Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-Defensive Team

Scott Hood
Oklahoma State Director

As the season gets underway, we wanted to put some shine on the top defenders from around the state.  While we spend so much time on the bats and arms throughout the year, this list of guys have proven themselves in keeping runs off the board.  When evaluating defense, you can use pop times, radar gun readings, and 60's as a tool but that won't always tell the whole story.  Being able to stick pitches, make plays, and run down balls in the gaps in-game will always be at a premium when evaluating defenders.  We take some of the measurables into account, but go beyond the stats and try and nail down the prospects that show the highest abilities on the defensive side of the ball.  We dive into the First Teamers with notes on each as well as a group of others in each category that deserve mentioning. 


Creed Muirhead, 2024, Shawnee, Cowley County commit

Muirhead has cemented himself as the top all-around backstop in the state thanks to an advanced feel for receiving and blocking and a quick and clean release from behind the plate.  He has shown advanced feel for pitch framing with strong glove work and hip flexibility.  The pop times have been down as low as 1.87 in the past and shows strong accruacy and carry to the bag.  While the bat has been getting better over the past couple of years, Muirhead has to be considered amongst the top catchers that pitchers want to throw to earning him the First Team honors.

Honorable Mention Catchers

Max Bushyhead, 2024, Mannford, OU commit

Cash Williams, 2025, Choctaw, Tennessee commit

McCage Hartling, 2024, Enid, NOC Enid commit

Vaughan McIntyre, 2025, Blanchard, Uncommitted

Asher Streater, 2025, Oologah, Uncommitted

Robert Evans, 2024, Norman North, NOC Tonkawa commit


Carson Brumbaugh, 2025, Edmond Santa Fe, Tennessee commit

Brumbaugh has long been known as a plus defending shortstop as a starter since his freshman year.  Brumbaugh showed flash and ability to make the routine plays even at a younger age and has now added more physicality and athleticism to his game.  With the increase in athleticism, Brumbaugh is able to cover even more ground, and paired with advanced glove action, he can cover both the 6-hole and up the middle efficiently.  His biggest tool defensively has to be his elite arm strength that has been up to 96 mph across the diamond in the past.  On top of all of his physical attributes, Brumbaugh adds an advanced internal clock and always seems to be in rhythm and in control of his body.

Jase Winchester, 2026, Edmond Memorial, Uncommitted

Winchester burst onto the scene as one of the top defending middle infielders in the state during his freshman campaign.  Winchester has smooth rhythm and strong glove action that allows him to make all the routine plays and make plus plays easier than most.  Winchester understands how to cut down the distance on the ball with proper footwork and smooth routes.  The arm strength also continues to improve where he worked up to 87 mph across the diamond that should keep him on the left side of the infield in the future.  Winchester is the youngest prospect to make the First-Team across all positions showing how highly we believe in his defensive abilities.

Ethan Holliday, 2025, Stillwater, OSU commit

It's no secret that Holliday has one of the top bats in the country regardless of class, and is one of the main reasons why he is our number one overall ranked prospect in the country for the 2025 class.  His defense however, already checks in as plus after spending his freshman year at the hot corner and last year shifting over to short.  Holliday has a unique ability to play underneath the ball better than any other high schooler I've covered and understands routes and feel for rhythm.  Throwing balls at 89 mph across the diamond this past fall, Holliday has enough arm strength to remain on the left side at the next level whether that ends up being third or short.  The bat is definitely the carrying tool, but don't sleep on the elite defense he brings to the table every game.

Braylon Brooks, 2024, Tuttle, OSU commit

Brooks has been a mainstay in the middle of the diamond for the Tigers as an everyday starter since his freshman year.  Brooks has some of the best defensive actions in the dirt in the state with an understanding of routes and cutting down distances with the footwork.  He also has one of the stronger arms across the diamond with strong carry and accuracy that could keep him on the left side at the next level.  Brooks plays with a high motor at all times and also has one of the better baseball IQ's.  Strong range and the ability to make routine plays at an elite clip, Brooks earns his spot amongst the top defenders in the infield in the state.


