Prep Baseball Report

West Milwaukee Preseason I.D.: Pitcher Analysis

By Wisconsin Staff

On Feb. 21, the PBR Wisconsin team hosted its second event of 2021, the West Milwaukee Preseason I.D., at STiKS Academy in Waukesha, Wis. This was an open event for all high school classes (2021-24), and gave our staff an ample look at the area's top players.

If you missed us in Waukesha, check out our showcase page to see when we’re in the neighborhood next. We also previously published some takeaways from this showcase in the week that followed, in the form of our Quick Hits story, a Statistical Analysis, and our TrackMan Files piece. On Friday, we published the scouting reports for each of this event’s position players. Today, we’re wrapping up our post-event coverage by publishing the reports on this gifted group of pitchers.

Our staff also collaborated to rank the top-10 pitchers at the West Milwaukee I.D., which you can find directly below.


1. Jonah Conradt, Hortonville (WI), 2023; Arizona commit
Positional Profile: RHP; One of the top pitchers in the state's sophomore class.
Body: 6-foot-1, 157-pounds. Lean frame with wiry/whippy strength attached.
Delivery: Rhythmic tall/fall type delivery, tall posture at balance point, maintains linear direction to target throughout. Generates high-end force production due to wiry hip/shoulder separation, natural rotation into a strong lead leg block, athletic whippy finish through release.
Arm Action: RH. Long and loose arm action, whippy acceleration through body. Finishes from a high 3/4 slot.
FB: T90, 87-89 mph. Routinely attacked the arm-side of the plate, flashing lateral action that way. Averaged 18.3 inches of induced vertical break and 13.8 inches of horizontal movement.  T2339, 2244 average rpm.
CB: 74-76 mph. Sharp, biting action off an 11/5 plane, above-average spin characteristics to pair. Thrown with fastball intent/conviction. Profiles as his go-to swing-and-miss offering.  T2625, 2567 average rpm.
SL: 77-79 mph. Pulls off it at times, works towards the glove-side of the plate, 11/5 shape. Still thrown with fastball intent/aggression. T2584, 2470 average rpm.
CH: 78-80 mph. Thrown from a lower average release angle than fastball, yet still maintains arm speed/intent. Flashed fading action, can compliment fastball well to right-handed hitters. T2065, 2009 average rpm.

2. Thomas Harper, Wauwatosa East (WI), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP; An upside, uncommitted junior who's taken a step forward.
Body: 6-foot-4, 194-pounds. Lanky, high-waisted build; long, thin levers.
Delivery: Smooth, fluid pace to high knee tuck and coil at balance point; drives down mound with reach at separation, high front side. Works on line, lands square to home, toe to target; finishes athletically. Gaining greater extension down the mound as compared to last summer.
Arm Action: RH. Fluid, clean, efficient arm action helps him repeat well; arm action is stable, in proper place at foot plant. High 3/4 slot, loose and quick.
FB: T90, 88-89 mph. Uptick in velocity has also increased his spin rate; larger extension and lower release height has contributed to the pitch's upside. Natural arm-side action; jumps from the hand. T2455, 2383 average rpm.
SL: 74-75 mph. His feel to spin the breaking ball has taken a step forward; flashed sharp action off an 11/5 plane. T2341, 2300 average rpm.
CH: 77-81 mph. Mostly maintains his typical arm speed/slot; slight deceleration, but the pitch projects alongside his fastball. Firm with hard run; feel to locate down in and around the zone. T1687, 1628 average rpm.

3. Dylan Questad, Waterford (WI), 2023; Notre Dame commit
Positional Profile: RHP/OF; Power-arm prospect who generates easy arm strength.
Body: 6-foot-0, 190-pounds. Sturdy/strong build; broad shoulders.
Delivery: Slow side-step rock to tall balance point, level knee lift, slight hip turn. Reach from the glove, works on line, shoulders slightly uphill/closed, toe-closed landing. Low-effort involved, athletic/controlled finish.
Arm Action: RH. Short draw, compact circle to high release; over-the-top slot. Requires little effort to create advanced arm strength.
FB: T89, 88-89 mph. High release creates steep/downhill angle to home; some carry through the zone. T1977, 1876 average rpm.
SL: 76-79 mph. 11/5 shape; short action, thrown at arm speed. T2372, 2020 average rpm.
CH: 77-80 mph. Firm, straight change; occasional arm-side action. Mostly maintains arm speed. T1813, 1725 average rpm.

