Prep Baseball Report

2016 Underclass Games: Outfield Analysis

By Doug Freeman
Florida Scouting Director

After breaking down the catchers, today we continue our position analysis by taking a look at the outfielders from the 2016 Underclass Games.

Derek Crum, OF/LHP, Gaither HS, FL. (2019)

The 5-foot-10, 165 pound OF/LHP showed potential on the mound in his 2 innings of work.  Striking out hitters with all three of his pitches, Crum throws a knuckleball and curveball along with his fastball that ranged from 83-85 mph with a quick and easy high ¾ arm action. At the plate, the left handed hitter showed bat speed and quick hands through the zone. With a leg kick trigger creating rhythm, he stays on time and consistently gets quality extension in an aggressive approach. He shows some present pull side power and as he continues to get stronger, with the above average bat speed, he should have above average power. In the outfield he showed athleticism working through the ball well showing strong low accurate throws with some carry. The all around tools will make him a high end D1 prospect in the near future.


Joseph Coffey, OF, West Orange HS, FL. (2020)

The 5-foot-10, 150 pound outfield is a very intriguing young athlete. He showed his all around athleticism both at the plate and in the field. The right handed hitter showed above average bat speed for his class as well as a compact level swing. He showed the ability to make athletic adjustments in the path of the swing and the present bat speed and frame has him projecting with an above average hit tool in the future. From the outfield, she showed an average accurate arm with some carry that will continue to improve as he gets stronger. The athleticism and present tools makes him a very intriguing player going forward.


Brandon Fields, OF/3B, Dr. Phillips HS, FL. (2020)

The 5-foot-10, 180 pound physical OF/3B shows high end athleticism and a lot of quick twitch actions. He has stood out before and continues to become more and more physical. With that increased physicality has come a little stiffness, but he was still impressive. At the plate, he has a bit of a wrapped top hand, but still creates plus bat speed for his class. The swing is a little shouldered and he tended to cut himself off before getting fully extended, but when he gets fully extended the ball jumps off of the bat. As he continues to figure out the mechanics and his body, the high end bat speed and hand-eye coordination could lend to some high-end power in the future. Even with some of these adjustments he can make, he still drove the ball to the pull side in batting practice as well as a double off of the left field wall in the game. Defensively, he moves extremely well in the outfield. He shows the ability to really be able to go get the baseball. He currently relies on his athleticism to get him in the right spot, but showed a few really good routes as well. Also showed an average arm with some effort. Overall, the pure athleticism could not get much better for someone his age and the potential is limitless. There are some things that will need to be cleaned up in the swing to hit higher level pitching, but there is no reason to believe these things won’t happen with more at-bats under his belt.


Below are the remaining catchers in alphabetical order:

Janmikell Bastardo, OF/1B, Cypress Lake HS, FL. ( 2019)
The 6-foot-3, 205 pound OF/1B is a big strong kid that is very lanky for being as strong as he is. With a wide base and high hands from the right side, his setup is a bit unconventional. Although being a bit unconventional he showed a very aggressive approach and a lot of bat speed for the class, but the setup led to an often long swing. When he was able to stay short and on time, the bat speed led to some pull side pop. He also showed the bat speed with an exit velocity of 90 mph. Defensively, there are a lot of moving parts and he is aggressive to and through the ball and topped out at 81 mph. There are some present tools and it will be very interesting to see how that continues to develop.

Kyle Chiger, OF/RHP, River Ridge HS, FL. (2018)
The 5-foot-9, 150 pound OF/RHP showed some quick twitch and feel for the barrel. The right handed hitter has quick hands and a short simple swing. This produced line drives from gap-to-gap in batting practice and a double into the left-center field gap in the game. From the outfield he showed an accurate arm with some carry with his best throw topping out at 82 mph. On the mound he stays in line with a short arm action and a fastball ranging from 76-77 mph. He also showed a tight slider ranging from 68-72 mph striking out one of the five hitters he faced. Will be very interesting especially as he continues to get bigger and stronger as the swing works and has some feel for pitching.

Ryan Drumheller, OF/3B, Alonso HS, FL. (2018)
The 5-foot-10, 155 pound OF/3B has a wiry frame showing some athleticism both in the workout portion and in the game. During batting practice the right handed hitter has a slight hitch the his load, but he is able to get his bat in the zone early and on a level plane through the zone. This led to a line drive swing that will produce more as he continues to get stronger. The swing also translated into the game with a line drive base hit into center field. Defensively, in the outfield he showed the ability to work through the baseball extremely well. Fielded the ball clean and just off of his foot, resulting in the ability to work through the baseball and show a plus arm for his class topping out at 88 mph with low accurate throws with some carry. Will be an interesting player to watch going forward as he continues to get stronger.

Jordan Garcia, OF/RHP, J.W. Mitchel HS, FL. (2018)
The very projectable 6-foot-2, 175 pound OF/RHP was very impressive throughout the day. During batting practice, the lefty stood out with an advanced approach to go with the present toolset. Driving balls up the middle and to the opposite field the entire first round, he then showed the ability to drive the ball pull side in round two. With a leg kick trigger, he was consistently in rhythm and on time to the ball. He showed a great, slightly uphill, path through the zone with the ability to adjust to the pitch. Throughout both round of batting practice and during the game he consistently found the barrel squaring balls up from gap to gap. The high end toolset and advanced approach with the projectable frame would project to a middle of the order type corner outfielder at the next level. Defensively, he showed an average arm with a short arm action from the outfield with the ability to range and make all of the plays in a corner outfield position. On the mound, he carries over the short arm action with fastball that ranged from 74-80 mph and a breaking ball that topped out at 64 mph. His future is in the left handed batters box as the swing projects to play at a very high level.

