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McHenry Preseason ID: Quick Hits

Illinois Scouting Staff

On Saturday, Feb. 10, the Prep Baseball Illinois staff hosted the McHenry Preseason ID at Pro Player Academy in McHenry - an event that’s been on our winter calendar since 2016. This event provides our staff an up-close opportunity to check on 100+ high school prospects hailing from all high school classes, this region of the state, and the Fox Valley Conference early in the year.

Today we take a close look at some of the immediate standouts who caught our attention on the day. Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks for more coverage from the event. 


+ CIF AJ Putty (Huntley, 2025; Illinois commit) had one of the loudest rounds of BP on the day and continues to establish himself as one of the premier right-handed power bats in the state. Listed at a strong-bodied 6-foot-4, 220-pounds with broad shoulders and evenly proportioned strength throughout, Putty delivered the second hardest hit ball of the day at 101.1 mph while averaging 92.8 mph, also leading the event with a max distance of 353’. Putty displayed rhythm throughout his operation as he rocked his hands back in-stride before firing through the zone with a downhill path, looking to create backspin up the middle with line-drives. On the infield, Putty profiles on the corners at the next level with his steady actions and his arm played at 82 mph.

+ OF Ryan Dabe (Huntley, 2025) continues to trend in the right direction physically, now sporting a 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame with added strength in his upper-half. The right-handed hitter made loud contact throughout his round of BP, reaching up to 99.4 mph for his max EV which was good enough for third in attendance. He also posted a max distance of 349’, also the third farthest batted-ball of the day. The right-handed hitter has an intentful swing, working with quick/strong hands that stay through the ball up the middle and the other way, creating some whip through the zone. Defensively, Dabe attacks the baseball, working to get behind it and play through with intent topping at 88 mph from a crow hop. 

+ INF Andrew Deegan (Jacobs, 2026) had a strong showing on both sides of the ball. Listed at an athletic and projectable 6-foot, 185-pounds, the left-handed hitter has an easy and simple stroke, staying through the ball with a flat path while using the middle of the field with line-drives, also occasionally staying through the ball the other way. He put up some impressive numbers as well throughout BP, averaging 88.1 mph for his EV with a max of 95.9 mph. Deegan had one of the better rounds of defense on the entire day; natural infield defender with athletic actions, smooth double play turn and well above-average arm strength, topping at 88 mph while playing accurately.

+ INF Ryan Tucker (Jacobs, 2027) emerged as a freshman to follow moving forward. The right-handed hitter displayed loose wrists with a flat path, controlling his body through impact with a balanced finish while looking to stay up the middle of the field, reaching up to 322’ for his max distance. He displayed a strong arm across the diamond with some effort, reaching up to 81 mph. 

+ MIF TJ Jakubowski (Huntley, 2025) had arguably the best defensive showing on the entire day, and his frame is continuing to trend up with a highly projectable 6-foot, 140-pound build and a high waist. His defense is where he really shines, displaying confident/athletic actions, clean footwork, soft/confident hands and an advanced glove-to-hand release. He has a quick, athletic arm, delivering accurate throws up to 83 mph from a ¾ release. Offensively, the left-handed hitter remained short to the ball throughout his round, staying up the middle of the field with line-drives. He has a loose operation with a balanced finish that should continue to trend up with added strength. 

+ C Benjamin Mitchell (Harvest Christian, 2025; Bellarmine commit) impressed in a couple different aspects, but he primarily stood out with the bat; leading the event with an eye-opening 103.8 mph max EV while also leading the event in average EV (97.1 mph), which would have been the fifth highest max EV in attendance. The right-handed hitter looked to keep the ball to his pull-side and stay on top of the baseball, rocking his hands into a steep path while staying flatter on pitches up in the zone. Behind the plate, Mitchell has a clean catch/throw operation, he works in-line to second while staying low and in his legs. His arm works short and to the ear before transitioning into an over-the-top slot, reaching as low as 1.97 for his pop-time with a max velocity of 77 mph. Looks to work under the baseball while receiving and pull pitches back into the zone to steal strikes. 

+ C AJ Foley (Lake Zurich, 2025) is a strong/durable backstop listed at 6-foot-1, 195-pounds, and he came away a winner on both sides of the ball this past Saturday. The right-handed hitter starts with his hands high, working them down into a steep path while looking to stay on top of the baseball, consistently working up the middle of the field with a max EV of 92.7 mph. Foley has a controlled operation on throws down to second, staying low and in his legs while working in-line. Clean transfer of the ball, arm works short into a high ¾ slot, reaching as low as 1.97 for his pop-time with a max velocity of 78 mph. Flexible lower-half while receiving, looks to work under the baseball and present pitches around the zone for strikes, deadens the ball out front on blocks. 

