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Fall Underclass World Series: Scout Blog Pt. 2

PBR Georgia Staff

The Fall Underclass World Series took place this past weekend, October 11th through the 13th. In total, 36 teams came to LakePoint Sporting Community in Emerson, GA to compete. Today, we present to you the Underclass Scout Blog, Pt. 2, pools E through I. The Scout Blog provides insider information and scouting notes from the PBR Scouting Staff during the tournament. Featured in the blog is information unsigned prospects, draft prospects and anything else that is notable. We provide a wide range of information, including player evaluations, velocities, pop times, home to first times and more. Simply put, the Fall Underclass World Series Scout Blog is loaded with information. Every team may not receive write-ups as standouts are identified by the PBR staff throughout the event.

Pool E: Ninth Inning Royals - Iglesias | TGBA Athens | Bullpen Braves 15U | BigStix Gamers Nation 15U

Pool F: Team Elite Grey | 643 DP Cougars Sterling | Triton Rays 2022 | Nelson Baseball School 16U

Pool G: Team Elite Black | BigStix Baseball 16U | 16U Service Baseball - Grunt Squad | Rawlings Southeast 14u/15u

Pool H: Ninth Inning Royals - Honeycutt | Titans Baseball 16U | Georgia Scorpions 16U | East Cobb Angels

Pool I: Slammers Holzemer | ECB Colt 45s 16U | Hitters Baseball 2023s | Nelson Baseball School 15U

Pool E

Ninth Inning Royals - Iglesias

Colin Houck, SS, Parkview (GA), 2023
A familiar face around LakePoint this summer and fall, Houck appeared to really turn a corner this weekend facing competition mostly a year his elder. At 6-foot-1, 170-pounds he is physically advanced for his age and is still growing, displays athleticism throughout his entire game. Offensively, he sets up shoulder width apart with his weight displaced on his back leg, hands load back smoothly with a slight drop.  A gap-to-gap hitter, he has shown time and time again advanced bat speed and natural loft in his swing, allowing for him to elevate and drive the ball with force. Defensively he more than aptly holds down shortstop with smooth hands and quick release, plenty of arm strength to stick on the left-side. Given his present abilities and the physical maturation to come, the future is exciting for Houck.

Samarion Ward, C, Parkview (GA), 2023
5-foot-10, 160-pound right-handed hitting catcher, physical frame that will only continue to add strength as he matures. Offensively, keeps it quiet in his pre-pitch setup, almost completely static with a short wag of the bat, loads weight onto back-side, short leg lift stride, great balance throughout. The barrel works level through the zone with quick hand speed, gets the head out front and drives the ball. Defensively, showed good fundamentals, uses wide frame well to block balls and keep on front.
TGBA Athens

Jase Peoples, SS, Athens Christian (GA), 2024
Though not even in high school, yet, Peoples made a big impression, and stood out in a field of players sometimes three years his senior. Listed at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds, he has some lean, natural strength throughout an athletic, high-waisted frame, and utilizes it well in all aspects of the game. Bouncy on the infield with a nose for the ball, his quick first step and confident glove-work stand out, especially for his age, and he also showcases a strong arm across the diamond. At the plate, the right-handed hitter was a threat all weekend, driving the ball from gap-to-gap. Loading the hands back with a minor leg hang, the bat speed is advanced as he strikes the ball on a flat path through the zone with athletic use of the lower-half. The lag that the barrel exhibits in the zone provided for some firm line drives to the back side gap. There is a spark to Peoples’ all-around game, whether at the plate, in the field, or as a downhill runner, and with the look of a consummate “winner”, expect him to continue making progress, even when facing older opponents.
Pool F

Team Elite Grey

Grayson Taylor, C, North Paulding (GA), 2022
Taylor was one of the biggest standouts from the event, showing power at the plate and advanced defensive skills. A strong, durable frame at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, Taylor proved to be a surely sought-after left-handed hitting backstop. Hits from an athletic, slightly-open stance, uses toe-tap timing and gets foot down in time to hit from a powerful position. Hands have active rhythm before pitch and swing works quick and easy to all fields; had multiple extra base hits on the weekend. Behind the plate, does a good job of presenting strikes and has good blocking skills to keep balls in front. Team Georgia participant in the 2019 Future Games.
Henry Godbout, SS, Baylor School (TN), 2022

