Prep Baseball Report

Wisconsin Class of 2025: Top Uncommitted Prospects

By: Maddox Durst
Staff Writer

Near the conclusion of the spring season, the Prep Baseball Wisconsin staff updated the 2025 rankings within the state. Our staff recently wrote up some of the biggest risers and newcomers to the list this past week, as we continue to dive into some of top prospects in the Badger State.

We next wanted to look into some the top uncommitted prospects in the 2025 class in this newest update. Below are 20 names who have shown well at our events in the past and remain on the board entering the summer. 


Cameron St. John RHP / 1B / Altoona, WI / 2025

From [3/16/24]: "...authored one of the loudest ‘pens our staff has seen this winter. The right-hander has impressed our staff before for his ability with his bat and is arguably more impressive on the mound. New to pitching, St. John showed advanced feel for the zone with all of his pitches, starting with his fastball that featured true four-seam action with ride through the zone and spun at an above-average rate at 2,313 RPMs. St. John also threw a tight-breaking slider that he was able to throw in the upper-70s to low-80s that looks to be able to generate swings-and-misses in game. St. John also threw a low-80s cutter that is a new pitch for him but showed feel to throw it in the zone with roughly 2.5 inches of cut to the pitch. While being new to the mound, St. John features a unique combination of athleticism, arm talent, and ceiling to make up one of the state's top pitching prospects no matter the class."


Jaxon Clayton SS / RHP / Brookfield Central, WI / 2025

From [3/10/24]: "...showed our staff what he can do with his arm talent on the mound. Clayton is an impressive athlete with a dynamic delivery and very quick arm. His four-seam fastball was driven through areas of the zone at 90 mph showing quality forward life finish through the hitting zone. The sinker also showed late life with boring running action to arm side. The junior also has a cutter at 83 mph with a quick lateral break to it. The slider has a 10/4 shape and break thrown at 77-79 mph and has out pitch quality. Arguably Clayton’s best secondary is the curveball which profiles as an out-pitch weapon with nasty two plane break. He has the ability to control the pitch in and out of the zone for strikes and swing and miss. It was another eye opening performance from Jaxson Clayton and it solidified himself as one of the top talents in the state for the class of 2025."

Auden Pankonin RHP / OF / River Falls, WI / 2025

From [5/28/24]: "...Pankonin has shown well throughout the entirety of the spring after coming off of an injury from last year. The right-hander demonstrated his quality arsenal in front of Prep Baseball Minnesota at their Preseason All-State event back in March, rushing his FB up to 91 mph. Standing at a strong 6-foot-3, 190-pound frame, Pankonin showcased his effortless motion within his delivery, tossing consistent strikes while flipping up two BBs, including a sharp SL that plays in the low-80s. With above average spin rates on the aforementioned SL, and a deceptive CH that continues to develop, Pankonin has a true three-pitch mix with a CB in his back pocket. That has allowed him to find success this spring at River Falls as one of their top arms, as he just recently twirled a no-hitter against New Richmond. The junior is primed for a big summer on the circuit, and should be a name to follow as one of the top uncommitted prospects in the area for the next couple of months."


Jack Zeller 2B / SS / Indian Trail, WI / 2025

From [3/3/24]: "...showcased his skills with the bat during the hitting portion of the event with an upright set up, loose hands and impressive feel to put the barrel on the ball. His ultra-simple left-handed swing consistently drove the ball from gap-to-gap and he registered an average exit velocity of 86.2 mph. Another big takeaway was the improvements he made on the infield. Moving with smooth actions and a quick first step, Zeller looked the part of a lockdown defender at the next-level, pairing it with an arm that topped at 85 mph across. While his workout was impressive, Zeller really shines in live gameplay, something our staff has become quite familiar with over the past year or so, and he is certainly one of the top uncommitted prospects inside of the Badger State."

