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Burton's Scout Blog: 4/18/24

Jason Burton
Scouting Director Prep Baseball Virginia/DC


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Paul VI

Brenden Moehnke RHP / Paul VI Catholic , VA / 2025



Alexander Peltier OF / Paul VI, VA / 2024

6-foot-1, 185-pound athletic frame. Elite run tool and showed it off on Sunday. 3.62 Home-1st on a bunt and a 4.38 turn on his leadoff triple. Had three hits on the day and struck out once in his second at bat. Loud tools that give him a chance to stay in center long term.



Carter Perdue RHP / 3B / Paul VI, VA / 2026

6-foot-3 with a long and lanky frame. Works with some intent on the mound with a quicker pace when working from the stretch with runners on. Lower hand break, quick arm, and a slightly lower three-quarter arm slot. The fastball worked in the 83-86 range with a lot of 84 through the first two innings. Perdue would add and subtract when he wanted/needed to, including getting up to 87 in the outing. The breaking ball varies in shape and feel, but what as it's best when he got it out front it had a little more depth and bite. The breaking ball sat in the 71-74 mph range. Ran into some traffic early, but escaped any damage. Pitches and competes while maintaining composure.



Jackson Sirois SS / 2B / Paul VI, VA / 2024

Sirois, one of our 20 To Watch Player of the Year Candidates, is having an outstanding "start" to his season. Every time you look he is having a multi-hit game or coming up with a clutch hit. The Virginia commit had another multi-hit game on Sunday, following Peltier's triple with one of his own. Square setup with higher set hands, direct and short stride and load, and barrel has some length in the zone. Has shown adjustability in the swing and has some extra base power to all fields, with slightly more to the pullside. Sirois is an above average runner. UVA commit. 



Will Tighe C / OF / Paul VI, VA / 2025

There really is not a ton to say about Tighe, outside of the fact that he is one of the best uncommitted pure hitters in the state. Bat to ball, impact, and has shown some power to all fields with the potential for more. Slight crouch in the stance, hands are simple and direct to contact, and just simply hits. We have seen his average to slightly above average arm strength behind the plate so there is some potential to stay there, or corner outfield/first base positional fit. Regardless, this is a bat that coaches should get out and see. 



Bishop O'Connell

Noah Haught SS / RHP / Bishop O'Connell, VA / 2025

First time we have seen Haught on the mound in a while. Down and out stride and lands on line, short arm action, and very quick low three-quarter arm slot. The fastball was 87-90 in his first two innings, with mostly 87-88. The fastball found some bats and barrels early while running back over the middle, but once he settled in I thought he did a better job working more thirds. The slider backed up in the first and had average feel, but like the fastball, it got better as he got into the outing. The slider varied in shapes at times, showing a bigger 11/5 slurvy shape some and then he buried a few with tight shape and late depth. It worked mostly 73-75 mph and as he got in the second inning and beyond, he could use it early and late. Showed some finishing traits. Richmond commit.



Peyton Kijek OF / RHP / Bishop O'Connell , VA / 2024



Truman Leckey C / OF / Bishop O'Connell, VA / 2025



Drew Markey RHP / RHP / Bishop O'Connell, VA / 2026



Colonial Forge

Anthony DiClemente SS / 2B / Colonial Forge , VA / 2025

Square and balanced at the plate, small lift and replace, and hands are quiet and short to contact. Solid bat to ball with hit tool type of bat. Line drives and contact driven approach that is willing to use the whole field. 



Michael Guckian 1B / RHP / COLONIAL FORGE HIGH, VA / 2026

After our staff saw this sophomore left handed bat last week, I wanted to get out and see it as well. 6-foot-1, 185-pound evenly proportioned frame. The first thing that jumps out about Guckian is the twitch in the hands and the look and feel of the swing path. Upright and slightly open, hands are loose, lower step to stride, and lands on line. Hands work, above average bat speed, and has shown pull side tendency to the swing. I thought he was very aggressive early in counts which can translate into being behind early, especially if zone awareness and pitch recognition are not strengths. This is a first year varsity hitter and like any young bat, there will be some ups and downs. Aggressive approach and mindset at the plate with a swing that absolutely plays. As he continues to mature with approach, the offensive production and consistency of it will only go up. 



Dylan McCarthy 1B / RHP / Colonial Forge, VA / 2025

XL frame may be an understatement for this 6-foot-6 junior 1B/RHP. 230-pounds and has proportional strength. The frame suggests that he can add some bulk and mass to an already strong makeup. I have seen the swing before and while it is not the cleanest operation on load, he is so strong and gets the barrel through the zone with above average bat speed with the ability to impact the ball in a big way. While he may offer more intrigue and upside on the mound, the physicality and raw power potential he has at the plate does not go unnnoticed. 



