Prep Baseball Report

NC/SC Border Battle - 2020 OF Analysis

Eddie Tisdale
Scouting Director - South Carolina

On July 24th, top players from North Carolina and South Carolina converged on Winthrop University for the first ever NC/SC Border Battle.  The Border Battle allowed players to workout and compete in front of college coaches and pro scouts, while updating their information for their PBR Profile, connecting them with over 900 college coaches and pro scouts that subscribe to PBR.

The event was a huge success with players from each state impressing those in attendance.  The process to break all of the information down has begun.  Player statistics have been loaded to the event page and onto each player’s personal PBR Profile.  Along with stats, each player has a PBR Video from their workout on their profile page. 

Today we begin to take a look at the individual performances from the Border Battle.  Below is a comprehensive look at the 2020 Outfielders from South Carolina. 


~ 2020 SC Outfielder Analysis ~


Chase Dougherty OF / C / Indian Land, SC / 2020

Proportional build with a strong lower half. Nearing his projection outside of cleaning up a few areas and adding some strength. 7.06 sixty time was his best at a PBR Event. 81 mph outfield velocity was his best at a PBR event. Exit velo at the event was recorded at 83 mph but has been up to 91 at prior PBR events. Open stance, holding most of the weight on the back side with a slight bend in the knees. Relaxed hand set and elevated back elbow in line with the back shoulder. Longer stride lands back to parallel and pushes the hands back slightly. Lofted path through contact with some pop to the pull side. Doubled inside the 3B bag in game. Fielded ground balls outside of the left foot. Funneled to a position at the chest and got the ball out quickly with a shorter arm stroke. Aggressive pro step with good momentum through the throw. Solid defender in game with good routes and instincts. Corner OF profile. 





Hayden Garbett OF / 2B / Brashier Middle College, SC / 2020

5-11, 160lbs. Slender frame and long arms. Moderate projection remains. 6.99 sixty time. 81 mph outfield velocity. 81 mph exit velocity (tee). Balanced stance, some bend in the knees. Relaxed upper half. Medium high stride pushes the hands up and back. Hands start down from a higher position just above the shoulder. Lower half works into a firm front side with good torque through the hips. Flatter path through contact. Consistent line drive contact through the middle of the field in BP. Fielded ground balls just inside the right foot and funneled into a quick exchange at the mid section. Gets the ball out with a full arm action and short pro step. Tracked balls well in game, not a burner but runs underway and good instincts help the defense play up.