NC/SC Border Battle - SC 2020 C/Corner INF Analysis

Eddie Tisdale
Scouting Director - South Carolina

On July 24th, top players from North Carolina and South Carolina converged on Winthrop University for the first ever NC/SC Border Battle.  The Border Battle allowed players to workout and compete in front of college coaches and pro scouts, while updating their information for their PBR Profile, connecting them with over 900 college coaches and pro scouts that subscribe to PBR.

The event was a huge success with players from each state impressing those in attendance.  The process to break all of the information down has begun.  Player statistics have been loaded to the event page and onto each player’s personal PBR Profile.  Along with stats, each player has a PBR Video from their workout on their profile page. 

Today we begin to take a look at the individual performances from the Border Battle.  Below is a comprehensive look at the 2020 Catchers/Corner Infielders from South Carolina. 



~ SC 2020 C/Corner INF Analysis ~

Tate Abbott 3B / RHP / Camden, SC / 2020

 Physical corner INF with broad shoulders and strong lower half. Corner INF profile will be able to add lean strength and clean up some areas to add onto an already powerful frame. 7.63 sixty time. 93 mph exit velocity (tee). 81 mph infield velocity. LHH with good raw power and intent in the swing. Medium high stride and small hand load turns the barrel at the top. Stride foot lands slightly closed with the foot opened slightly allowing aggressive hip rotation. Lofted bat path with a positive attack angle produced consistent line drives and fly balls during BP round. Above Avg. raw power, especially to the pull side. Athletic enough to play either corner INF position. Solid avg hands and strong arm. Quiet footwork and avg lateral quickness. Longer actions are clean and produced throws with carry to the target. Florence Darlington Tech recruit. 



Nikko Andre C / OF / St James, SC / 2020

Prototypical catchers build, thick through the lower half with proportional frame. Upper body and torso could be polished with additional development. 7.78 sixty time. 75 mph catcher velo with a 2.10 best pop time. 83 mph exit velo. LHH with a slightly open stance and relaxed hand set. Lengthy stride with moderate high leg kick pushes the hands back over the back foot. Slightly lofted bat path, showed tendencies of getting long at times. Solid avg. defender handles balls inside the shoulders well. Inconsistent with pitches at the edges of the zone. Developing block/recover. Some bend in the hips. Quick exchanges and clean arm action. Throws showed fade to the arm side. 



Connor Cino C / 1B / Wando, SC / 2020

6-0, 195lbs with proportional build. Moderate strength in the lower half and room to finish development. 7.37 sixty time. 74 mph infield velocity. 77 mph catcher velocity with a 2.25 best pop time. 90 mph exit velocity (tee). Pure LHH with advanced feel for the barrel. Stance outside the shoulders, slightly open. Minimal hand load, slight shoulder turn. Timed up with a short stride with moderate length. Lofted bat path worked through the middle of the field with good pop from gap to gap during his BP round. Feel to hit translated into the game with hard contact on a line out first and a double in the LCF gap. Primary catcher, fringe avg defender behind the plate. Athletic enough to move up the line, and could land at 1B or RF. 



Jeremy Costin 1B / OF / Southside Christian, SC / 2020

6-1, 198lbs with moderate strength throughout. Two sport athlete (football). 7.87 sixty time. 69 mph infield velocity. 82 mph exit velocity (tee). Balanced stance just outside the shoulders with bend in the knees and a lower hand set. Medium stride pushes the hands up and back and elevates the back elbow. Steep attack angle levels off to a flatter path through contact. Quick with the top hand at times put the barrel into and out of the zone. Solid defender at first with stop and start rhythm to fielding ground balls. Avg feel for the hands, and longer exchanges and arm action. 



Mckenny Goodale 3B / C / Cheraw, SC / 2020

Strong 6-1, 195 frame with broad, square shoulders and physical lower half. Near maxed physically. 7.62 sixty time. 73 mph infield velo. 85 mph exit velocity (tee). Strong proportional build with think lower half and short stride length, with arm swing across his body. Short stride, with slight hand load. Muscles the barrel through contact with slight barrel turn and  slightly uphill path. Short choppy approach steps to ground balls with firm hands. Sustains a rhythm through the fielding process. Avg. exchange with accurate throws and limited carry. Showed tendencies to play ground balls off of the right side of his body. 



Landon Lucas 3B / RHP / Blythewood, SC / 2020

Lean athletic build with upside. Projectable physical development remaining, is not near his max physical potential. Elite level two way player with potential to see time both ways at the next level. 7.10 sixty time. 90 mph INF velocity. 92 mph exit velocity. Narrow, slightly open stance with a relaxed hand set. Has a loose rhythm with the hands pre pitch. High stride with moderate length pushes the hands back slightly and coils the barrel at the top. Stride foot lands softly and head is quiet through contact. Good barrel turn onto plane and lofted path, with extension. Rode multiple pitches out of the park with a loud BP round. Solid defender with good hands and quick exchanges. Accurate throws came out quickly with carry to 1st. On the mound showed off a loose whippy arm action running the FB up to 92 mph with good extension. The balance point is slightly above the belt with a quick tempo in the delivery, that he repeated well. Consistently worked the lower half of the zone and spun an advanced 77 mph CB with late bite. Clemson recruit.



Luke Harris C / 3B / Lewisville, SC / 2020

6-2, 185lbs slightly sloped shoulders and lean strength throughout. The frame is not carrying any bad weight and has plenty of room to has mass as he develops. 7.37 sixty time. 77 mph INF velo. 83 mph exit velo (tee). Arm swing across the body and high effort level in the stride. Balanced stance with very little moving parts. No stride with slight toe turn. Hands drift slightly back during the load and head remains quiet throughout. Muscles the barrel through contact with a slightly lofted path. C/3B profile with firm hands and stop and start rhythm through ground balls. Confident hands and longer exchanges with good first step reactions. OTT arm action carried accurate throws across the infield with little fade. Worked down hill with good extension from the mound and a full arm action. Landed slightly open of his line and showed feel for quality breaking ball with 11/5 shape. 



Jordan Spearman C / RHP / D W Daniel, SC / 2020

Full 5-9 frame with length in the torso. Moderate strength throughout with room for improvement. 7.51 sixty time. 69 mph catcher velo and 2.22 best pop time. 82 mph exit velocity (tee).  Switch hitter hangs the stride foot briefly from both sides of the plate. Short hand load with slight barrel coil from both sides. Worked through the inner half of the ball with a line drive path from both sides. More push from the right side. Occasional ability to lag the barrel from the left side with more uphill path at contact and force through the hips and lower half. Wider crouch with some bend in the hips and developing block/recover. Will need to improve arm strength and shorten the arm action to realize full potential.