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Burton's Scout Blog: 4/10/24

Jason Burton
Scouting Director Prep Baseball Virginia/DC


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Alex Frymoyer SS / RHP / Washington-Liberty , VA / 2025

Compact frame with an upper body that has added visible strength. Solid hands at short and made some plays in game showing average arm strength and accuracy to the bag. Probably more second base long term with a hit tool/contact type of bat. Average to slightly below average runner. 



Kailen Hackmann RHP / OF / Washington Liberty, VA / 2025

Was only one inning of work, so don't want to get carried away, but it was pretty intriguing. Ultra-projectable 6-foot-6 frame with long limbs and room to fill. Fast arm from a lower three-quarter arm slot. The fastball sat 88-90 and touched 91 once in his short work. The late effort and intent to the delivery, raw arm talent, and efficiency probably leans more reliever right now, but it is an arm that I think is a must see. Threw a handful of sliders with a couple of them showing some swing and miss traits with solid velo at 77-79 mph. Threw a few low 80's changeups that felt more like show pitches to left handers, but didn't have a terrible feel for them. Definitely an arm you want to get out and see sooner rather than later.



Luke Harnishfeger C / OF / Washington-Liberty, VA / 2024

Harnishfeger is a guy we have seen for a few years and he continues to get better. Most noticeably, the arm strength has taken a step forward. Has always been a solid defensive catcher and the arm strength has been up and down at times, but showed well Monday night. Carry and accuracy to the bag with a quick exchange. Gathered himself and the feet set up the throws well. Mary Washington commit.




Adam Barrington OF / LHP / Wakefield, VA / 2025

First in game look of the left/left junior outfielder. Above average runner, had a 4.43 turn on his two RBI single, moved well in the outfield, and showed average to slightly above average arm strength during pre-game I/O. Had some of the most consistent BP that I saw on the day. The swing was clean and compact. Repeated the level path and worked gap to gap with some feel for the barrel. In game, I liked his willingness to use the whole field in approach. The swing gained some length on the outer half at times, but seemed to shorten it up when he got to two strikes. Had a pair of deep at bats, with his second one resulting in a two RBI single to right center field. Will be one to follow going forward.



Beau Branch OF / 2B / Wakefield, VA / 2025

Compact frame with some strength in the lower half. Average to slightly above average runner with similar arm strength in the outfield. Swing showed some length at times in BP and in game, especially on balls in the lower half of the zone. Thought he shortened it up and was more compact with elevated pitches. In his first at bat he got an elevated fastball deeper in the count and did a nice job getting to it for a hard line drive up the middle. Branch had just been beat on that pitch right before that and they went back to it thinking they could get the fastball by him. That had the looks of his "A" swing. Quick, compact, and stayed on it. Got a little overaggressive in his next AB and chased some pitches out of the zone. Thought he was at his best when he stayed in his legs and worked behind his front side. Centerfield/Left Field profile with doubles power. 



Mason Bull 2B / OF / Wakefield, VA / 2025

Was my first look at the WVU commit in a little over a year. Frame has filled out well and thought he showed some quality actions at shortstop. It was his first game back on defense this spring, but he has been hitting the whole season (from my understanding). In pregame I thought the arm was average, but he showed a little extra in game when he needed to. Had a few in game plays. Was pretty consistent defensively, outside of one top spin liner that he got caught in between. Made a nice run through in the middle innings where he showed some athleticism and range. In BP I thought he showed slightly above average strength to the pull side gap, but most of the production in BP came to the backside. Was closed off and had some length that produced more middle/backside with doubles power. In game he was pretty aggressive, but did not really expand the zone. His second at bat was his best swing of the night, flying out to left field. Also, had a walk and HBP. With him being a little closed off at finish it looked like he was fighting to get to the pullside, which is where I thought his strength was, but it was also good to see the fact that he was able to use the backside of the field. 



Joseph Todd C / 1B / Wakefield, VA / 2025

Had some of the best swings of the night, a lineout to center in his second at bat and a sac fly to right field in his third at bat. Was on barrel in both of those at bats and in that third at bat he stayed on a breaking ball for a deep fly ball to right field. 6-foot-2, 170-pounds and still seems to have some room to grow into the body and add some strength. 




Jude Burr 2B / SS / Patrick Henry (Ashland), VA / 2026

Listed at 5-foot-7, 130-pounds. Compact frame and seemed like the energy guy at the top of the lineup that is always bouncing all over the field. While it is a contact/hit for average type of bat, he showed some bat to ball skills at the plate. 1-3 on the night with a single, HBP, stolen base, and run scored. Average arm strength that may grow into more as he matures, but probably more second base profile right now until he matures physically. 



Aidan Loucks RHP / Patrick Henry (Ashland), VA / 2026

Extremely long and thin frame. Listed at 6-foot-3 and appears every bit of it. All arms and legs with plenty of room to grow into his frame. Higher hand break and a short arm action on the backside. Average arm speed. Fastball was low 80's during his first three innings of work. Ended up striking out eight during his four-plus innings of work and only gave up four hits, most on the backend of his outing. Showed a handful of mid 70's sliders that lacked true shape and had an average feel for them.



Hilton Sanders OF / 1B / Patrick Henry (Ashland), VA / 2025

Listed at 6-foot-3, 190-pounds and looked every bit of it. Played first base and hit in the two spot. Did not have any offensive production on the night. 0-3 on a night where he flew out to left field in his second at bat and got hit by a pitch once, which resulted in a run scored. Large frame for the left handed hitting junior and looks the part.



Zachary Zelazny SS / 3B / Patrick Henry (Ashland), VA / 2025

Not a ton to touch on here. Just wanted to get in and check on the recent Radford commit. Looked a little dinged up and was the DH for most of the night until coming in to second base later on. Had a big double in the top of the sixth.



Deep Run

Henry Jennings OF / 2B / DEEP RUN HIGH, VA / 2025

Leadoff hitter and second base for Deep Run. Compact frame, scrappy leadoff hitter that is more contact driven approach. Had a single on the night in his third at bat. Put a short and compact swing on the ball for a single up the middle. Average to slightly above average runner that is aggressive out of the box and on the bases. Ran a 4.4 home-1st in his first at bat on a groundout. Stole second after he reached on his single later in the game. More second base/centerfield profile and hit for average bat.



Parker Noonan RHP / Deep Run , VA / 2025

Have seen Noonan twice this year and very similar results. Bats, not barrels. Weak contact, pitches, mainly fastball/changeup arsenal and long term will benefit greatly from adding a breaking ball that he uses more consistently. Mostly 80-83 through the first few innings and touched 84-85 one time each. The changeup is a well above average high school pitch and plays well out of the hand. Lower effort delivery that gets in on right handers and can run it away from lefties. 



Vincent Porcaro SS / RHP / Deep Run, VA / 2026

Mainly touching on the athleticism and defensive ability in this one. Had added some lean strength and has begun to fill out a little bit. Body type suggests he can add some lean strength, but may not add bulk in the future. Did not have much action at short, but working cuts, taking I/O, and just watching him throw, the arm has gotten stronger. Would like to see the run tool utilized a little more out of the box, but was not able to get any clean run times on him. 



Eric Skowysz C / OF / Deep Run, VA / 2025

Thinner frame for the Deep Run catcher. Similar to some others, not much offense to touch on in this one. Throwing wise the arm strength appeared average. Was fairly accurate between innings with pop times ranging in the 2.18-2.31 range, which obviously vary some depending on quality of pitch given. There was some traffic on the bases and he had some opportunities, but bobbled two exchanges and did have one at third base where he cleared the runner in the box and put a throw on the bag.