+ C Jake Johnson (Burlington Central, 2025) was another physical catcher that stood out from the weekend. Listed at a long-levered 6-foot-4, 215-pounds, Johnson still has plenty of room to add on strength to his frame as he matures. The right-handed hitter creates extension in his hands at footstrike, working with strong hands into an uphill path with intent to lift, creating a max EV of 92 mph. Quick transfer behind the plate, arm works into a high ¾ slot and gains ground on throws to second, creating a pop-time as low as 1.94 with a top velocity of 77 mph. Quiet hands while receiving, looks to present pitches around the zone. 

+ Staying on the topic of physical prospects from Saturday, CIF Baris Brua (Mundelein, 2025) falls right into that category with his durable 6-foot-5, 217-pound frame. The L/L first-baseman took an impressive round of BP, scorching balls as high as 95.6 mph for his max EV, rocking his hands back with rhythm before transitioning into a flat path. He stayed through the baseball up the middle, and also showed the ability to stay through it the other way with authority. At first base, Brua displayed steady actions and appeared comfortable around the bag. 

+ OF Ian Kelly (Huntley, 2026) continues to trend upwards each time we lay eyes on him. He’s gained some strength in his 5-foot-10, 160-pound frame, and we’re starting to see some development in his lower-half. The left-handed hitter displayed loose/whippy hands through the zone, utilizing a flat path with extension out front to create a max EV of 91 mph. There’s an athletic look to his swing, working with some rhythm throughout his round and finishing on-balance while working the ball to the whole field. Defensively, Kelly has active footwork and athletic actions, playing through the ball with rhythm and intent. He moves well into a crow hop, delivering strong throws from a full arm swing and over-the-top slot, reaching up to 85 mph. Projectable outfielder that continues to improve in each look. 

+ INF Brandon White (Huntley, 2026) gave one of the more polished looks throughout his round of BP. The right-handed hitter has an easy stroke, utilizing quick hands that work flat through the zone, staying through the ball with feel for the barrel and a whole field approach, power should tick up with more added physicality. On the infield, White has some feel for the position with easy actions, displaying active feet while playing low to the ground, working with a clean release while playing directional to his target. 

+ INF Konner Altergott (Crystal Lake Central, 2026) was another physical sophomore that had a loud showing on Saturday. The 6-foot-3, 175-pound right-handed hitter displayed a loose, downhill path, creating some extension out front with whip in the barrel, delivering his hardest hit ball just shy of 95 mph. At first base, Altergott displayed clean actions with soft hands and feel around the bag. His arm is also plenty strong, reaching up to 81 mph with accuracy on throws to third base with a loose, low ¾ slot. 

+ OF Easton Stewart (Hononegah, 2025) is an intriguing switch-hitter to monitor moving forward. He has a loose and athletic stroke, delivering a similar look from both sides, though his natural side appears to be the left; he looks to stay on top of the ball with a flat path, uphill tendencies at times with pull-side/middle approach, reaching up to 93.7 mph for his max EV. In the outfield, Stewart has athletic actions, getting behind the baseball and playing through in rhythm. He moves well into his crow hop, reaching up to 87 mph with a clean arm path and ¾ release. 

+ C Conner Pollasky (Prairie Ridge, 2025) will be an intriguing prospect to follow this coming spring. Listed at a projectable 6-foot-1, 185-pounds, Pollasky has an athletic, projectable build that still holds room to add muscle in the coming years. The right-handed hitter has a short, direct path to the ball, remaining flat through the zone with a line-drive approach that stays up the middle of the field, maintaining balance through impact and reaching up to 92.1 mph for his max EV (T340’). 

+ CIF Santino Iacullo (Burlington Central, 2027) popped as an interesting follow in the freshman class. Equipped with a strong and durable 6-foot-1, 214-pound frame, the left-handed hitter displayed true power potential with his easy and balanced swing, staying direct with a downhill path and reaching up to 92.8 for his max EV. On the infield, Iacullo displayed easy actions while playing under control with body control and an easy double play turn. 