Manuel Sostre RHP / OF / St Thomas More, WI / 2025

From [9/20/23]: "...At 6-foot-3, 150-pounds, Sostre boasts some of the biggest upside inside of the Badger State’s junior class. On Saturday, Sostre got the start for Hitters in their first game of the day where he ran his fastball up to 87 mph early on and sat in the low-to-mid-80s throughout. He also featured a low-70s breaking ball that flashed tight 10/4 action, too. The ease and fluidity of his delivery, paired with the frame that Sostre presents make him a very intriguing right-handed arm to continue to closely monitor."

Dean Staudacher SS / RHP / Muskego , WI / 2025

From [3/16/24]: "...After hitting a 97 mph high across the infield at the West Milwaukee Preseason ID roughly a month ago, our staff was curious to see if it transferred over to the mound for RHP Dean Staudacher (Muskego, 2025). After seeing his ‘pen on Saturday it is safe to say it does. He featured a full and loose arm action that produced fastballs up to 90.1 mph while sitting the upp-80s throughout. His fastball also played with nearly 14 inches of horizontal break on average, too. As for his offspeeds, his sweeping slider showed swing-and-miss potential in the mid-to-upper-70s. He also killed spin on a changeup that was thrown at arm speed and played with a foot of fade on average."

Mason Sommer LHP / 1B / West Bend East, WI / 2025

From [2/17/24]: " a high-upside left hander who possesses one of the higher ceilings in the state. The 6-foot-5, 168-pound lefty has long levers with a lean and wiry build that seems capable of handling more strength. It’s an up-tempo delivery with a high leg-lift and athletic movement downhill, leading to a full arm action into a ¾ slot. Sommer sat in the mid-80s and topped at 85.7 mph on his fastball, showing a 4-seamer with life and a sinker with arm-side run. His upper-60s curveball has depth with some sweeping action, while his changeup sinks to the arm-side at 75-77 mph. Offensively, Sommer uses a rhythmic toe-tap, creating good separation to generate power. It’s a slightly uphill path that leads to balls hit in the air through the middle of the field. The West Bend native also showed good footwork around the bag at first base. The size and athleticism is there for Sommer, as he is certainly an intriguing uncommitted prospect inside of the Badger State."

Peter Visconti II C / SS / St. Joseph Catholic Academy, WI / 2025

From [3/10/24]: "...Visconti showed athleticism with a 7.01 second 60-yard dash to start his day. He had the second best max exit velocity of the day at 97 mph using a quick and handsy swing with quality balance through his move to the baseball and his finish through the baseball. He also had the best average exit velocity of 89.4 mph proving that he was consistently on the barrel during his round. Behind the plate, his 2.04 pop time and 79 mph throwing velocity from home to second were both second best among the catchers. The junior showcased exactly why he is one of the top ranked players in the 2025 class."

Brayden Steinbecker SS / RHP / Manitowoc Lincoln, WI / 2025

From [2/24/24]: " another Prep Baseball Future Games participant who was in attendance during Saturday’s event. At the plate, he begins in a strong hitting position, a wide and open set-up. He makes good use of his lower half, using that aggressiveness, strong hands and compact swing to generate hard line drives through the middle of the field - Steinbecker maxed at 94 mph off the bat. His quick first step and soft hands have the makings of a quality infielder, as does his arm which reached 85 mph across the infield. His 7.25 60-yard dash was one of the better times of the day, adding speed to his already well-rounded overall game. On the pitching side, Steinbecker has a quick, repeatable delivery that leads into a short arm path and ¾ arm slot. His fastball reached 84.2 mph with a downhill angle and the ability to hit spots. The 73-74 mph curveball showed 11/5 shape with good break, a pitch he was able to land low in the zone. Steinbecker’s changeup flashed depth at 76 mph, a pitch thrown with fastball intent."