4. Luke Agnew, Marquette University (WI), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP; Breakout sophomore who's become a high-follow in the state.
Body: 6-foot-2, 203-pounds. Prototypical pitcher's build; athletic, strong stature.
Delivery: Quick pace to high knee lift/tuck, tall balance point; drops and drives with shoulders level, working on line, square landing with toe open. Athletic finish, in control.
Arm Action: RH. Loose, efficient arm circle to high 3/4 slot; quick arm speed that comfortably projects for more velocity.
FB: T88, 83-85 mph. Spins at an above-average rate, helping the pitch project further; natural arm-side action. Attacked the bottom of the zone. T2284, 2158 average rpm.
CB: 66-68 mph. Above-average feel to locate; flashed depth, 11/5 shape. Upside pitch as he sharpens its action. T1986, 1902 average rpm.
CH: 74-75 mph. Mostly maintains typical arm speed/slot; run/fade action. T1978, 1829 average rpm.

5. Gavyn Bowen, Pewaukee (WI), 2023
Positional Profile: LHP Rising sophomore who's made a huge jump exiting the offseason.
Body: 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. Lean, wiry frame.
Delivery: Smooth rhythm to high knee, tall balance point; fluid pace down mound in a high front side, levels out as he lands square, toe closed. Noteworthy hip/shoulder separation, flexion in torso; athletic/controlled finish, square to target.
Arm Action: LH. Long, loose arm action, clean to a 3/4 slot; quick arm speed; flexible, whippy arm.
FB: T87, 84-86 mph. Jump in velocity over short period of time; generates above-average spin. Lower release height helps create jump; large, natural arm-side movement. Still harnessing feel to locate. T2327, 2220 average rpm.
CB: 67-69 mph. Tight 2/8 shape; advanced spin. Flashed swing-and-miss bite. T2603, 2468 average rpm.
SL: 68-68 mph. More raw than the curveball with similar traits; action is more horizontal, upside spin, but less bite. T2225, 2128 average rpm.
CH: 70-72 mph. Slight deceleration; circle grip. Projects, with large horizontal movement that plays off his fastball well as he further develops it. T2191, 2114 average rpm.

6. Willard Peterson, Evansville (WI), 2022
Positional Profile: LHP
Body: 6-foot-3, 240-pounds. Physical, broad-shouldered build.
Delivery: Rhythmic drop/drive type delivery, stacks into back leg before uncoiling downhill, shoulders stay closed until front footstrike. Works in line to target, occasionally falls towards third base side, athletic finish through release.
Arm Action: LH. Long and loose arm action, 3/4 release.
FB: T87, 84-85 mph. Comes out from a lower release angle (5 ft. average) and works around to cut it. Above-average spin characteristics and efficiency.  T2446, 2376 average rpm.
CB: 69-70 mph. Raw feel to spin, averaged 2,500+ RPM. 2/8 shape, gradual action; still fully harnessing it. T2652, 2522 average rpm.
CH: 72-74 mph. Unique spin-profile on changeup. Wrists work around to cut it; T2335 rpm, averaged 2205.

7. Joey Schneider, West Bend West (WI), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP
Body: 6-foot-4, 230-pounds. Large, physically imposing build.
Delivery: Balanced start from the first base side of the rubber, fairly simple tall/fall type delivery, above-average extension downhill, fires into a strong lead leg block at footstrike.
Arm Action: RH. Arm travels on a long path in the back, comes out of a high 3/4 slot.
FB: T90, 86-88 mph. Routinely attacks the lower third of the zone, plays with sink. Will play up due to physical size/extension on the mound.  T2093, 2037 average rpm.
CB: 70-74 mph. Thrown with fastball intent/aggression, front side pulls off causing pitch to play on the glove-side of plate. Spins off a tight 11/5 plane, some strikes.  T2264, 2191 average rpm.
CH: 79-80 mph. Maintains fastball arm speed and intent. Showed sinking action, firm grip.  T2029, 1912 average rpm.

8. Kaiden Forsyth, Oconomowoc (WI), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP/3B
Body: 6-foot-1, 240-pounds. Large, broad-shouldered frame with physical strength throughout.
Delivery: Smooth, tall/fall type delivery, involving some effort; athletic leg kick to a stable posture at balance point, efficient lower-half movement patterns throughout. Maintains direction to target, lands square, finishes through release.
Arm Action: RH. Arm travels on a long path in the back and finishes from a high 3/4 arm slot.
FB: T85, 83-84 mph. Has some natural late cut to it, some strikes east-to-west.  T2028, 1831 average rpm.
CB: 71-73 mph. 11/5 shape.  T2007, 1914 average rpm.
CH: 79-80 mph. Maintains fastball arm speed and effort throughout. Heavy sinking action, reliable secondary pitch for outs.  T1682, 1556 average rpm.

