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O'Hare Preseason ID: Top Overall Prospects

Illinois Scouting Staff

On Sunday, February 11, our staff hosted the O’Hare Preseason ID at Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports in Bensenville, IL. This event is consistently one of the largest on our winter calendar, and this year was no different, as just over 200 prospects were in attendance. 

Today, we conclude our post-event content with who our staff deemed as the top overall prospects from the event, which can be found below. 

Top Overall Prospects 

1. Tucker King RHP / OF / Lyons Township, IL / 2025

Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 6-4, 207-pounds. Lean, long limbs, projectable.
Delivery: Athletic delivery, simple and controlled, slightly up-tempo into a side-step, medium leg-lift, tall/fall lower-half, works in-line.
Arm Action: RH. Clean out of the glove, loose, whippy, lower 3/4 slot.
FB: T90, 88-89 mph. Plays with late running action, dynamic movement. T2251, 2216 average rpm.
SL: 76-78 mph. Sweep at times, feel for the zone. T2350, 2296 average rpm.
CH: 79-81 mph. Similar profile to the fastball, some run and sink. T1870, 1764 average rpm.

2. Chase Petersen OF / RHP / Glenbrook North , IL / 2025

Positional Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 5-10, 180-pounds. Athletic frame with strength.
Hit: RHH. Relaxed look in the box. Slightly crouched, open setup. Simple stride, utilizes lower-half. Quick, aggressive swing, creates extension at contact, present bat speed, whole field approach. 73.7 mph bat speed with 23 G’s of rotational acceleration.
Power: 97 max exit velocity, averaged 89.4 mph. 381’ max distance.
Arm: RH. OF - 84 mph. Loose, full arm action, 3/4 arm slot.
Defense: Easy mover, quick feet, one-hand gather through the ball.
Run: 7.09 runner in the 60.  

3. Brandon Thomsen C / 3B / St Viator, IL / 2026

Positional Profile: C/3B
Body: 6-1, 185-pounds. Lean frame with some present upper body strength.
Hit: RHH. Narrow, tall setup, slight coil in the lower-half with leg-lift, works into a long stride.  Loose hands through the zone, slight bat tilt in hand load before working through the zone with a flat path, uses the whole field, takes the ball where it is pitched. 66.1 mph bat speed with 5 G’s of rotational acceleration.
Power: 96 max exit velocity, averaged 91.1 mph. 321’ max distance.
Arm: RH. C - 75 mph. INF - 81 mph. Shorter, compact arm path, 3/4 slot, throws have life.
Defense: 1.93-1.97 pop times. Confident receiver, subtle frames around the zone. Flows with ease, quick transfer, works in-line with rhythm, athletic out of the chute, deadens the ball out front on blocks.
Run: 7.19 runner in the 60.  

4. Zach Bava C / OF / Naperville North High School, IL / 2025

Positional Profile: C/2B
Body: 5-8, 178-pounds. Muscular, well-proportioned frame with present strength throughout.
Hit: LHH. Closed, crouched setup, small leg lift stride, strong lower half.  Strong hands, flat path, stays through the ball, elevated contact to the pull-side, showed ability to lift with authority. 81.8 mph bat speed with 18 G’s of rotational acceleration.
Power: 102 max exit velocity, averaged 87.7 mph. 372’ max distance.
Arm: RH. C - 80 mph. Short, to the ear, high 3/4 release, throws play with some carry, was on the bag.
Defense: 1.93-2.00 pop times. Quality receiver, strong hands, clean glove-to-hand, works in-line out of the chute, deadens the ball out front on blocks.
Run: 7.06 runner in the 60. 

5. Joe DuSell OF / LHP / St. Edward, IL / 2025

Positional Profile: OF
Body: 6-1, 202-pounds. Well-proportioned frame with strength.
Hit: LHH. Wider slightly crouched setup, leans into backside, short step-back stride, strong lower half. Strong, on the barrel with elevated contact to the whole field, intent to lift, balanced finish. 74.5 mph bat speed with 7 G’s of rotational acceleration.
Power: 99 max exit velocity, averaged 89.5 mph. 328’ max distance.
Arm: LH. OF - 89 mph. Full arm loop, clean, loose, accurate throws. High 3/4 release.
Defense: Clean actions, some quickness, plays with bounce.
Run: 6.85 runner in the 60. 