Jack Poellot SS / Lake Country Lutheran, WI / 2025

From [5/28/24]: "...Poellot has continued to raise his stock from a successsful summer and fall in 2023, emerging as a dominant arm at Lake Country Lutheran, allowing the Lightning to take home a conference championship. The right-hander stands at 5-foot-11, 180-pounds, utilizing two pitches in an efficient, smooth delivery to navigate opposing lineups. Poellot has touched 85 mph in the past fall, continuing to develop velocity as he grows in the prep baseball scene. His competitiveness remains a strong factor to his game though, as the pitcher fills the strike zone with ease between both of his pitches. The CB has provided swings and misses in the past, presenting sharp downward action while approaching home plate. His production at the plate continues to impress too, as Poellot will be an intriguing follow for the summer and beyond."



Nathan Schopf OF / OF / Oak Creek, WI / 2025

From [2/17/24]: "...continues to impress our group with his skills and tools. The 6-foot-1, 197 pound junior had a monster day at the plate. His quick and strong hands delivered top end bat speed and top end exit velocities. His 97.6 mph max exit velocity was tied for third best at the event. Schopf shows plenty of athleticism to be in impactful outfielder and a strong arm 89 mph that shows solid carry. Schopf, yet again, impressed the Prep Baseball Wisconsin staff on Saturday and further established himself as one of the top outfield talents in the state for the class of 2025."

Cooper Jesperson RHP / OF / Eau Claire Memorial, WI / 2025

From [5/28/24]: "...Jesperson ran into injury problems at the start of the spring, sidelining him for his upcoming season with Eau Claire Memorial. The multi-sport athlete has demonstrated his prowess in both basketball and baseball in the recent past, playing well into his lengthy 6-foot-3, 165-pound frame. On the mound, the right-hander gets downhill and on top of the baseball, allowing himself to throw strikes consistently with the FB, which reached 85 mph back in the summer at the Western Wisconsin Open. Jesperson's SL, averaging spin rates near 2,400 RPM, is polished with a quality amount of horizontal movement, emerging as a strong secondary pitch in his arsenal. The junior looked comfortable at the plate, showcasing the ability to two-way in the near future, providing exit velocities in the mid-80s (T87 mph). He is a smooth defender in the outfield with solid arm strength, rounding out his overall game on the diamond."

Jacob Haughton RHP / OF / Case High, WI / 2025

From [3/3/24]: "...Haughton, the 6-foot-2, 209-pound right-hander, displayed innate arm speed with a fastball up to 90.3 mph, sitting mostly in the upper-80s throughout his ‘pen. He spun his curveball over 2,400 rpm at times, playing with 11/5 action. His changeup was firm out of the hand at 80-83 mph, playing with horizontal action and landed in the zone for strikes. With the bat, Haughton has notable bat speed as a result of serious hand strength and hand quickness through the ball. He had the seventh highest exit velocity of the event at 96.5 mph and the fifth highest average exit velocity at 89.3 mph with a max distance of 324 feet. Meanwhile, his 6.70 60-yard dash was an event best, along with his max vertical jump height of 34.3” which proves Haughton to be one of the best athletes in attendance."

Ben Verges LHP / 1B / Franklin, WI / 2025

From [7/18/23]: "...6-foot-3, 225-pound muscular build with noticeable strength in the lower half. Physical presence on the rubber with a long stride to home plate. Long, arm slot. Fastball was 80-84 mph with above average carry. Slider kept hitters guessing at 70-73 mph. Commanded the zone well, keeping the ball down leading to ground balls when he was not collecting strikeouts. Also went 3-for-3 at the plate with a triple and three RBIs. Final Line: 5.2 IP 12 K 2 BB 3 H 0 R."

Jack Roventini RHP / RHP / Arrowhead, WI / 2025

From [9/23/23]: "...provided yet another impressive look at The Rock. Listed at an athletic 6-foot-2, 180-pounds, Roventini is an athletic and clean mover on the bump, pairing it with a deceptive arm path that certainly makes it tough to pick up for opposing batters. Throughout his three innings of relief, Roventini sat in the 85-87 mph range with his fastball and showed the ability to go in and out of the zone with it, too. He was also confident in sweeping breaking ball in the mid-70s that earned swings-and-misses."