Virginia recruit. A recent transfer from New York’s Poly Prep to The Baylor School in Tennessee, Godbout’s defensive abilities are impressive from any spot on the diamond. At third base, he made the slow-roller play with ease showcasing the athleticism necessary to make the play on the run. Godbout is sure-handed with controlled footwork, and will likely be able to fill any position on the dirt at the next level. Showing off his strong arm, he also gunned down a runner at third base while patrolling right field. A right-handed hitter, he takes a direct path to the ball with some quickness to the hands. When on time with a longer leg hang, the 6-foot-1, 175-pounder showcases gap-to-gap power.

Brant Baughcum, SS, Brookwood (GA), 2022
Jaden Anderson, CF, Mount Pisgah (GA), 2022

Miles Dodd, LHP, Franklin County (GA), 2022

Adam Parzych, OF, Lincoln (FL), 2022

6-foot, 180 pounds: solid strength throughout. Good athlete that impressed at the plate and defensively. In the outfield, moved well to cover ground. Makes the difficult play. Good pop for frame. Quiet stance with simple load. Level path through the zone; had a solid showing with plenty of good swings on the weekend.
643 DP Cougars Sterling

Will Cawthon, C, Loganville (GA), 2022
At 6-foot-3, 165-pounds with a highly-projectable frame, Cawthon was easy to pick out given his athleticism both at the plate and behind the dish. Still adding strength, the foundation at the plate stands out right now with an easy rhythm. Generating some power with a knee-knock stride that separates the hands down and back into a power position with a slight wrap, Cawthon is well-connected throughout the process which allows his quick hands to control the barrel through the zone. His flat path through the zone features some lag with a loose, one-handed finish, and he demonstrates and ability to change planes on the swing. Defensively, his loose hips and soft hands stand out right now along with quality feel for the position overall. His continued physical maturation appears likely, and combined with his current foundation, could give Cawthon a significant boost in the future.
Casual Kay, 3B, Alpharetta (GA), 2022

6-foot-1, 165-pounds. Kay had a monster day 3, especially in the semi-finals game. Had 3 hits with 2 loud triples, and a single. Just missed a HR on one of the swings. It was 94EV, and was 1ft shy of leaving the yard. Really like the connection on the toe-tap with the swing. Great timing, with good rhythm in the hands. Really strong lower-half, and keeps strength throughout the swing. The frame projects well, has the athleticism to play anywhere on the field.
Taylor Shultz, UTL, Allatoona (GA), 2022

5-foot-8, 145-pound right-handed hitting infielder and outfielder, athletically built with more physicality to come, plays with a chip on his shoulder. A member of Team Georgia at the 2019 PBR Future Games, Shultz showed off his advanced defensive capabilities and speed throughout the entire weekend. Uses his speed well defensively to track and run down balls that most would have little-to-no chance of getting a glove on, soft hands with a quick transfer and release, as he continues to mature the arm strength will come. Offensively, plays to his strength, his speed, with a line drive approach. Laid down a picture perfect bunt in the finals, running a 3.87 home to first from the right-side.
Cole Turner, 3B, Decatur, 2021

6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed hitting third baseman, strength throughout frame, one of the top hitters all Fall Underclass World Series. Turner was locked in for just about every at-bat over the weekend it appeared, barrelling pitch after pitch, generating firm contact to all fields. Uses his combination of strength and quickness to drive the ball to all fields, an above-average runner, had a number of doubles and triple throughout the tournament. On Sunday, it seemed like he had a hit in nearly every at-bat.
Slaide Naturman, C, The Weber School, 2021

Triton Rays 2022

Kaden Bryant, OF, Next Level Academy (AL), 2022
Impressive physicality with defined strength throughout a 5-foot-10, 190-pound frame. Utilizes strength well and does not get cheated at the plate. Fast hands with raw approach with barrel working through the zone on a level plane. Power from gap-to-gap, and found success with multiple extra-base hits on the weekend. High-waisted athlete whose speed plays well in the outfield.