9. Samuel Wronski, Marquette University (WI), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 6-foot-2, 165-pounds. Lanky, long-limbed frame.
Delivery: Stretch only, creates early forward momentum at leg lift, rides back leg downhill to front foot strike. Shoulders stay closed throughout, lands closed to target, upright posture through release. 
Arm Action: RH. Long and loose arm action, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T80, 77-79 mph. Flashed slight sinking action to the arm-side, some strikes.  T2215, 2176 average rpm.
CB: 65-67 mph. 11/5 shape, gradual action. Developing feel.  T2091, 2046 average rpm.
CH: 71-72 mph. Maintains fastball arm speed, does slightly lower slot. Plays down in the zone with sink.  T1522, 1466 average rpm.

10. Cooper Kamlay, Franklin (WI), 2024
Positional Profile: SS/RHP
Body: 5-foot-10, 150-pounds. Athletic build.
Delivery: Simple tall/fall type delivery, level shoulders, maintains direction to target and lands square; little added or wasted movement throughout.
Arm Action: RH. Short arm stroke, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T81, 79-81 mph. Sinker type, routinely works down in the zone at the knees; did flash arm-side run.  T2077, 1958 average rpm.
CB: 66-68 mph. 11/5 shape with loose feel to spin, still fully developing strike feel.  T2085, 2005 average rpm.
CH: 71-73 mph. Thrown with near fastball arm speed and intent. Played straight with occasional sinking action, demonstrated above-average feel for pitch.  T1638, 1571 average rpm.


Alex Amin, Oconomowoc (WI), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 6-foot-3, 195-pounds. Proportional frame with upside levers/stature.
Delivery: Starts balanced towards the third base side of the rubber, tall/fall type delivery, upright posture at balance point, works in rhythm. Shoulders stay level throughout, closed-toe landing, maintains direction to target.
Arm Action: RH. Long and loose arm action, over-the-top slot.
FB: T81, 79-81 mph. Heavy action, higher release angle creates some downhill tilt. Some strikes at the lower part of the zone.  T2002, 1939 average rpm.
CB: 63-66 mph. Knuckle-curve type, 12/6 shape with loose, gradual spin.  T1764, 1671 average rpm.
SPLT: 59-62 mph. Decelerates arm action, flashed sink. 

Noah Hoffman, Brookfield Central (WI), 2022
Positional Profile: 2B/RHP
Body: 6-foot-0, 150-pounds. Lean and lanky frame, wiry levers.
Delivery: Side-step initiates a quick tempoed tall/fall type delivery, upright posture at balance point, some back leg ride downhill. Hands separate on time, works in line to target, upright finish through release.
Arm Action: RH. Loose whippy arm travels on a long path, finishes out of a high 3/4 slot.
FB: T82, 78-81 mph. Two-seam type that plays with gliding arm-side action, averaged 18 inches of horizontal movement, per TrackMan.  T2098, 1962 average rpm.
CB: 64-67 mph. 11/5 shape, occasional sharp depth and comfortable feel to spin, landed for strikes.  T1824, 1760 average rpm.
CH: 70-73 mph. Thrown with near fastball arm speed, works underneath it at times, though did flash fade.  T1423, 1325 average rpm.

Erik Jaschinski, Verona Area (WI), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 6-foot-0, 176-pounds. Lanky, high-waisted frame. Has added strength since our last look.
Delivery: Tall/fall type delivery, tight knee tuck at leg lift, lands closed to target and works in line.
Arm Action: RH. Long arm action, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T77, 76-77 mph. Plays with arm-side run, thrown with easy effort and for strikes.  T1593, 1503 average rpm.
CB: 61-64 mph. 12/6 shape with gradual downer action.  T1683, 1637 average rpm.
CH: 66-67 mph. Thrown with near fastball arm speed, mirrors fastball's arm-side action.  T1114, 1055 average rpm.

Lucas Lendosky, Fennimore (WI), 2023
Positional Profile: LHP/1B
Body: 6-foot-1, 170-pounds. Lanky frame with upside levers.
Delivery: Steady tall/fall type motion, upright posture at balance point, lead leg kicks to front footstrike. Does maintain direction to target and lands square.
Arm Action: LH. Long arm action, slightly elevated 3/4 release.
FB: T75, 72-74 mph. Straight action.  T2010, 1915 average rpm.
CB: 65-69 mph. Lower-spin pitch, breaks early into the zone off a 1/7 plane.  T1890, 1790 average rpm.
CH: 66-69 mph. Near fastball arm speed.  T1624, 1554 average rpm.

Logan Neuroth, Verona Area (WI), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP/2B
Body: 6-foot-2, 160-pounds. Lanky, high-waisted frame.
Delivery: Narrow start from the first base side of rubber, high leg kick to an upright posture at balance point, tall/fall type motion downhill. Open-toed landing at footstrike, works across body towards third base side of the mound, athletic finish through release.
Arm Action: RH. Short compact arm stroke, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T77, 76-77 mph. Comes out clean with little effort from the hand. Plays straight, strikes.  T1982, 1787 average rpm.
CB: 66-68 mph. 11/5 shape, gradual action.  T1742, 1591 average rpm.
CH: 72-74 mph. Maintains near fastball arm peed and effort. Flashed fading action towards the arm-side of the plate.  T1513, 1317 average rpm.

