Prep Baseball Report

Madison Preseason ID: Quick Hits

By: Vinny Rottino, Isaiah Glidden & Josh Fields
Wisconsin Staff

On March 10th, Prep Baseball Wisconsin hosted one of its largest events on the state’s showcase calendar: the Madison Preseason ID at GRB Academy in Windsor, Wis. Nearly 150 players from across the state met in the Madison area to participate in this event, a Preseason ID that consistently provides our staff with need-to-know names and players to consider for future invite-only events, like the PBR Future Games, among others.

Today, we’ll be highlighting the players who stood out here within this Quick Hits piece. Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue to break down the in-depth metrics measured at this event, with the help of our tech partners TrackMan, Blast Motion, and Vizual Edge. Each of the players listed below are uncommitted unless stated otherwise.



+ One of the biggest winners from last year’s Prep Baseball Future Games, MIF Preston Yaucher (Edgewood, 2025; Penn State commit) was arguably the top performer during Sunday’s event. Firstly, Yaucher showed up boasting a more filled out and thicker frame, which certainly aided him across multiple aspects of the game. To kick off the day, he recorded a 6.90 60-yard dash and a max jump height of 32.3 inches, both of which are higher-end metrics. Then during his round, Yaucher took short and compact swings to the ball, spraying line drives to all parts of the field. His added strength certainly added some more pop to his right-handed bat, as his hardest ball came off at 94.3 mph, and he averaged 86.4 mph throughout. We have long known Yaucher to be a premier defender up-the-middle and Sunday’s round of infield defense furthered that notion even more. Working athletically from side-to-side, Yaucher presented soft and confident hands, pairing it with an arm that topped at 86 mph across - certainly looking like a sure-fire shortstop at the next-level. Yaucher’s performance on Sunday proved himself as one of the state’s top prospects and is certainly someone that our staff is excited to follow over the remainder of his prep career.

+ C/INF Peter Visconti II (St. Joseph Catholic, 2025) continues to impress our staff with his skills and talents with the bat and behind the plate. Visconti showed athleticism with a 7.01 second 60-yard dash to start his day. He had the second best max exit velocity of the day at 97 mph using a quick and handsy swing with quality balance through his move to the baseball and his finish through the baseball. He also had the best average exit velocity of 89.4 mph proving that he was consistently on the barrel during his round. Behind the plate, his 2.04 pop time and 79 mph throwing velocity from home to second were both second best among the catchers. The junior showcased exactly why he is one of the top ranked players in the 2025 class.

+ INF Drew Siudzinski (Notre Dame Academy, 2025) stands at a strong 5-foot-10, 185-pounds, and took one of the more consistent rounds of BP on Sunday. Siudzinski made consistent hard contact (88.4 mph average exit velocity, 91.7 mph max) and drove the baseball through the middle of the field, leveraging baseballs out front. Defensively Siudzinski can cover ground in the infield, possessing soft hands and overall clean actions capable of manning the hot corner; also has an accurate arm that was up to 79 mph across the infield.

+ This past summer’s Future Games participant C/OF Terek Verhage (Monona Grove, 2025; University of St. Thomas Commit) had a notable work out on Sunday in front of our staff. The 5-foot-10, 178 pound left handed hitter was all over the barrel spraying line drives to all fields with a simple swing. Defensively, Verhage was tied for the best velocity from the outfield at 92 mph and had the best pop time of 1.97 seconds with the best velocity of 83 mph behind the plate. Verhage has the skills and tools that make him a top ranked 2025 in the state of Wisconsin, and those skills and tools were fully on display on Sunday.

+ Recent Prep Baseball Future Games participant, OF Braylen White (Brown Deer, 2025) is one of the states best athletes. He showed off his athleticism early on into Sunday, as he recorded the top 60-yard dash of the day at 6.72 seconds. During his round of BP, White swung a smooth and simple right-handed bat that consistently drove the ball back up-the-middle of the field. His athleticism aids him in the outfield, as he glides from side-to-side and pairs it with an accurate arm.

+ OF/INF/RHP Levi Watts (Appleton North, 2025) is an intriguing uncommitted prospect to follow in the state. Built at an athletic 5-foot-9 168 pounds Watts features an ultra-simple swing from the right-side that showed the ability to spray line drives all over the field and he averaged an exit velocity of 83.2 mph. During his infield and outfield defensive round, Watts showcased athletic actions, coupling it with a strong arm (83 mph INF velocity and 87 mph OF velocity). Later on in the day, Watts hopped on the bump and put together a clean overall ‘pen. Watts’ fastball sat in the low-80s with above average carry through the zone, roughly 16” of vertical break. He also showed feel for a short curveball in the low-70s that he was able to throw low in the zone.