Devin Polk, C, Next Level Academy (AL), 2022
Polk took confident at-bats all weekend for the Triton Rays 2022 team, and is not scared at the plate. The right-handed hitter has a relaxed approach with an athletic stroke that includes some quickness to the hands. Exhibiting some proportional strength throughout a projectable, 6-foot-2, 180-pound frame, Polk shows signs of making a big jump in the near future.

Blake Medley, RHP, Hazel Green HS (AL), 2022
6-foot-1, 195 pounds; thick lower-half. Throws from an OT slot; lands glove-side. Slot allows for downward plane on FB, which sat 82-84 in first three innings. Kept velocity throughout outing and FB proved to be heavy with weak barrels on contact. Curveball had sharp 12/6 action and located well; 70-72 mph. Medley showed advanced feel for a sinking changeup at 73. Solid command of all three pitches, which played a huge role in a complete game no-hitter.
Nelson Baseball School 16U

Victor Rodriguez, LHP, North Paulding (GA), 2022
6-foot-1, 185 pounds; long-limbed with projectable frame. Easy arm that works in zone with all pitches. Closed landing. Works arm-side with FB and showed solid command at 82; lived in the low 80s all outing. Showed signs of feel for breaking ball at 64. Changeup is a pitch that can develop into a difference-maker for Rodriguez. Throws pitch with same armspeed as FB and has late drop at 71-73. Arm that will surely make velocity jumps and will be an arm to keep an eye on in the ‘22 class.
Brody Hollingsworth, 1B, Hillgrove (GA), 2022

6-foot-1, 185 pounds; physical presence in the box with a swing to match. Hits from an athletic base, simple load that gets into position early to hit. Hands work easy through the zone and hands work quick to turn on pitches. Pull-side pop and creates backspin to the outfield.
Dylan Rivera, C, Hillgrove (GA), 2022

Quick-twitch player that plays well above 5-foot-6, 140 pounds build. Showed high energy all over the field. Behind the plate, did a very good job of receiving and presenting borderline pitches. Strong hands to steal low pitch. Fundamental at the plate. Low hands in upright stance; straight back with load. Simple bat path and generates power from lower-half. Ball jumped off bat on a ground-rule double; one of the harder hit balls, off the bat, that we saw on the weekend. Do not let the frame fool you, Rivera can play.
Pool G

Team Elite Black

McDonald McCommons, RHP/C, Lake Oconee (GA), 2022
5-foot-11 175-pounds. One of the top performers of the weekend. Impressed on the mound and at the plate. On the mound he worked up to 86. Stayed around 83-85 most of his outing. Spin rate was 2100-2200. Really good life and action on the FB. Arm works well in the delivery. Room for the velo to climb if he can get more out of his backside. Only showed the SL a couple of times, but it had a really good break to it. Strong two way player with a high ceiling.
Luke Starling, SS, Hebron (GA), 2022

5-foot-9 145-pounds. Quick twitch athletic SS. Moves really well, good runner on the bases, and can get to balls in the hole at SS. Hands stay through the ball well, and does a great job of staying back on the off-speed. Great top of the lineup candidate that gets on base consistently. <
Evan Saltz, RHP, Hebron (GA), 2022

The 6-foot, 160 pound right-hander had a great outing on the mound for Team Elite. Throwing from a low-¾ slot, Saltz sat 77-79 with his FB with good armside run, inducing weak contact all game. Slider was thrown with conviction and played a big part of his success at 65 mph; swing and miss pitch. Saltz ended up with a complete game no-hitter to give his team the win. The arm works easy and has plenty of room for development.

BigStix Baseball 16U

Jayden Talik, OF/RHP, Parkview (GA), 2022
5-foot-10 150-pounds. Really impressed when he worked out of a bases loaded jam with 3K’s. Showed competitiveness, and some pitchability with the ability to miss barrells to get out of a jam. FB topped out at 84. Sat 80-83 for most of his outing. Really likes the way threw the breaking ball. Looked the same out of the hand as the FB, and had the same arm speed. Worked on the outer half, but still had the ability to pitch in and could throw the CB when he needed to. 
16U Service Baseball - Grunt Squad

