense behind the plate as well as at first.  The Owasso product has impressed in our looks at him in the past against strong pitching and with his age compared to a few others in the class, it would not be surprising to see his stock continue to rise as the strength and athleticism begins to catch up.

Benji Bauer C / 2B / Owasso, OK / 2027

At the time of writing, Bauer just turned 15 on March 13th making him the second youngest prospect in the rankings and coming in at number 14.  Bauer has advanced hand strength in the barrel at contact where this past summer he turned in a exit velo at 95.6 mph.  Bauer might not have the high-end speed but don't confuse that with a lack of athleticism.  Bauer has the ability to play both behind the plate and and in the infield and should continue to show more agility as he continues to gain strength and flexibility.

Titus Hawk 1B / 3B / Choctaw, OK / 2027

Hawk checks in as one of the 15 year olds that has a standard birthday in September but it is his immense size at his age that makes him an interesting look.  What makes that even more intriguing is that the freshman is already standing at 6-foot-6 and still has plenty of room to keep adding strength.  Hawk is gaining valuable experience at the varsity level and is holding his own in the lineup as well as manning the first base position.  Tall hitters have their advantages and disadvantages, but Hawk's ability to control the barrel to the way he does with how tall he is and his young age is one of the more impressive aspects in the entire class.  Hawk still has plenty of room for improvement in his game but should see his stock continue to rise as he keeps adding strength and will be an interesting follow in the coming years.