Charlie Slawinski SS / RHP / Brookfield East High, WI / 2025

From [2/17/24]: "...showed an impressive skill set on both sides of the ball, with upside at both shortstop and on the mound. At the plate he showed rhythm with his hands, a flat bat path with line drives up-the-middle and to the pull side. His 97.2 mph max exit velocity was among Saturday’s best. Defensively, he showed the ability to stick at shortstop with quality actions and feet, lateral quickness with body control and soft hands. It’s a loose athletic arm up to 89 mph across the diamond, with the ability to throw on the move with accuracy. On the mound, Slawinski used an uptempo delivery and a short arm path on the mound, with athletic, downhill movement. The fastball sat strictly 86-87 mph with life out of the hand and to the arm-side run. His curveball showed sharp 11/5 break, complimenting his fastball well. The junior also flashed a developing changeup at 79-81 mph."

Sam Hirthe RHP / SS / New Berlin Eisenhower, WI / 2025

From [4/6/24]: "...long 6-foot, 167-pound frame with room to fill out. Got the start in game two of the double-header against Greendale. Out of an easy and athletic delivery, Hirth ran his fastball up to 87 mph in his outing, while sitting 84-86 mph throughout. He went to a sweeping breaking ball in the mid-70s pretty often, showing quality feel to throw it in the zone for strikes and out of it for swing-and-miss. While he didn’t go to it much, he also does possess a high-70s changeup that has shown out-pitch potential in our previous looks, too. He would finish his outing with six strikeouts across his 4.1 inning of work, and scattered just two hits while walking just one. After hitting an 89 mph high at the South Milwaukee ID just a couple of months ago, Hirthe continued to impress during his first start of the season and is certainly an uncommitted name-to-know in the state’s junior class."

Jackson Neilitz OF / RHP / Plymouth High, WI / 2025

From [2/24/24]: " a strong, right-handed outfielder with strong tools across the board. He’s an aggressive mover with powerful hands and a controlled lower half to get him into a good hitting position and create leverage. His bat speed generated a 94.8 mph max exit velocity. In the outfield, it’s a one-hand gather into a shuffle step with a strong arm - Neilitz reached 85 mph on his top throw from the outfield. His 6.95 60-yard time ranked in the top five among all performers on Saturday, too."

Dimitry Edmunds C / OF / Appleton West, WI / 2025

From [2/24/24]: "...showed tremendous athleticism at the Green Bay event, a catcher who recorded the second-best 60-yard time at 6.92. Offensively, Edmunds has a balanced set-up that leads to a compact swing working directly toward the ball. His hands are strong, helping to generate much of the 98 mph exit velocity he maxed out at. Behind the plate, the junior showed quick feet and soft blocking skills. His throws had carry and accuracy, leading to pop times as low as 2.04 seconds. Edmunds’ athleticism was evident in his outfield defense, showing quality actions while reaching 86 mph on his top throw."

Nick Hirsch RHP / 1B / Hudson, WI / 2025

From [2/24/24]: " an uncommitted two-way prospect to know in the state. Built at a strong and athletic 5-foot-11, 195 pounds, Hirsch pumped his fastball up to 87.6 mph, while ranging 86-87 mph, from a loose and clean delivery. He also featured two different breaking balls; the first being a gradual breaking 11/5 curveball and a hard thrown slider in the 79-81 mph range. He also threw in a changeup with late fade/depth that he is still fully harnessing feel for the zone with. During his BP round, Hirsch consistently created backspin to all parts of the field, with his hardest batted ball coming off at 97.4 mph and also averaged 89.1 mph. On the infield, he featured clean footwork and soft hands that look viable to stick on the infield in some capacity in the long run. Overall, it was another quality showing from Hirsch, who looks to be one of the top uncommitted prospects left on the state’s current junior board."