Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hits - Pacific Northwest Fall ID

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Over the weekend we concluded our final open ID of the 2023 season at the Ridgefield Complex with our Pacific Northwest Fall ID. Uncommitted prospects from the 2024-2028 classes from both Washington and Oregon were on display. 

For a Statistical Analysis of the event as well as full roster, click HERE

Below are some 'quick hits' from the event on a few select prospects. Players are listed in alphabetical order. 

Quick Hits

Pacific Northwest Fall ID

Harrison Buckingham RHP / 3B / South Salem, OR / 2027

A Junior Future Games performer this past summer, Buckingham presents a polished arsenal on the bump as well as ideal size and clean mechanics. Up to 80.3 mph with the FB on this look, he also showed progress with his CB/CH. Both secondaries flash above average with improving feel. Mature arm in the 2027 class

Jackson Buckingham 2B / OF / South Salem, OR / 2025

One of the better all around athletes on display. Buckingham posted a 6.98 in the 60 with powerful, athletic strides and also showed some explosion with his jump testing. A strong LH bat with a middle of the field approach and short bath to the ball. Versatile athlete with ability to handle both OF and INF duties. Speed/arm play up from the OF currently. 

Jacob Chandler 3B / RHP / Union , WA / 2026

2-way prospect to watch in the 2026 class for Washington. Mature, polished actions on both sides of the ball. Sure handed defender at 3B with an accurate arm. On the bump, shows an exciting FB/SL combination with feel for a CH as well. SL has swing & miss potential. 

Jonah Lam OF / 2B / Clackamas, OR / 2027

Twitchy athlete with exciting upside. Lam posted a 6.94 in the 60 with easy, natural strides and burst out of the gate. Profiles well to OF with quick reads and closing speed. Simple approach in the box with loose, quick hands and a contact approach. 

Brady McCarthy OF / C / Grant, OR / 2025

McCarthy finished the year with his strongest outing we've seen from him yet, posting a 6.83 in the 60 with a 32.4 inch vert and some of his best defensive numbers to date. Popped a 1.98 from C and has all the tools to be a stout OF prospect as well. Offensively continues to spray line drives from gap to gap with easy bat speed and fluid swing.

Collin McGowan C / RHP / Battle Ground High School, WA / 2028

One of the youngest prospects we've seen through an open event with an exciting ceiling. McGowan has the look/athleticism of high end prospect. Offensively shows present bat speed and feel for the barrel with potential to develop above average power. Defensively can handle any position on the diamond currently as well as pitch. Best fit long-term still TBD. Name to know for 2028 class. 

Cooper McGowan SS / 2B / Battle Ground , WA / 2027

Former Junior Future Games performer. McGowan improved across the board in all areas while continuing to show 2-way potential. Fluid, athletic mover with body control and polished actions. Defensively can really pick it at SS with easy exchange into throws. At the plate, creates quick, natural bat speed with gap to gap power. Will be an exciting follow in the class. 

Tanner McVey C / 1B / Graham Kapowsin , WA / 2025

McVey is a powerfully built C in the 2025 class with a strong throwing arm and emerging power. Took a nice step forward offensively and is impacting the ball with more authority, especially up the middle. Sound receiver behind the plate with ability to get out of crouch and deliver pop times between 1.90 - 2.07

Liam Ostrom 1B / 3B / Ridgefield, WA / 2025

One of the louder, more physical bats in the 2025 class. Ostrom combines size, strength and bat speed to present a powerful offensive package. Led event with avg EV of 95.2 while topping at 99.9, showing a propensity to consistnetly find barrel and impact the baseball on-time. Defensively can handle 1B with plenty of arm strength and has sound footwork around the bag. 

Ian Pollard SS / 2B / Rex Putnam , OR / 2025

Pollard has gotten stronger across the board while continuing to display slick fielding skills and a confident glove hand. Natural defender on the dirt who plays low with tempo and pace. Offensively he's driving the ball with more authority while maintaing a tight, compact stroke and staying balanced throughout. One of the top remaining 2025 prospects on the board. 

August Ware LHP / 1B / Glencoe, OR / 2026

Ware impresed with his first look as a potential 2-way prospect with developing power and a clean LH arm. Offensively swings with intent and can lift the ball to his pull-side with authority. On the mound, generates impressive arm side run from a lower 3/4 slot and whippy arm action. Ideal size to grow into on the mound. Seems like a good bet to make a jump heading into 2024.