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Virginia Fall World Series Top Performers

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See video and notes on over a dozen players that had strong performances at the Virginia Fall World Series.


Virginia Fall World Series Top Performers

Caden Cinnamond RHP / OF / Great Bridge, VA / 2026

Upright and relaxed stance for the physical 6-foot-2, 200-pound sophomore. Short lift to stride and generates average bat speed from a shorter hand load and path to contact. The raw strength in the frame gives him plenty of ceiling in terms of future power potential. 



Cole Cinnamond LHP / 1B / Great Bridge, VA / 2027

Has been one of the more consistent freshman that we have seen this tournament season. Square stance, minimal hand load, and swing has some length in the zone. Barrel has shown some accuracy and solid bat to ball skills. Legitimate two-way potential as he fills the long lanky 6-foot-3 frame. 



Brock Hall 1B / E.C. Glass, VA / 2027

Long and projectable 6-foot-5 frame. Left handed hitter with some barrel skills and showed them off last weekend. Open stance, lands on line, short hand load, and a quick whippy barrel through the zone. Creates some length out front and uses the middle of the field well. Long strider out of the box. Definite upside with this long levered freshman and plenty of room to add strength. 



Nate Hawton-Henley OF / SS / St. John's, VA / 2025

Probably the best combination of tools and production that we saw this weekend. The Future Games alum is a plus runner, premium arm in the outfield, above average bat to ball, and the hand and wrist strength to impact the baseball in a big way. Quality of contact has been a concern at times, but not this weekend. Plenty of barrels, multiple home runs, and is an instant impact guy in any lineup. Maryland commit. 


Ryan Hoeft C / Grassfield, VA / 2024

Hoeft has really leaned out and the strength is visible in the frame. Solid defender behind the plate and at third, but think there are some questions as to what is his best defensive fit at the next level. The offense showed well this weekend. Bat to ball skills with a heavy barrel and the ability to impact the baseball to all fields. Had a big swing on Sunday morning where he had a walk off single to advance Team Max Bat to the semifinals. 


Myles Holmes OF / 2B / Caroline, VA / 2024

Lean and athletic, above average bat speed, and produced some loud barrels this weekend. Toe tap load to stride, hands separate, and delivers a level path barrel through the zone. Was one of the most consistent bats that we saw this weekend. Fairly easy mover out of the box and with the way the body projects, the run tool should continue to improve. Should be a nice offensive pickup for someone late in the '24 class. 


Cameron Lamb OF / C / Mechanicsville, VA / 2024

Lamb has had a sneaky strong fall in front of our staff, especially this past weekend. For the compact frame, the Longwood commit has a little extra juice than what the frame would suggest. Works to the middle and pull and is an above average runner. Should be the offensive centerpiece for Mechanicsville this spring. 


Drew LeVasseur LHP / OF / Douglas Freeman, VA / 2027

LeVasseur turned out a complete game no-hitter on Sunday. Low effort delivery, lands closed, and creates some crossfire. Higher slot and gets angle to right handers on the mid-upper 70's fastball. Because he lands closed, he tends to work around the mid 60's breaking ball, but has shown some average feel for it. 

Dylan McCarthy 1B / RHP / Colonial Forge, VA / 2025

The long levered, 6-foot-4 junior had a couple of big days for MPH this past weekend, especially on Sunday. Slight crouch, small hand load, and a flatter path through the zone. Natural loft built in and some pull side tendency, which is where his power is shown. Had solid bat to ball with some power potential in the swing. 


Henry McFarlin C / OF / Western Branch, VA / 2024

Lean, twitchy athlete and a frame that should hold solid strength. Small stride forward and walks away from his hands before firing a short quick path through the zone. Line drive and doubles are the usual for McFarlin, but has shown some sneaky juice to the pullside at times. Solid physical athlete with ceiling left. 

Nicholas Rock SS / RHP / Stone Bridge, VA / 2026

Square and simple stance, rhythm in the hands, and a level path through the zone. Showed an accurate barrel and ability to produce consistent line drives, spreading it around the field. The barrel has some length in the zone and allows him to adjust to spin and cover the plate. Will continue to grow with added strength and maturity. 


Tyler Ruhl SS / C / EC Glass, VA / 2026

Normal effort, low 80's, and can run it up to mid 80's. Athletic, projection left, and can defend in the infield. Had a strong all around weekend and continues to impress. 


jack sams LF / Monacan, VA / 2025

Wider base, no stride, and hands preset back. Does not get much simpler in the pre-pitch/pre-swing than what Sams does. Heavy barrel through the zone with extension through contact. Carry to both gaps and produced some loud contact on Saturday. Have really liked the bat to ball skills and potential to impact the ball down the road. 


Ryan Vaxmonsky 1B / Paul VI, VA / 2026

Vaxmonsky has long shown his hit tool and bat to ball skills, but the frame has started to fill out and it is allowing the extra-base power production to pick up. Little more uphill to the swing, stays inside, and has shown ability to use the whole field. With Vaxmonsky being primary first base, he will need to continue to show power production from the left side. 


Noah Yoder RHP / 1B / Atlee, VA / 2025

Yoder was his usual self on Saturday. Overpowered hitters with his two pitch mix. Landed the breaking ball more consistently and punched the first six outs of the game. 90-92 early on and mixed his 78-80 mph power breaking ball in. The Duke commit will be a highlight arm come spring 2023.