+ One of the more consistent rounds of BP came from INF Oliver Soldat (Madison Memorial, 2025) who placed himself as a name to monitor heading into the spring. With a relaxed and tall setup, Soldat swings a well sequenced right-handed bat that showed the ability to consistently hit line drives from gap-to-gap. Throughout his round, Soldat averaged an exit velocity of 87.7 mph, which speaks to how on the barrel he was, and his hardest hit ball of the day came off at 93 mph. Defensively, he features athletic actions and has the ability to cover ground, pairing it with a loose arm that plays from multiple slots.


+ Currently ranked No. 9 in our Class of 2026 rankings, INF Winston Alonso (Reedsburg, 2026) put together yet another strong performance in front of our staff. Built at a lean 6-foot, 172 pounds, Alonso stayed short and direct to the ball from the left-side to shoot line drives from gap-to-gap. His hardest hit ball of his round registered a 92 mph, while he averaged 81.5 mph throughout and his furthest batted ball traveled 336 ft., which speaks to the power potential he possesses. On the infield, he featured steady, sure-handed actions and paired it with a quick arm that was up to 82 mph across. He has proved that these abilities transfer in-game, too, and he furthered the notion of being one of the state’s top sophomores following his performance on Sunday.

+ INF/C Jack Brenner (Fond du Lac, 2026) is a 5-foot-10, 161-pound infielder and catching prospect that showed well on both sides of the field. At the plate he was able to consistently drive the baseball to both gaps with easy bat and hand speed through the baseball. Defensively Brenner showed steady actions in the infield with some arm strength (T85 mph) that plays across the diamond and while on the move. Behind the plate, Brenner’s arm strength also played behind the plate at 78 mph and was a quality mover out of the crouch.

+ OF Jimmy Angle (Kettle Moraine, 2026) is a talented 2026 who had a quality showing at the plate and in the outfield. Angle hits with quick hands from a right-handed swing, hammering line drives to all fields and registering one of the top exit velocities of the day 95.9 mph and the seventh best average exit velocity of the day at 87.4 mph. From the outfield, Angle showed off impressive arm strength at 88 mph which was the fifth best velocity from an outfielder on the day.

+ C Colin Murphy (Waunakee, 2026) is a compact framed athlete who showed some impressive tools on Sunday. First, he recorded a vertical jump height of 30.7” and ran a 7.21 seconds 60-yard dash, a notable time for a catcher. He showcased plenty of feel to hit with a short and direct bat path reaching a max exit velocity of 89.9 mph and an average exit velocity of 83.7 mph. His 2.07 pop time was tied for third best at the event and his 77 mph throwing velocity during catcher defense was the fourth. Murphy has the ability to impact the game both with the bat and behind the plate which was on display Sunday in Madison.

+ 1B Jack Butler (Waterford, 2026) is a broad shouldered and projectable 6-foot-2, 196 pound first baseman who had one of the louder rounds of batting practice on Sunday. The left-handed hitter hits with a balanced swing and was able to deliver a max exit velocity of the event at 93.8 mph. He also drove a ball 332 feet showcasing impressive raw power from his left-handed swing.

+ INF Brendan Kellar (Badger, 2026) is a long-limbed and lean 5-foot-10, 171-pound left-handed-hitting infield prospect to know in the Badger State. In the box, Keller swings with intent and was able to showcase that throughout the entire round of BP where he was able to drive the ball in the air using the whole field throughout his round. Defensively in the infield, Kellar showed steady actions with an accurate arm that was up to 81 mph.

+ C Manuel Abreu Socorro (Sun Prairie East, 2026) continued to show off his skills with the bat and behind the plate on Sunday. The backstop used a short and compact swing to hit line drives through the middle of the field consistently. Behind the plate, he showcased his soft hands with the ability to block the ball during bullpen work. Overall, it was a noteworthy performance from Abreu Socorro, and he continues to be a name to monitor in the state.

+ C/OF Tyler Vogt’s (Middleton, 2026) skills and tools were on display on Sunday in Madison. Vogt is a strong 6-foot, 192 pound athlete who had the fifth best vertical jump of the day of 31.6 inches and tied for the eighth best 60 yard dash of 7.01 seconds. His right handed swing produced a notable max exit velocity of 89.8 mph and an average exit velocity of 84.1 mph showcasing his feel for the barrel. Vogt has soft hands behind the plate and is a soft blocker on balls in the dirt which was on display during bullpen work. Vogt is an interesting prospect that our staff will pay close attention to going into the spring and summer seasons.