Keegan Norton, Greendale (WI), 2022
Positional Profile: 1B/LHP
Body: 6-foot-1, 195-pounds. Lanky, well-proportioned frame. Plenty of room to add strength.
Delivery: Stretch only, tall/fall type delivery, high leg kick to balance point, shoulders stay open to front footstrike. Works direct to target, lands square to target with an athletic finish through release.
Arm Action: LH. Long arm swing, finishes from a slightly elevated 3/4 release angle.
FB: T75, 73-74 mph. Primarily plays straight, wrist does work around to occasionally cut it.  T1613, 1486 average rpm.
CB: 56-58 mph. Similar spin profile to slider with less depth.  T1618, 1583 average rpm.
SL: 55-57 mph. Spins off a loose 1/7 plane, high-arching shape with depth.  T1561, 1542 average rpm.

Kyle Olson, Pulaski (WI), 2024
Positional Profile: 2B/RHP
Body: 5-foot-9, 135-pounds. Lean, wiry frame.
Delivery: Balanced start on the rubber, side step initiates an athletic tall/fall type delivery, strides direct to target, upright finish through release.
Arm Action: RH. Long arm action, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T76, 75-76 mph. Two-seam type with gliding arm-side action, some strikes to west side of the plate.  T1627, 1561 average rpm.
CB: 64-65 mph. 11/5 shape, landed it for strikes.  T1970, 1917 average rpm.
CH: 68-69 mph. Near fastball arm speed; similar actions to fastball.  T1539, 1432 average rpm.

Eli Pantzlaff, Waukesha West (WI), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/1B
Body: 5-foot-11, 190-pounds.
Delivery: Starts from the third base side of the rubber, tall/fall type delivery with some sit into his back hip, rides the slope downhill well. Maintains direction to target, square landing, athletic finish.
Arm Action: RH. Long arm action, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T78, 76-78 mph. Sinker-type, stays low in the zone, will induce ground balls.  T1995, 1928 average rpm.
CB: 64-69 mph. Thrown with fastball intent/conviction. Low-spin offering, 11/5 shape.  T1878, 1688 average rpm.
CH: 68-72 mph. Advanced offering that can effectively tunnel off fastball, disguises it well. Natural arm-side run and sink, true feel.  T1632, 1521 average rpm.
SPLT: 66-68 mph. Some downer action, but primarily straight.

Evan Rinzel, New Berlin Eisenhower (WI), 2024
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 5-foot-9, 146-pounds. Athletic build.
Delivery: Starts from the third base side of the rubber, tall/fall type delivery, loads some into back quad before working downhill. High front side, stays in line to target, athletic finish through release.
Arm Action: RH. Arm plays with some length in the back, loose whippy acceleration, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T78, 76-78 mph. Four-seam type; primarily straight action that flashed sink.  T2165, 1946 average rpm.
CB: 65-66 mph. Loose 12/6 shape, breaks early into the zone.  T2108, 2053 average rpm.
CH: 67-69 mph. Maintains near fastball arm speed and acceleration throughout. Showed both sink and fading action. T1447, 1337 average rpm.

Daniel Sherman, Slinger  (WI), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP/3B
Body: 6-foot-1, 190-pounds. Strong, well-proportioned frame.
Delivery: Rhythmic tall/fall type delivery, moves into downhill ride at leg lift, shoulders stay level, works in line to target and throws with some effort.
Arm Action: RH. Long arm action, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T81, 79-80 mph. Four-seam type, plays straight. T2093, 2026 average rpm.
SL: 72-74 mph. Comes out of the hand with conviction, 10/4 shape.  T1999, 1914 average rpm.
CH: 74-77 mph. Thrown with fastball intent and from a similar release angle. Sinking action, works down in the zone. T1434, 1355 average rpm.

Issei Takahashi, Arrowhead (WI), 2024
Positional Profile: OF/LHP
Body: 5-foot-7, 160-pounds. Compact frame.
Delivery: Fluid drop/drive type delivery, athletic posture at balance point, stacks some into back hip, rides back leg downhill. Lands square and in line to target, athletic finish through release.
Arm Action: LH. Long arm action, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T72, 66-72 mph. Works from multiple arm angles; his natural high 3/4 slot and a lower submarine like release. Primarily plays straight from both angles, did flash slight arm-side sink from the lower slot.  T1767, 1703 average rpm.
CB: 58-61 mph. Thrown from a higher average release height than fastball, 1/7 shape with gradual spin - strikes. T1723, 1645 average rpm.
SL: 59-61 mph. Tighter, more aggressive spin than curveball; similar plane.  T1738, 1672 average rpm.