Justin Haskins, 3B, Lambert (GA), 2022
6-foot-1 185-pounds. Good size kid, with a well built frame for a ‘22. Could pick it well over at 3rd. Could be a corner INF guy, or OF. Showed signs of athleticism all weekend. Made a couple really good plays at 3rd to his backhand. Has a strong enough arm to still throw guys out even when fielding balls deep in the hole. Really liked the swing from the left side. Found barrells all weekend. His strength in his swing gives him the ability to have a short stride, and quick hands and still hit the ball with power. Does a great job hitting the ball the other way. Love to see a lefty that can work the 6 hole, and hit balls hard to left center. Plays for a great high school program, so I am excited to see what's in store for Haskins for the high school season.
Albert Rutledge, OF/LHP, North Gwinnett (GA), 2022

5-foot-11 140-pounds. Crafty lefty with a short, athletic build. Showed great confidence and mound presence. He was not afraid to challenge hitters. Had a unique delivery with a short pause that really messed with hitters timing. Lived on the outer half of the plate early in the count. Used the ASR to his advantage. FB was 77-79, and the SL was 71-72. Could flip the SL at anytime for strikes. Threw all pitches with confidence. Was equally impressive off the mound. Played a solid RF, making a highlight-reel catch on Sunday. Also showed ability to swing bat with authority with a double off RF wall.
Nathan Dvorsky, RHP.1B, Lambert (GA), 2022

6-foot, 175 pounds; athletic build and movements. Strong-bodied player who has potential to jump in velocity. Fastball sat in the low-80’s, topping 82 with late life. Commanded pitches well and challenged hitters to put ball in play. Short arm-action and hides ball well.
Pool H

Ninth Inning Royals - Honeycutt

Aaron Lopez, SS/C, Riverwood (GA), 2022
5-foot-9 165-pounds. Strong, athletic build. Played SS and C for the weekend. Showed the athletic ability that he could play anywhere on the field. Had a really good approach at the plate. Faced some pitchers that struggled with command. He was not over anxious. He knew what pitch he wanted to hit, and stuck with the plan. Gets the foot down early, and is ready to hit anything. High energy player. Word extremely hard behind the plate. Strong arm and good hands in the field.
Ryan McTighe, SS/RHP, Marist (GA), 2022

Titans Baseball 16U

Will Fincher, CF, Kennesaw Mountain (GA), 2022
A dynamic athlete, Fincher gets the most out of his greatest strength, his speed, in all facets of his game. He patrols center field with a quick and instinctive first step, tracking balls like he has been doing it his whole life. His natural speed and advanced hand-eye coordination allowed for him to make a number of spectacular catches over his shoulder, that surely would have been basehits if a prospect with marginally less speed were in center field. At the plate, Fincher starts upright with an athletic bend in his knees, the barrel remains upright throughout as he loads his hands back, short strider, good rhythm. Currently a line drive, contact hitter, he looks to put the ball in play, put pressure on the defense and use his speed to his advantage. Fincher routinely looks to be aggressive on the bases, whether it be stretching a single into a double or swiping a bag once on. With more consistent timing, he profiles as a future gap-to-gap hitter, coupled with his present speed, should make him a coveted prospect for college coaches.
Aidan Jolley, C, Allatoona (GA), 2022

Parker Hughes, OF, Lassiter (GA), 2021
5-foot-9 160-pounds. A standout for the fall at all of our events. The CF can play. He has a smooth swing that is simple and compact. Went 5-7 in pool play this weekend. Has hit for average every weekend this fall. Has the ability to hit balls with the power in the gap as well. Gets great read and jumps on the bases. Good range in CF, can go back on balls well. Projects well as the top of the line-up guy that can get on base and drive in runs. 

Kenskey Thomas, OF, Sequoyah (GA), 2022
5-foot-10 185-pounds. Names the all region 2nd team for Sequoyah HS in a stacked region. He hit the ball hard all weekend. There is pop in the swing, and with a short porch at his home high school field he will have some HR’s this coming spring season. He does not get cheated at the plate. He swings hard, and really stays through the baseball.