+ INF Van Vogler (Sun Prairie East, 2026) showcased an impressive swing with the ability to hit line drives to all fields. Vogler has a natural feel to hit with a natural swing. As Vogler fills out his lean and projectable 5-foot-11, 146 pounds frame, he should tap into more pop off the bat.


+ INF Jonny Deets (La Crosse Aquinas, 2027) showed exactly why he is one of the top ranked players in the state’s freshman class with his performance on Sunday. Despite being one of the youngest players, the freshman ran one of the quicker 60-yard dashes of the event at 6.98 seconds and also reach a 31.0” vertical jump, too. Deets also impressed with the bat showcasing his feel for the barrel and a balanced and rhythmic swing. In the infield, Deets showcased quality action and plenty of arm to stick at shortstop as he topped at 84 mph across.

+ C/INF Luke Chynoweth (Monona Grove, 2027) stands a projectable 5-foot-10, 158 pounds. During his round of BP Chynoweth showcased impressive feel for the barrel with an inside path and the metrics back that up. He produced one of the highest max exit velocities among the 2027 participants of 90.2 mph and the second highest average velocity for his class at 85.0 mph. Chynoweth also performed well behind the plate where he recorded a pop time of 2.15 seconds which was the best among the freshman catchers in attendance.

+ INF Will Nikolay (De Pere, 2027) stands at 5-foot-7, 177-pounds and took one of the more consistent rounds of BP this past weekend averaging exit velocity 83.0 mph and producing a max exit velocity of 89.4. Nikolay routinely used the middle of the field throughout his round producing hard line-drive contact with easy extension through the baseball.

+ C Haaken Hovestol (Delavan-Darien, 2027) continued to impress our staff with skills behind the plate and at the plate with the bat. The 5-foot-11, 179 pound backstop has a projectable frame which should result in some loud tools in the future. Hovestol was all over the barrel on Sunday with loft to his path and showing the ability to drive it through both gaps. Behind the plate, Hovestol shows soft hands catching bullpens with the ability to keep the ball close on blocks. Overall, it was another quality look at the freshman catcher.

+ INF Cason Genin (Verona, 2027) stands 5-foot-8, 155 pounds with a compact and strong frame. The freshman starts with an upright set up, gets to a strong hitting position on time and drove the ball to all fields with his short and quick right handed swing. Genin’s feel to hit impressed our staff and is on our radar heading into the spring WIAA season.



+ Adam Urban (Wauwatosa West, 2025; Minnesota commit) is a recent Prep Baseball Future Games standout, and seemed to be hard at work this offseason. Measuring in at a lean 6-foot, 194 pounds, Urban is an athletic and intentful mover downhill. He pairs it with a strong and quick arm that produced the top fastball velocity at 91.8 mph, while sitting 90-91 mph throughout. Not only is the sheer velocity of this pitch impressive, it also plays with true backspin through the zone, roughly 2,300 RPM on average and also features nearly a foot of vertical break, too. He also showed an improved feel for a wipeout slider, as it played with sharp lateral break, averaging over 17” of horizontal movement while being thrown in the mid-to-high-70s. His splitter also showed as an out-pitch, as it played with deadly bite in the high-70s while also spinning at a low rate.

+ The 2024 Future Games participant RHP Jaxon Clayton (Brookfield Central, 2025) showed our staff what he can do with his arm talent on the mound. Clayton is an impressive athlete with a dynamic delivery and very quick arm. His four-seam fastball was driven through areas of the zone at 90 mph showing quality forward life finish through the hitting zone. The sinker also showed late life with boring running action to arm side. The junior also has a cutter at 83 mph with a quick lateral break to it. The slider has a 10/4 shape and break thrown at 77-79 mph and has out pitch quality. Arguably Clayton’s best secondary is the curveball which profiles as an out-pitch weapon with nasty two plane break. He has the ability to control the pitch in and out of the zone for strikes and swing and miss. It was another eye opening performance from Jaxson Clayton and it solidified himself as one of the top talents in the state for the class of 2025.