+ INF/RHP Drew Borkowski (Huntley, 2026) impressed with one of the best all-around showings on the entire day. Athletic looking frame, listed at 6-foot-2, 170-pounds with lean strength and plenty of room to add on muscle. Currently ranked No. 28 in the state, Borkowski got his day started with a 3.87 in the 30-yard dash, good enough for second best in the entire event. The right-handed hitter has an athletic/balanced swing, working with loose/whippy arms through the zone with intent to elevate up the middle of the field, reaching up to 91.3 mph for his max EV with more power to come as he fills out. Defensively, Borkowski has steady actions and gets around the baseball, playing through with rhythm and intent. His arm is well above-average across the infield, reaching up to 91 mph with a loose/whippy arm action, delivering accurate strikes across the diamond. The right-hander gave one of the more intriguing looks on the mound as well, working with a controlled leg-lift into a medium balance point, he fires down the mound with a closed off front hip while remaining in-line with the plate. He has a long arm swing out of the glove that transitions into a high ¾ slot with some intent behind it. His fastball worked in the 87-89 mph range with late arm-side run, setting up a curveball/slider duo that both have out-pitch potential, just developing feel at the moment. His final offering was a changeup in the 81-84 mph range that plays with over 17” of run at times, flashing some feel around the zone with it. All-around impressive athlete that has true next-level potential on both sides of the ball. 

+ 1B/RHP Travis Dudycha (Huntley, 2026) stands out physically at 6-foot-3, 206-pounds with strength throughout, and his measurables on the day match his appearance. The right-handed hitter recorded the fourth highest EV on the day despite only being a sophomore, and his 353’ max distance was tied for the farthest ball hit on the day. He produces easy power with an uphill path and intent to lift, using his levers well through impact, simple operation with easy effort. At first base, Dudycha is sure-handed, securing the baseball through release, moving well around the base for his size. On the mound, Dudycha worked with a stretch only operation and controlled tempo, working his fastball in the 86-87 mph range with slight running action. He showed developing feel for his curveball and slider, both playing with sweeping action in the 72-74 mph range. His final offering was a splitter in the mid-70s with downward action and feel for the bottom of the zone. 

+ C/RHP Calen Scheider (Hampshire, 2025) once again impressed our staff on both sides of the ball, and he’s likely just starting to scratch the surface of his potential. Listed at a lean and projectable 6-foot, 155-pounds, Scheider still has plenty of room to pack on strength in the coming years. On the mound, the right-hander displayed a loose and easy arm action from a ¾ slot, creating a notable amount of sink on his fastball that cruised around 84-88 mph, topping out at 88.9 mph. He maintains arm-speed on both his breaking balls, with his curveball coming in around 75-76 mph with tight, sharp 11/5 shape. His slider plays harder in the upper-70s, coming in with more lateral action at times. He also featured a changeup to cap off his dynamic arsenal, playing with late dive and heavy run (T17.6”), flashing the ability to land it for strikes. Offensively, the right-handed hitter has a loose/whippy barrel, giving off an athletic look with a controlled finish. He worked primarily up the middle of the field, staying through the baseball and creating a max EV up to 90.7 mph. Defensively, Scheider works athletically through the baseball while remaining in-line to second, playing low and staying in his legs with a quick transfer to produce a pop-time as low as 1.83 seconds, topping out at 82 mph with scattered accuracy. 

+ INF/RHP Sean Dabe (Huntley, 2027) flashed some of the better tools for his class on Saturday. At the plate, the right-handed hitter worked his max EV up to 91.4 mph, which was fifth best in the event for all freshmen. He has some effort in his operation, working with quick hands through the zone, staying through the ball up the middle and the other way while displaying some whip in his barrel. On the infield, Dabe gets around the baseball with active feet, playing through the ball with intent through release. Dabe has an undeniably strong arm, reaching up to 87 mph across the infield and also running his fastball up to 84 mph. There’s intent behind his operation which can occasionally lead to scattered strikes, but it's hard to ignore the pure arm-strength. He can also go to a changeup in the upper-70s with over 13” of run at times, as well as a short 10/4 slider at 71-73 mph. 