Ryan Gartner, RHP, Blessed Trinity (GA), 2022

6-foot-4, 190-pound right-handed pitcher, long frame that will put on strength as he physically matures. Arm works clean and continuous on the back-side, hiding the ball well, gets out front to a ¾ slot. Tall and fall delivery, works on-line, front-side leaks out, lands square, finishes upright. Fastball sat 79-81, showed life when located down in the zone. Curveball, 11/5 shape, 67-69. An intriguing prospect due to the present size and the opportunity for more growth.
Georgia Scorpions 16U

Jonathan Vigoa, UTL, Rome (GA), 2022
5-foot-11, 170-pound right-handed hitting utility player, has seen time at catcher, shortstop, outfield and on the mound this fall at LakePoint, an apt defender all positions. High energy player, always competes hard when he steps on the diamond. Offensively, starts upright with low hand placement, leg kick timing trigger, double taps foot on stride, hands load back. Quick barrel speed and a knack for finding the barrel, drives the ball with force, more to come as he fills out physically. On the mound, arm works short and quick. Fastball touches 86 regularly.

Pool I

Slammers Holzemer

Dylan Carey, SS, Regis Jesuit (CO), 2022
Carey, Colorado’s number one player in the 2022 class, left little question to that fact after a solid showing at the Underclass World Series. Physically-gifted at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds with broad shoulders on a frame that is easy to dream on, he showcased the potential to blossom into a power bat from the right side in the future. Setting up in a deeper crouch, he strides early, getting the foot down with minimal hand movement, and works directly to the ball with some lift through the zone. He was a threat in each plate appearance, taking quality at-bats throughout, and while he did not have overwhelming loud results, he clearly stands out amongst his peers. A captain on the infield, Carey locked down the shortstop position for Slammers Holzemer, demonstrating confidence in his soft hands, and his high baseball IQ stood out on multiple occasions. Though his frame will likely fill out quickly in coming years and shift him off of shortstop, he should have no problem adjusting to third base given his athleticism. Carey’s high-ceiling will be reached even quicker as he continues to get more consistent at-bats against high-level pitching, and coaches will likely want to mark him down as must-watch player for next summer.
Jake Olguin Pacheco, OF, Horizon (CO), 2022

Listed at 5-foot-9, 130-pounds, Pacheco plays much bigger in-game where a “not scared” mentality shines. The high-waisted athlete confidently roams centerfield with quality glove skills along with a stronger, accurate arm. He takes quality routes to balls, and has the speed to potentially stick in centerfield at the next level. The left-handed hitter looked the part of a future top of the order bat, and was comfortable tracking pitches in each of his plate appearances. Rocking back from an athletic crouch, his quick hands work the barrel directly to the ball on a slightly uphill path. While his wiry frame provides for more line drive strength, he was able to get on a few balls over the weekend and drive them into both gaps including an inside-the-park home run that showcased his speed. Overall, Pacheco’s speed and athleticism should allow him to make bigger jumps in the future as his frame continues to mature and he gains more in-game experience.
Blake Young, C, Mountain Vista (CO), 2022

A strong, stocky, 5-foot-10, 185-pounds, right-handed hitting catcher. Keeps it simple at the plate with a balanced setup, short leg kick timing trigger, hands load back and drop in an athletic fashion, smooth rhythm throughout. Hands are quick to the zone with a level barrel path, taps into strength of frame to generate hard contact, even on mishits. Good defensive catcher, receives the ball well, puts his body out there to block the ball.
Henry Stewart, OF/LHP, Mullen (CO), 2022

Brant Kragel, RHP/3B, Rock Canyon (CO), 2022

6-foot-2, 170-pound left-handed hitting two-way prospect, long frame, high waist, projectable build. On the mound, made a relief appearance in the semifinals and immediately stood out. Arm works short and clean on the back-side with above average arm speed, hides the ball well to a ¾ slot. Drop and drive delivery, works on-line, lands square, finishes crossing over towards first. Fastball sat 79-81 (an 8 mph increase on his max fastball in a five month span). Tight curveball, 12/6 shape, played at 67-69. Trending upwards on the mound with more to come as he fills out.

ECB Colt 45s 16U

Parker Spring, LHP, Blessed Trinity (GA), 2022
The crafty lefty had a couple strong innings in relief. Has a really smooth and easy delivery. Looks effortless with good mechanics. FB was 77-79 with a 12-6 CB at 66-67. Also flashed a really good CH with downward action at 70-71. Started to lose control some towards the end of his outing, but was able to work out of it. He showed the ability to throw 3 pitches for strikes. He has a strong foundation to build off of.