+ 3B/RHP Kaden Connor (Monona Grove, 2025; Xavier Commit) was impressive as a two-way prospect on Sunday. The lean and projectable 6-foot, 175 pound Connor started his day by running a respectable 7.10 seconds 60-yard dash showing burst and quick turnover once underway. Connor is a smooth swinging left-handed hitter with a natural swing sequence that is short and quick to the baseball with easy extension through. On the infielder, the junior is a sure-handed defender with a strong and accurate arm at 83 mph. On the mound, Connor repeats a clean and athletic delivery with a quick arm and gets his fastball working downhill to spots up to 83 mph. He also has a sharp down curveball 71-72 mph and a quality change up with depth 71-73 mph.

+ 3B/RHP Gavin Kanters (Fort Atkinson, 2025) is a strong bodied 6–foot-2, 220 pounder who put up some noteworthy metrics on both sides of the ball on Sunday. Starting with the bat, Kanters registered a max exit velocity of 96.9 mph from a direct left-handed swing, and averaged 87.1 mph throughout. He also created some high-end Blast metrics too, as he averaged a hand speed of 21.6 mph and a bat speed of 73.4 mph as well. On the mound, Kanters sat in the mid-80s, and reared back for a 87 mph fastball later on in his ‘pen. He went to both a curveball and slider, too. The curveball, which sat 66-68 mph, featured late 11/5 action and he was able to consistently spot it up low in the zone. As for the slider, it was thrown slightly harder at 69-72 mph, and it played with more lateral break. Rounding out his three-pitch mix was a fading changeup in the mid-to-upper-70s.

+ 1B/RHP Isaac Poehlman (De Pere, 2025) is another physical two-way in attendance on Sunday, built at a strong 6-foot-2, 220 pounds. From a simple right-handed swing, Poehlman registered a max exit velocity of 93.4 mph and his furthest batted ball traveled 360 ft., too. On the mound, he sat in the 83-85 mph range throughout his ‘pen with a four-seam and two-seam mix. As for offspeeds, his featured a low-70s curveball with that flashed sharp and late 10/4 break. He also threw in a deceptive changeup in the upper-70s that played with over 15” of fade to his arm side.

+ RHP/SS Casey Wambach (Sun Prairie West, 2025) offered some intrigue during his ‘pen on Sunday. Wambach, a 6-foot-1, 191-pound right-hander is a clean and easy mover on the bump and pairs it with a loose arm action that produced fastball velocities up to 87.3 mph while sitting strictly 86-87 mph. His curveball, which sat in the mid-70s featured 11/5 action and flashed sharpness while showing feel to spot up low in the zone. Rounding out his three-pitch mix is a changeup in the high-70s and it played with fade while flashing late depth at times. Also, Wambach took a consistent round of BP from the left-side, averaging an exit velocity of 85 mph.

+ 1B/RHP Brady Patten (Verona Area, 2025) is a physical 6-foot-2, 230-pound two way prospect to monitor following Sunday’s event. At the plate, Patten swings a simple right-handed bat and creates some leverage out front from a downhill path. During his round, he reach a max exit velocity of 95.4 mph and a max carry distance of 353 ft., both of which were amongst the day’s leaders. On the mound, he ran his fastball up to 82.6 mph, while also possessing some feel for a number of offspeed pitches.

+ RHP William Baumhardt (Slinger, 2025) is another upside arm that impressed on Sunday. Out of a simple delivery, the 6-foot-1 200 pound Baumhardt ran his fastball up to 86.3 mph with above average spin and carry traits. Off that he spun in a sweeping curveball that averaged 15.8” of horizontal break while maxing out at over 20” and sitting 69-72 mph range. He also was able to throw in a cutter for strikes and it played with nearly 8” of cut through the zone.

+ LHP Tyler Loesche (Slinger, 2025) is a name our staff was not overly familiar with until he showed up on Sunday in Madison. Measured at 6-foot-2, 196 pounds, Loesche has some high upside on the mound and he features a quality three-pitch mix. His fastball sat in the mid-80s, touching 85.3 mph while also featuring over 15” of vertical break, making it play up even harder. He went to a low-70s sweeping slider, which averaged over a foot of break and showed feel for a fading changeup in the low-80s.

+ RHP/3B Luke Hurlebaus (Waunakee, 2025) is an uncommitted name to monitor following Sunday’s event. Built at a strong 5-foot-11, 186 pounds, Hurlebaus sat in the low-to-mid-80s throughout his ‘pen, while topping at 85 mph. One of the more intriguing things about his heater was that it featured roughly 17” of vertical break on average and also some life to the armside. He also spun in a short slider in the high-70s and sold a fading changeup, too.