Logan Ganoe, OF, River Ridge HS, FL. (2019)
The 5-foot-9, 145 pound outfielder showed some athleticism throughout the day. Offensively, he has a lot of movement going on pre-swing, which led to a steep path through the zone. He was able to find the barrel and get on base during the game showing a 4.32 home to first time from the right side. He then followed this up with to easily stolen bases. In the outfield, he came through and tracked the ball very well while also showing an above average arm with carry, topping out at 85 mph. He shows some athleticism and a feel for the game and will be interesting to see how the swing continues to progress with more at-bats.

Tai Gilbert, OF, Out of Door Academy, FL. (2019)
The 6-foot-3, 170 pound outfielder is athletic and projectable. The right handed hitter has made some adjustments since the last time we saw him, adding a leg kick to the trigger. This has led to the timing being a bit off,  but the path worked well through the zone and was still able to find the barrel. This led to an 82 mph exit velocity. There is athleticism and some projectability in the swing and should continue to improve as he finds timing in the swing. From the outfield, he comes through the ball well and shows and above average arm for his class topping out at 83 mph from the outfield.

Matt Hardie, OF, Riverdale HS, FL. (2018)
The 5-foot-11, 170 pound outfielder showed a strong thick lower half. The right handed hitter, has a small leg kick and good hand load trigger. He has good rhythm in his swing, but hits with a weak front side. The path works level through the zone, but will be more consistent as he begins to strengthen the front side at contact. From the outfield he showed an accurate and average arm, topping out at 75 mph. He has a strong frame and some athleticism, with the present strength a few adjustments to the lower half in the swing could pay big dividends.

James Hurst, OF, Dr. Phillips HS, FL. (2019)
The 5-foot-10, 150 pound outfielder has a small leg kick trigger with minimal load. He has some good rhythm in the swing with quick hands through the zone. He would get long at times, but was still able to find the barrel. As he continues to log more at-bats, the swing should shorten and result in gap-to-gap power.He also shows athletic action in the outfield, coming to and through the ball well with strong and accurate throws topping out at 82 mph. The athleticism he showed on both sides makes for some potential and worth a follow going forward. 

Carson Montgomery, OF/RHP, West Orange, FL. (2020)
The 6-foot-1, 175 pound athlete is very intriguing.  Although he did not play in the games due to sickness, he featured a frame and athleticism that will play at the next level.  He showed a good understanding with the bat and has a lot of growth ahead of him. A slightly open stance produced a lot of bat speed while still having a feel for the barrel. Although he did not pitch here he showed a lot of carry in the outfield and from previous times seeing him throw he shows big upside on the mound as well. There is some maturing to do and his solid frame will allow him to develop into a potential big time prospect in the future. 

Parker Stoyan, OF/LHP, Berkeley Prep, FL. (2020)
The 5-foot-9, 140 pound OF/LHP showed a lot of all around potential on the day. The left handed hitter still needs to get strongs, but the swing works. With a simple load and trigger, he stays balanced throughout the swing and uses his lower half well. He showed a level, line drive swing producing a base hit in the game. From the outfield he showed average range and average arm that will continue to improve as he continues to play. On the mound, the left handed pitcher showed a clean and easy arm action. He stayed in line working down the mound, working the bottom of the zone with a fastball ranging from 64-66 mph. Overall, the actions work and will continue to project well as he gets stronger.

Daniel  Tart, OF/RHP, Braden River HS, FL. (2018)
The 6-foot-3, 205 pound OF/RHP showed potential on the mound.  He featured an 80-83 mph fastball, but lacked a breaking ball. With a quick over the top arm action, he showed some inconsistent command but has potential. Throwing from the stretch only, with a slight pause at the top of his leg lift, he stays in line with a good front side. His frame projects well at the next level, but developing a curve ball will go a long way for him. Offensively, the right handed hitter has a lot of pre-swing movement in his hands which led an inconsistent launch and a long swing at times. He also tends to spin out of the lower half. He is big and strong and generates some bat speed and once he can stay consistent he has a chance for some gap-to-gap power.  He showed an above average arm with good carry from the outfield. He has potential with a good frame to build on and an athletic quick arm that projects well.

Bobby Turkett, OF, Seffner Christian, FL. (2018)
The 6-foot-1, 185 pound outfielder has a good projectable frame. The left handed hitter has a simple set-up and load. The path is slightly uphill and showed some pull side power despite not getting full utilization out of his lower half. He stay through the ball well and with better use of the lower half he should see more consistent power. From the outfield, he showed a bit of a hitch in the arm action topping out at 78 mph. Overall, the swing works and has a projectable frame with potential power.

Timothy Williams, OF/1B, Tampa Prep, FL. (2019)
The 6-foot-6, 205 pound  shows a stiff leg kick with minimal use of the lower half. The path works through the zone, but could greatly benefit from more rhythm in the swing. The right handed hitter had some good at bats in the game, including a hard hit opposite field line drive for a hit to right field.  He also had and exit velocity 77 mph off of the tee. Defensively,he showed an accurate arm from the outfield on his throws topping out at 62 mph. He has a big frame and some projection and room to grow going forward.

Cole Yoakum, OF/LHP, East Lake HS, FL. (2020)
The 5-foot-6, 162 pound OF/LHP showed the ability to handle the bat in the game play portion.  The left handed hitting outfielder showcased a line drive approach at the plate while getting good use out of his lower half. He has a big leg kick and was out of rhythm at times in batting practice which led to inconsistent rounds. He was able to stay on time in the game, finding the barrel more consistently. He has a lot of room to grow and can potentially turn into a guy who can consistently get on base with a line drive approach and level swing when he becomes more consistent with his swing. Defensively, he showed average actions in the outfield with his throws topping out at 70 mph.