Jack Butler, RHP, Pope (GA), 2022

6-foot-4, 180-pound right-handed pitcher, long, projectable frame, high waist, will continue to fill out as he matures. Arm works long with some stiffness, shows on the back-side, accelerates to a ¾ slot, cross-body action. Some effort in delivery, quick rhythm in drop and drive delivery,works-line, lands toe-closed, finishes crossing over. Fastball sat 79-81, touched 82 numerous times with running action. Curveball, feel for and confidence to throw in any county, 11/5 shape, 67-69.
Hitters Baseball 2023s

Alex Alicea, SS, St. Thomas More (WI), 2023

Just 5-foot-7, 130-pounds, Alicea already commands attention on the diamond despite his smaller size, and looked the part at shortstop throughout the weekend. His polished footwork and soft, confident hands are (surprisingly?) becoming the “norm” for middle infielders coming out of Wisconsin. He also features a quick release with solid strength that is sure to increase over time as the frame matures. Alicea took at-bats from both sides of the plate over the weekend, but was noticeably more comfortable from the right side, though there is some potential from the left. Impressively balanced throughout the approach, he is never fooled, and showcased the most impressive tracking abilities of the entire tournament. There is little movement throughout the load with the hands before the barrel is worked directly to the ball with quickness. He demonstrated line drive strength to all fields, and will likely continue spraying the ball around at the top of the order. Overall, given the athleticism that he showcases in the field and high baseball IQ all around, expect Alicea to continue to steadily progress throughout his high school career.
TJ Schuyler, C, Antioch (IL), 2023

Schuyler was one of the “big winners” of the tournament, and cemented himself as a player to know in the 2023 class moving forward. Possessing a highly projectable, sturdy, 6-foot-1, 165-pound frame with athleticism, he is sure to have college coaches monitoring his progress in the near future. He first shined behind the plate, exhibiting natural feel for the position including loose hips and soft hands that allow him to receive well along with a strong arm that plays up thanks to smooth footwork. He threw out multiple runners, and looked the part the entire weekend. His defense alone makes him a player to follow, but his ability with the bat will likely boost him even more in the future. An easy rhythm from the right side allows the hands to separate back from the ear in conjunction with a leg kick before quickly working the barrel through the zone on a flat path. His ability to cover the entire plate with firm contact to all fields stood out, including multiple hits as well as hard outs. The frame is sure to pack on substantial strength moving forward, and as it does, I suspect there will be a boost in the power department. Interesting to note, Schuyler also moved well at third base, and his overall athleticism should provide for quicker advancements as he matures.
Bryce Nevils, C, Brother Rice (IL), 2023

Even more than his gifted tools, Nevils’ ability to make adjustments throughout the weekend stood out. The young backstop has a proportionally, naturally strong frame that is likely to develop much more strength in the future. What started off the weekend as a load with some segmentation at the plate quickly morphed into a more fluid approach. When timed up, the hands worked back in sync with a leg kick, and there was noticeable bat speed through the zone on a flat path. The bat-to-ball skills are solid as he is aggressive while still being in control. Behind the plate, Nevils worked to block balls, and showcases advanced receiving abilities for his age. His quick footwork and transfer along with a strong throwing arm allowed him to cut down the running game, and impressed between innings. Overall, Nevils’ all around game is likely to bring many coaches/scouts to games over the next four years.
Adam Switalski, INF/RHP, Westosha Central (WI), 2023

Evan Shapiro, RHP, Wauwatosa East (WI), 2023

Nicholas Lacson, C, Barrington (IL), 2023

6-foot, 165-pound right-handed hitting catcher, proportional strength throughout frame, broad shoulders, projects to fill out as he physically matures. Offensively, was one of many impact bats on a loaded Hitters 2023 roster. Starts in a wide setup, balanced throughout, high leg lift stride, hands load back, remains balanced through contact. Barrel works slightly uphill as he looks to use the entire field, present bat speed, quick hands, generates hard contact. Good hand-eye coordination, able to recognize pitches and keep weight back on off-speed, allowing him to routinely barrel pitches.
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