+ LHP Bron Schaefer (Kaukauna, 2026) was one of the biggest winners of the day after showcasing what he can do on the mound. The left-hander pitches with an up-tempo delivery that he repeats, consistently getting through the ball with a quick arm. Schaefer pounded the zone from a 3/4 arm slot and showed the ability to create some deception with his ability to angle the fastball to cross corner at 83-86 mph. He has two distinct breaking balls that he can land in the zone and get below the zone for chase. His change-up rounds out his arsenal well and he showed quality feel for the pitch. The sophomore’s feel to pitch was certainly on display and his performance on Sunday further solidified himself as intriguing arm inside of the state’s 2026 class.

+ RHP Vincent Bitter (Brookfield Central, 2026) established himself as a name to know in the state after his performance on the mound on Sunday. Bitter is a long-levered athlete with a strong build that still has more upside to tap into. Bitter had a big velocity jump since the last time we saw him a year ago and was pitching comfortably with his fastball in the mid-80s topping out at 87 mph while showcasing touch and feel to get it to spots. The sophomore also threw a two-plane breaking slider that he can land for strikes and quality change-up thrown with fastball intent. The change-up flashed the potential to be an out-pitch weapon for the righty, too.

+ RHP/INF Mack Krause (Neenah, 2026) is an athletic two-way prospect that came away with an arrow up next to his name. Starting with the bat, Krause took easy and loose hacks to the ball, showing some pop to his pull side gap. His hardest hit ball of the day came off at 93.4 mph, while averaging 84.6 mph and his furthest batted ball traveled 327 ft., too. Defensively, Krause showcased smooth footwork that covers ground and possesses a strong arm that topped at 85 mph across. His innate arm strength transferred over the mound exceptionally well, too. Out of an athletic and intentful delivery, Krause ran his fastball up 88.2 mph while sitting 86-88 mph throughout. As for offspeeds, he spun in a curveball with big 11/5 break that flashed sharpness when thrown low in the zone. He also featured a slider with shorter but tighter 10/4 action which he spun at an above-average clip (2,584 RPM avg.). Rounding out his productive four-pitch mix was a deceptive changeup that he threw low in the zone and played with fade/depth.

+ INF/RHP Carter Heroux (Oconto Falls, 2026) showcased some high-upside on both sides of the ball on Sunday. Standing at a long-limbed 6-foot, 149 pounds, Heroux showcased a loose swing from the right-side that sprayed line drives to all parts of the field. On the mound, he ran his fastball up to 83.4 mph while showing feel for a mid-70s curveball and a high-70s changeup.

+ RHP Jonathan Urban (Wauwatosa West, 2026) offered some intriguing metrics and pitchability during our annual event in the Madison area. From an athletic and simple delivery, Urban’s fastball topped at 83.4 mph but was spun at an above average clip (avg. 2,485 RPM). His slider, which was spun at a similar band, played sharpness while sitting in the low-70s. Rounding out his three-pitch mix was a deceptive changeup that was thrown with fastball intent, and played with late depth.

+ RHP Jackson Heidemann (Harlem, IL, 2026) stands a long and lean 6-foot-2, 176 pounds. He repeated an up-tempo delivery with a medium circle arm swing and showed a quick arm through release getting to 84 mph with his fastball. He showed the ability to land his curveball with sharp break off of a 11/5 tilt. The sophomore rounded out his three-pitch mix with a useful change up at 75-77 mph that showcased some depth through the hitting zone.

+ RHP Bentley Wagner (Jefferson High, 2026) is a long and projectable 6-foot-1, 158-pound athlete who impressed on the mound on Sunday. The junior showcased a loose, free and easy delivery throwing his fastball downhill topping out at 81 mph with forward life finish through spots. He has a sharp 11/5 tilting curveball at 69-72 mph that he can land for strikes and bounce in front of the plate for chase. His 72-75 mph change up is thrown with fastball intent and it shows late depth and fade in the hitting zone.

+ LHP Austin Ebert (Valders High, 2026) was a prospect to note on the mound on Sunday. Ebert used an athletic and repeatable delivery to drive strikes downhill with the fastball reaching velocities of 83 mph. The tight breaking ball flashed a sharp break in the hitting zone with the ability to land. A change-up rounds out his arsenal at 75-77 mph and is thrown with fastball intent and shows late running action at the plate. The three-pitch mix with a repeatable delivery makes Ebert an interesting prospect to follow in the state.