Marlon Moore, 2024, Washington, Cowley County commit

JayShaun Sykes, 2024, Moore, Eastern Oklahoma State commit

Ramsey Morris, 2024, Bethel, Seminole State JC commit

Brian Justice, 2025, Bixby, Uncommitted

Brock Natale, 2025, Broken Arrow, Uncommitted

Eli Willits, 2026, Fort Cobb Broxton, OU commit

Luke Hill, 2026, Okarche, Uncommitted

Jackson Harris, 2026, Dale, Uncommitted

Easton Hailey, 2026, Owasso, Uncommitted

Cody Young, 2026, Union, Uncommitted

Brady Holliday, 2027, Stillwater, Uncommitted

Pryce Bender, 2024, Edmond North, Nebraska commit

Owen Coil, 2024, Stillwater, ORU commit

Whit Thomas, 2026, Heritage Hall, Uncommitted

Carter sterling, 2024, Oklahoma Christian, Seminole State JC commit


Brayson Carter, 2025, Blanchard, Uncommitted

Carter has impressed us with his defensive abilities for a long time dating back to his Junior Future Games appearance in 2021.  Carter has arguably the most range of any outfielder in the country thanks to elite speed and an advanced feel for tracking balls in the gap.  Most fast prospects in the outfield can cover ground, but Carter has a unique ability to gain even more ground thanks to quick reads off the bat and the smoothest running form to keep him under control.  While the arm is still in development, there is no question that Carter's ability to track balls down saves multiple runs over the average high school outfield defender.

Garrett Shull, 2024, Enid, OSU commit

There were a few question marks surrounding Shull's move to the outfield and how he would adjust.  It didn't take long for Shull to impress with his ability to cover a ton of ground out in center field looking like he has played there his hole career.  Shull gets excellent reads of the bat and a strong first step allows him to cover even more ground than his above average speed would suggest.  The arm also plays up at a higher level in the outfield, with throws showing strong carry and accuracy to the bag with a clean exchange and crowhop technique.  While the bat has made him a house-hold name for those following the national prospect scene, don't sleep on his defense as he has become a plus-defender out in the outfield.

Bryce Tapley, 2025, Bethel, Uncommitted

The 2-time Future Gamer always impresses defensively when we get to see him.  An elite runner with plus arm strength, Tapley can cover a ton of ground as well as control the running game with an accurate arm and quick release.  Tapley can play all three spots effectively due to his natural athleticism a strong reads off the bat allowing him to get a strong first step.  Tapley clearly has all the measurable tools for programs at the next level, but he also adds the plus-defender tag to his resume that can be a true game changer out in the outfield grass.


Ashton Hartwig, 2024, Deer Creek, Johnson County commit

Weston Thomas, 2024, Piedmont, Cowley County commit

Mason Thornton, 2026, Elgin, Uncommitted

Cody Crull, 2024, Bixby, Uncommitted

Julius Ejike-Charles, 2024, Heritage Hall, Tulane commit

Malakai Dillard, 2026, Lincoln Christian, Uncommitted

Rhett Winchester, 2025, Edmond Memorial, Uncommitted

Gage Geiger, 2024, Westmoore, Uncommitted

Will Lundquist, 2025, Norman North, Uncommitted


Tanner McMurray, 2024, Bishop Kelley, ORU commit

McMurray has been a swiss-army knife type player for the Comets over the past couple of years playing plus defense both behind the plate and at shortstop over the past few seasons.  His positional versatility opened up the lineup last year with his move to short which played a large part in Bishop Kelley making it to the 5A Title game.  McMurray makes all the routine plays with smooth rhythm and strong glove action.  He also shows a knack for making plus plays look easier than most.  Behind the plate, he shows a strong and quick release with pop times working as low as 1.87 and shows a strong feel for pitch framing.  McMurray is the type of gamer that would excel in almost any position you put him in which is why he takes the first team honors.


Eli Ramirez, 2025, Duncan, OU commit

Carter Parent, 2024, Westmoore, Palm Beach Atlantic commit

Cale Sudderth, 2024, Lone Grove, OSU commit

Cooper Bates, 2024, Broken Arrow, Cowley County commit

Logan Smith, 2024, Rattan, Cowley County commit