Positional Profile: LHP
Delivery: High leg tuck, tall and fall lower-half, works in-line, easy operation.
Arm Action: LH. Longer action, quickness out front high 3/4 slot.
FB: T87, 85-87 mph. Life out of hand and through zone. Two-seam: Big arm side run. T2384, 2314 average rpm.
CB: 75-76 mph. Late 1/7 action, sharp.  T2821, 2756 average rpm.
SL: 75-77 mph. Tight 2/8 shape with depth. T2598, 2148 average rpm.
CH: 76-77 mph. Slight decel, fade and depth. T1508, 1438 average rpm.

6. Mac McGarry RHP / SS / Nazareth Academy, IL / 2025

Positional Profile: RHP/SS
Body: 6-3, 185-pounds. Athletic build, some strength in the lower-half.
Delivery: Easy, repeatable delivery, tall/fall delivery, works in-line down the mound.
Arm Action: RH. Loose, quick arm action, 3/4 slot.
FB: T88, 87-88 mph. Easy out of the hand with some run, locates low. T2258, 2190 average rpm.
SL: 78-79 mph. Short, 10/4 shape, lands. T2418, 2129 average rpm.
CH: 80-80 mph. Fading action, feel for the pitch. T1514, 1461 average rpm.

7. Ryan Lazewski 2B / 3B / Fenwick, IL / 2025

Positional Profile: 3B/2B
Body: 6-1, 170-pounds. Athletic build, trim look with room to fill out. 
Hit: LHH. Balanced setup, hands load back, short stride that gains ground, utilizes lower half. Loose arms, uphill path, pull-side approach, uses levers well. 68.6 mph bat speed with 8 G’s of rotational acceleration.
Power: 95 max exit velocity, averaged 85.8 mph. 315’ max distance.
Arm: RH. INF - 83 mph. Loose, quick arm, 3/4 slot.
Defense: Gets around the ball, hands work with his levers, steady actions.
Run: 7.33 runner in the 60. 

8. Cal Hanson 1B / OF / Grayslake Central, IL / 2025

Positional Profile: 1B/OF
Body: 6-3, 180-pounds. Lean, projectable frame, long levers.
Hit: LHH. Slightly crouched setup, hands load back, short leg lift stride, linear lower half. Loose, flat path, quick through the zone with a whippy barrel, looks to stay on top of the ball, used the whole field and took the ball where it was pitched. 69.1 mph bat speed with 16 G’s of rotational acceleration.
Power: 92 max exit velocity, averaged 86.9 mph. 300’ max distance.
Arm: LH. INF - 77 mph. Short, clean arm path, low 3/4 slot.
Defense: Moves fluid, long levers, smooth hands and actions.
Run: 7.17 runner in the 60. 

9. Ryan Lisowski OF / 1B / York, IL / 2025

Positional Profile: OF/3B
Body: 5-11, 195-pounds. Athletic frame, some present strength throughout.
Hit: RHH. Wide base, short stride, gains ground. Short to the ball, quick from launch with a flat path, controlled intent, whole field approach with a balanced finish. 72.4 mph bat speed with 21 G’s of rotational acceleration.
Power: 98 max exit velocity, averaged 93.7 mph. 339’ max distance.
Arm: RH. INF - 70 mph. OF - 77 mph. Full arm path, high 3/4 slot.
Defense: INF: Athletic movement, plays with pace and quality timing. OF: Quick first step, steady hands.
Run: 7.03 runner in the 60. 

10. Owen Rog OF / LHP / DePaul College Prep, IL / 2026

Positional Profile: LHP
Body: 6-1, 168-pounds. Wiry frame with room for development.
Delivery: Simple, up-tempo to tall balance point; efficient mover, works in-line.
Arm Action: LH. Fast arm; short draw, direct to high 3/4 slot; leaves a high release point.
FB: T85, 84-85 mph. Life out of the hand with slight run to the arm-side. T2123, 2012 average rpm.
CB: 68-71 mph. Above-average action off a 2/8 plane; projects as he gains confidence. T1990, 1911 average rpm.
CH: 71-73 mph. Firm; some arm-side action. T1788, 1684 average rpm.

Positional Profile: OF
Hit: LHH. Balanced setup, minimal pre-pitch movement, short leg lift trigger, linear lower-half. Some whip in the barrel, some feel to hit to the whole field, flat path. 67.7 mph bat speed with 4 G’s of rotational acceleration.
Power: 86 max exit velocity, averaged 79.9 mph. 317’ max distance.
Arm: LH. OF - 86 mph. Full arm action, some looseness, 3/4 slot.
Defense: Easy mover, relaxed, one hand gather.
Run: 7.03 runner in the 60. 

For a full look at the event page, click HERE.

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