+ C Cruz Palubicki (Crandon, 2026) is an projectable right handed hitter who ran a respectable 7.18 seconds 60 yard dash to start the day. During hitting, Palubicki showcased a quick swing that produced a max exit velocity of 90.5 mph and drove a ball 312 feet. Palubicki is an interesting name to follow heading into the spring season.

+ OF Gavin Sawyer (Slinger, 2026) impressed with the bat on Sunday. Sawyer was all over the barrel with a well-sequenced swing for the entirety of his round. The right handed hitter used his lower half to deliver the barrel with balance all the way through contact in the swing and drove line drives to both gaps. As his 5-foot-9, 150 pound frame fills out, he should be able to tap into more raw power, making hims an intriguing follow heading into the spring.


+ RHP/1B Dylan Schreiber (Waukesha West, 2027) is arguably the most projectable prospect in the state, built at a long-limbed 6-foot-6, 180 pounds and he came away a huge winner from Sunday’s event. Despite his extra-long levers and young age, Schreiber is a clean mover on the bump, pairing it with a loose arm that created some of the day’s top velocities. Schreiber started off his ‘pen with an electric 87.2 mph fastball, which ultimately was his hardest of the day as he consistently sat in the mid-80s throughout the remainder. He also showed upside feel for a lateral breaking slider in the low-70s that flashed out-pitch potential and a late-fading changeup in the upper-70s, too. He also took a clean round of BP from the left-side on Sunday, where he utilized a direct path to consistently drive the ball back up the middle of the field. Metrically, his hardest hit ball came off at 91.2 mph and he averaged 86.1 mph throughout his round, both of which are well-above average numbers for someone his age. After hitting an 83 mph high back in July at the Prep Baseball Junior Future Games our staff certainly saw some huge upside inside of Schreiber’s lanky frame. While we did expect him to tap more and more into that upside as he progressed through his prep career, we didn’t expect him to do it as early as he has and he is certainly a high-follow name in the state’s freshman class.

+ RHP/INF Eli Bauler (Monona Grove, 2027) is one of the top ranked players in the state’s freshman class and he put together a loud performance on both sides of the ball. Built at a mature 6-foot-1, 215-pounds, took a clean round of BP. Working short to the ball, Bauler registered the day’s top exit velocity at 98.1 mph and he also averaged 84.4 mph. Then on the mound, his upside was equally as apparent. From a low-effort delivery, Bauler ran his running fastball up to 85.1 mph, while sitting in the 79-84 mph range throughout. As for offspeeds, he spun in a mid-to-high-60s curveball with late 11/5 bite and also killed spin on fading changeup with late fade, too. After popping late into the fall circuit which ultimately earned him a spot inside of our rankings. Since then he has already made some big strides on both side of the ball and he is certainly a young prospect to know in the Badger State.

+ RHP/INF Ashtyn Seifert (Beaver Dam, 2027) put himself firmly on our staff’s radar after his performance on Sunday. Seifert is a long-limed athlete at 5-foot-10, 150 pounds with a projectable frame. He impressed on the mound with an clean and repeatable delivery with touch and feel to get his 79 mph fastball to spots. Seifert showcased two different breaking balls with sharp qualities and feel for a change-up The projectable frame and athletic delivery likely leads to more velocity in the future.

+ OF/RHP Wes DuCharme (Waunakee, 2027) is a name our staff has heard some positive things about recently, and during his Prep Baseball showcase debut they proved to be true. Boasting a high-upside 6-foot-1, 157-pound frame, Ducharme started off his day with a 7.06 60-yard dash and also recorded a 29.8” vertical jump, which speaks to the athleticism he possesses. Offensively, DuCharme swung a free and easy bat from the left-side that showed the ability to shoot line drives from gap-to-gap. Defensively, he is a clean and athletic mover, pairing it with an arm that topped at 84 mph with carry through the target. DuCharme also flashed some upside on the bump, too. Out of a repeatable delivery, Ducharme’s fastball sat in the upper-70s with some carry through the zone. He also featured a curveball with 10/4 shape and a fading changeup, too.

+ INF Andrew Carlson (Neenah, 2025) is a 5-foot-11, 200 pound athlete with strength throughout his sturdy frame. Carlson was consistently on the barrel throughout his round driving balls to all fields. His swing works from the ground up and translates into hard line drive contact with his hardest hit ball coming off at 95.7 mph while averaging 85.2 mph, which were both some of the day’s best metrics. Also, he showed quality actions on the infield with an arm that topped at 80 mph across.