+ C/INF Brady Klepfer (Huntley, 2026) popped as a name to know from Saturday after showing well in multiple different areas. On the mound, the 6-foot, 175-pound right-hander cruised in the 86-87 mph range, controlling it around the zone with some carry and finish. He showed feel for his curveball at 78-79 mph, spinning over 2,300 RPM at times with some depth. He also featured a heavy running changeup with over 15” of horizontal action at times, sitting around 79-81 mph. Offensively, Klepfer has quick hands through the zone with controlled aggression, staying flat with his path and working on the barrel up the middle of the field. His round of defense was one of the better on the day, displaying athletic actions with feel for the infield, working with body control into a clean release to pair with a strong arm (T89 mph). Behind the plate, he’s a confident receiver of the baseball that works to present pitches around the zone. Clean transfer that works in-line to second, athletic out of the crouch, recorded a top pop-time of 1.87 with a top velocity of 79 mph. Intriguing two-way follow moving forward. 

+ OF/RHP Kaden Wasniewski (McHenry, 2027) was far and away one of the event’s biggest winners, especially on the mound. Currently ranked No. 9 in the state, he’s added noticeable strength to his 6-foot, 160-pound frame, and there’s still much more in the tank physically. The right-hander has a simple operation with some effort through release, creating a fastball in the 87-90 mph range with carry and run through the zone, spinning consistently over 2,300 RPM. He showed feel for the zone with his changeup, playing around 79-81 mph with fading action and fastball arm-speed. His final offering was a short, 10/4 slider with late bite, 78-79 mph. He stood out on the other side of the ball as well, reaching up to 91.7 mph for his max EV with loose arms and rhythm in his hands. He looks to elevate the ball up the middle of the field, working with an uphill path that finishes with extension out front. In the outfield, Wasniewski has steady actions and hands, transitioning into a clean release with a well above-average arm (T92 mph). High-level two-way prospect to monitor moving forward. 


+ RHP Brandon Shannon (McHenry, 2025) gave our staff an eye-opening first look on Saturday. He has a highly projectable frame, coming in at 6-foot-3, 160-pounds with long limbs and a high-waist. He has an easy and athletic delivery, and there’s plenty of upside in his operation alone. The right-hander cruised with his fastball around 89-90 mph, pounding the zone with running action and finish, playing with easy life from his high ¾ release. His curveball and slider both have out-pitch potential, with his curveball playing around 75-79 mph (T2664 RPM) and his slider sitting around 77-80 mph (T2411 RPM), delivering both offerings with arm-speed and late bite. To round off his arsenal he went to a splitter in the 83-85 mph range, falling off the table with running action to his arm-side. High-upside arm with his best days still yet to come. 

+ RHP Cole Kenyon (Lake Zurich, 2025) is another upside arm to know from Saturday, and he displayed the best spin-rates we saw all weekend. The 6-foot-2, 175-pound right-hander starts his arsenal with a fastball in the 85-87 mph range, spinning between 2300-2400 RPM with carry through the zone. His breaking balls are where we really see the spin take off, with his curveball coming in over 3,000 RPM at times, averaging 2,992 RPM and playing with sharp, 11/5 shape and depth. His slider has similar spin, topping out over 3,000 RPM with an average of 2,989 RPM, playing with more lateral action and late bite. 

+ RHP Charlie Taczy (Cary-Grove, 2025) has been a consistent winner in front of our staff, especially at this event over the years, and his showing on Saturday was arguably his best to date. There’s all sorts of upside in his 6-foot, 155-pound frame, and his loose/easy moving operation indicates more velocity in the future. He showed mature feel over his arsenal, starting with his heavy sinking fastball, which worked in the 83-86 mph range with over 13” of run on average. To pair off his fastball he went to a sharp, 10/4 slider with late bite and depth, averaging just over 2,500 RPM at 75-76 mph. He also went to a heavy fading changeup with similar traits to his fastball, coming clean out of the hand with over 17” of run on average, 79 mph. Highly projectable arm that has proven to be an in-game performer. 

+ RHP Yunus Hamideh (Stevenson, 2025) stands out immediately thanks to his 6-foot-7, 205-pound frame, and he’s made some significant strides since the summer, seeing an eight mph jump since our last look in June. He has long/loose levers, helping him to create extension out front with a low ¾ slot. His fastball cruised around 84-86 mph, consistently pouring it in for strikes with over 2,500 RPM at times and a foot of run on average. His slider has some out-pitch potential with sharp 10/4 action, kept mostly down below the zone at 71-74 mph with around 2,300 RPM. His last offering was a changeup at 78-80 mph, pulling it off to his glove-side but maintaining fastball intent. Definite follow for this coming spring. 