Ayden Mitchell SS / 3B / Colonial Forge , VA / 2025

Really strong all around day for Mitchell. Not enough people talk about a player's ability to defend. Well, Mitchell can defend. Soft hands, knows how to manipulate hops, and works through the catch setting up the throw. Liked the internal clock that he had, knowing how much time he had to make a variety of plays and throwing out runners by 1-2 steps. Was never in a rush and just had a good feel for the pace of the play. Lacks some arm strength, but makes up for it with his game instincts. More second base/third base defensive profile. At the plate Mitchell has a square stance, simple pick up and put down to replace, and hands are short to contact. Showed solid bat to ball, swing adjustability, and worked gap to gap. Doubles power in the bat, slightly above average bat speed, and hit tool type of bat. Had a standout day for Colonial Forge. 




Jackson Clements RHP / 3B / Patriot, VA / 2025

6-foot-3, 175-pound frame. Slower pace build-up. Lands closed down the mound. Average arm speed, three-quarter arm slot, and normal effort in the delivery. Got the start for Patriot. Worked 78-81 mph with some arm side run to the fastball. 



Grady Lenahan OF / 2B / Patriot, VA / 2025

Lenahan is the top ranked outfielder in the VA/DC 2025 class. High end run tool, above average arm strength, and flashes offensive impact to all fields. Did not have a ton to see in this game on the offensive side. Turned on a double into left field in his first AB and was walked his next two at bats. His final at bat saw a slightly expanded zone that caused him to expand with two strikes, resulting in a fly ball. Showed off the arm strength with a put out on a throw home, nailing a runner by a few steps. Perfect long hop on line and erased a would be run. Tools that play in game. 



Luke Sullivan 1B / OF / Patriot, VA / 2025

Not a ton to add here. Left handed hittter with some barrel control and has shown the ability to hit to all fields. Did not get a ton of pitches in the zone, but showed some patience not expanding early in counts.



Dominic Tilden SS / 3B / Patriot, VA / 2025

Long and lean 6-foot-2 frame with room to fill. First thing that stands out about Tilden on defense is the arm strength. Easy carry from short and plenty of arm to stay on that side. Evenly distributed setup, slightly upright, and higher set hands. Smaller lift to stride and lands on line. Above average bat speed, level path, and works gap to gap. Solid hit tool and has some potential to add a little more power as the frame continues to fill out.


Salem (Salem)

Carter Black OF / LHP / Salem (Salem), VA / 2025



Caleb Furmage C / OF / Salem, VA / 2024



Mason Hale OF / OF / Salem (Salem), VA / 2026

Athletic frame that is evenly proportioned. Had a huge hit for Salem in the middle innings where he hit a groundrule double on the left field line. Shows some athleticism and some doubles power to middle and pull.



Trace Monroe LHP / Salem, VA / 2025

Really liked what I saw from the VMI committed left-hander. Slower build-up style delivery, lands just a touch closed, longer arm swing, and really picks up arm speed through release. Low three-quarter arm slot and is a tough look from either side. Exclusive fastballs through the first three innings sittting in the 85-88 range and touching 89 twice



Pulaski Co

Seth Carter RHP / OF / Pulaski County, VA / 2027

The freshman continues to fill out the 6-foot-3 frame. Long levers, room to add good weight/strength, and corner outfield/two-way profile. Hits in the three spot as a freshman. Above average bat speed, does not get cheated, and has raw power potential in the long term. Had a single in his second at bat. 



Brogan Epperley C / RHP / Pulaski County, VA / 2025

Epperley came up with a big hit on the back half of the game, as well as threw two shutout innings of relief. The fastball was 79-81 in the sixth inning and showed a bigger 60-62 mph curveball.



Cole Hutton RHP / Pulaski County, VA / 2026

Long and very thin 6-foot-6, 150-pound frame with broad, square shoulders. Has plenty of room to add some mass, which would help that velo continue to grow as the frame fills out. Was low 80's in his first three innings of work and showed two secondary pitches. The slider was the better of the two and it got better as the outing went on. Upside, projection arm that should continue to improve as the body fills out.



Kaleb Sartin 2B / RHP / Pulaski County , VA / 2027

More compact, athletic frame with a higher end run tool. Tough matchup for the freshman left handed hitter facing an upperclass left hander with a lower slot and some overpowering stuff at times. Two groundballs put in play, one where he turned a 4.0 Home-1st, making him a pretty high end runner when he gets out the box and through the bag. His final at bat he hit a groundball to first and put up a 4.13 Home-1st. Watching the mechanics and timing of the swing, I thought Sartin did a solid job on lift and load. Medium leg lift, gets into back hip, maintains balance in the lift, and is fairly centered when he lands. I thought the timing of the landing was a bit inconsistent at times, resulting in the swing being a little out of sync. Athletic left handed hitter with an advanced run tool and will grow up fast being in the leadoff spot on the varsity level.