+ RHP Mason Leske (Huntley, 2025) was yet another member of the junior class that showed well over the weekend. He has some strength throughout his 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame with round shoulders and evenly proportioned weight. He uses his lower-half well down the mound, sinking into his backside and riding it downhill with a balanced and repeatable operation. His arm plays clean and uninterrupted into a high ¾ release, creating a fastball that sat in the 83-86 mph range (2200-2300+ RPM) with mostly straight action and occasional ride through the zone. To pair off the fastball he went to an 11/5 curveball with sweeping action and occasional depth, maintaining fastball arm-speed and delivering the offering at 67-68 mph. He also displayed a changeup in the 74-76 mph range, thrown with intent while playing with late sink/diving action and above-average feel. 

+ RHP Josh Marzec (Lake Zurich, 2025) is an uncommitted name to know from the event. Listed at a durable 6-foot-2, 200-pounds with round shoulders and some strength throughout, the right-hander impressed with a fastball up to 88 mph, sitting mostly 86-87 mph with straight action and some carry through the zone at times. He flashed some feel for a sweeping curveball at 68-69 mph and a shorter 10/4 slider at 71-74 mph to complement his fastball. He also showed above-average feel for a running changeup at 77-79 mph. 

+ Continuing to improve with each watch is RHP/OF Wilson Wemhoff (2025, Hampshire). Currently ranked No. 92 in the state, Wemhoff remains one of the top uncommitted arms in the class for Illinois. Standing in at 5-foot-10, 185-pounds with a thick lower half, Wemhoff displayed comfortability throwing all five of his pitches on Saturday. His four-seam had some explosiveness to it out of the hand topping out at 88 mph, while his two-seam worked with occasional arm-side run. Wemhoff also showed a third variation of the fastball, throwing a cutter with occasional depth at 80-81 mph with true feel for the pitch. He showed confidence in two different off-speed pitches as well, throwing a 10/4-shaped slider that played consistently at the bottom of the zone with advanced feel at 73-77 mph, and an arm-side fading changeup at 76-78 mph. His big arm showed even better from the outfield where he played with clean footwork and the liveliest position player arm of the event, topping at 94 mph. The arm played long, loose and quick with all kinds of life out of the hand. The Hampshire product will be a name to follow throughout the upcoming high school season.

+ RHP Jake Thorstenson (Wauconda, 2026) will be an arm to follow moving forward. He has an easy and controlled delivery with an over-the-top release, creating a fastball in the 81-84 mph range, topping out at 85 mph with slight running action to his arm-side. To pair off the fastball he went to a sharp 10/4 slider at 73-77 mph, thrown confidently for strikes. To complete his repertoire he showed a changeup in the upper-70s with downward action, thrown with intent. 

+ RHP Joey Kafka (Mundelein, 2025) showed a ton of spin throughout his ‘pen on Saturday. An athletic mover at 6-foot-1, 190-pounds, he showed a short, quick arm stroke on the bump boasting three high-spin offerings. The first of which was a fastball that flashed arm-side run sitting 80-85 mph (T86) with a max spin rate of 2433 RPM, which was good for third-best at the event. His slider worked with depth and 10/4 action at 72-75 mph with a max spin rate of 2400+ RPM, while his cutter also flashed depth working in the upper-70’s with 2400+ RPM on average. Kafka rounded out his pitch-mix with a changeup that sat 75-77 mph, and will be another arm to monitor this spring. 

+ LHP Aaden Colón (Jacobs, 2027) will be a freshman to know moving forward. Listed at a lean and projectabe 6-foot, 178-pounds, the southpaw impressed with a low-effort, simple delivery and loose, low ¾ release. His fastball played easy out of the hand with some carry up in the zone, playing in the 80-82 mph range and topping out at 83 mph. To pair off the fastball he went to a sweeping slider with 2/8 shape, 70-73 mph with some feel for the zone. His low effort operation paired with his upside frame makes for an intriguing follow throughout his prep career. 

Overall, there were 29 pitchers that registered a max FB velocity of 84 mph or higher on Saturday. RHP John Gariepy (Crystal Lake Central, 2025), RHP Owen Satterlee (Prairie Ridge, 2027) and RHP Jackson Kees (Dekalb, 2025) are a few more arms that are worth noting from the event, with Satterlee topping out at 85.1 mph as only a freshman, Gariepy reaching up to 87 mph, and Kees delivering an 84 mph fastball with a clean/upside delivery and tough angle to pick up. 

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