Prep Baseball Report

Milwaukee Preseason ID: Quick Hits

By: Wisconsin Staff

On March 18, the PBR Wisconsin team hosted its largest events on the state’s showcase calendar: the Milwaukee Preseason ID at the MOSH Performance Center in Franklin, Wis. Over 240 players from across the state met in the Milwaukee area to participate in this event, a Preseason ID that consistently provides our staff with need-to-know names and players to consider for future invite-only events, like the PBR Future Games, among others.

Today, we’ll be highlighting the players who stood out here within this Quick Hits piece. Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue to break down the in-depth metrics measured at this event, with the help of our tech partners TrackMan, Blast Motion, and Vizual Edge. Each of the players listed below are uncommitted unless stated otherwise.



+ C Oliver Vigerust (DePaul College Prep, IL, 2023) is a prospect who remains uncommitted, but certainly made a solid statement at the event at the MOSH on Saturday. Vigerust stands a sturdy and athletic 6-foot, 205 pounds with present strength. First, he impressed with the bat, as he made consistent loud contact throughout his round and had the third highest max exit velocity of the day at 98 MPH. Despite the loud contact, he has a quiet and under control move through the baseball and was not selling out for power throughout his round. Behind the plate, Vigerust has a strong, quick and accurate arm with the 6th quickest pop time at the event of 1.98 seconds. As a bonus, Vigerust ran a 7.28 seconds 60 yard dash which shows off his solid speed, especially for a profile that can stick behind the plate. The tools and skills that were on display will definitely play at the next level. 


+ RHP Jake Catalano (Brookfield East, 2023; Milwaukee Area Technical JC commit) is XL framed 6-foot-3, 225 pound pitching prospect. The Milwaukee Area Technical College commit works down the mound with a high three-quarter slot creating leverage and some downhill angle with lateral bore and ride on his fastball up to 85 mph. His slider flashes out pitch quality with late two plane break for a swing and miss weapon. He throws his change-up with fastball intent and plays with some baby fade in the zone. The three pitch mix arsenal with the ability to spin a breaking ball and land his change up make Catalano a notable arm in the state. 

+ RHP Brayden Pampuch (Mukwonago, 2023) is an uncommitted senior to make note of. The 6-foot-1, 185-pound right-hander showed off some present arm-strength throughout his ‘pen, sitting right at 85-86 mph throughout his ‘pen. His curveball spun between 2,200-2,300 RPM and came in at 75-77 mph, playing with downer 11/5 shape. He featured a firm changeup at 79-82 mph, thrown with fastball intent and arm-speed, averaging over 14” of run. He utilizes a controlled tempo throughout his delivery, coiling and loading into his back knee to create torque before moving down the mound with an in-line stride - delivering his pitches from a ¾ slot. Sure-fire college caliber arm that is still unsigned. 


+  INF Brock Lulewicz (Muskego, 2024; Wichita State commit) is another high-end name in the state's sophomore class who put together a standout day in Franklin. Lulewicz, a former PBR Future Gamer participant, seems to have been hard at work since his showing for Team Wisconsin. Lulewicz not boasting a more filled out 6-foot-1, 195-pound frame, started his day by running a 7.00 in the 60-yard dash and followed it up with an even more impressive round of infield defense where his athleticism and advanced infield actions were on full display. He rounded out his day with an even more impressive round of BP. From the left-side, Lulewicz features quick hands and short direct swing path that produced exit velocities up to 96.3 mph. This was just the most recent standout performance that Lulewicz has put on in front of our staff and he asserted himself even more as one of the top prospects in the entire state, maybe even the Midwest.

+ SS Eddie Rynders (Wisconsin Lutheran, 2024; Kent State commit) continued to show why he is one of the state’s top prospects, regardless of class. One of the biggest takeaways from Rynders’ day was the mass he has added on to his athletic frame and is now listed at a premium 6-foot-2, 190-pounds. Rynders started his day by running a sub-7 60 at 6.99 and then would take one of the top rounds of infield defense, showcasing fluid, athletic and advanced actions, and fired his hardest bullet to first at 88 mph. While the rest of his day was impressive, Rynders really stole the show during his round of BP. Rynders, a left-handed hitter, sets up with rhythm before delivering a loose swing to the ball and he registered a max exit velocity of 97.1 mph and averaged 87.9 mph. His hit tool is also something we have seen collect a multitude of barrels in live gameplay, too. Currently ranked No. 10 in Wisconsin’s junior class, Rynders continued to impress our staff and we are confident that this won’t be the last time. 

+ OF Cade Palkowski (Oak Creek, 2024; North Carolina commit) stands 5-foot-10, 190 pounds with a compact and well built frame. The University of North Carolina commit and former Future Gamer showcased exactly why he is the 11th ranked player in the state for a very deep 2024 class. Palkowski displayed lightning fast hands and bat speed and hit rockets through both gaps with a swing that allows him to backspin rockets to both gaps. His max exit velocity of 95 mph was one of the best of the day and his 88.2 mph average exit velocity indicates how consistently hard he was hitting the ball during his round of batting practice. On defense, he charges the ball aggressively cutting down the distance to home and his 90 mph throws from the outfield were the 5th best velocity of the day. Palkowski is a dynamic athlete whose tools certainly play in between the lines. 

+ UTL RJ Thomae (Hartford Union, 2024; Valparaiso commit) showed exactly why he is one of the best overall players in the state at the MOSH on Saturday. A 6-foot, 175 pound twitchy athlete, he ran one of the best 60 yard dashes of the day at 6.82 seconds, showing textbook running gait and quick burst out of the blocks. During batting practice, Thomae was all over the barrel with a simple swing that creates backspin line drives to both gaps. It’s easy to see why he puts up such gaudy numbers during game play with the bat speed, the hand speed and the feel for the barrel. He threw the ball 86 mph during the outfield defense portion of the event showcasing a quick and loose arm with a quick release and accuracy. It’s no wonder why he was so coveted during the recruiting process by Valparaiso University. 

+ INF Aren Robinson (Brookfield Central, 2024) is a high ceiling prospect who remains uncommitted but continues to impress our staff with his toolset and skill level. Robinson stands an imposing 6-foot-5, 215 pounds with present strength throughout. He hammered balls during the batting practice portion of the event showing hitability and impressive raw power. Robinson hits with a balanced, short quick swing, and averaged an impressive 88 mph exit velocity and maxed out at 95 mph. On defense, Robinson impresses with his smooth actions and soft hands. He has enough arm to play the hot corner at 83 mph with accuracy. Robinson is a guy we are high on and he did not disappoint at the MOSH on saturday. 

+ INF Seth Koci (Indian Trail, 2024) certainly caught the attention of our Wisconsin staff. Koci had one of the best workouts of the day among the position player group. Koci is listed at 5-foot-11, 185 pounds with some room left to fill and add strength. His 6.91 second 60 yard dash was in the top 10 for the event. Koci’s defensive toolset is definitely something that opened eyes at the event. He is a smooth and athletic mover to the ball with soft hands and very clean transfers from glove to hand. Koci showcased an accurate arm and threw the ball 84 mph across the infield indicating that he has enough arm to stick at SS in the future. 

+ Former member of Team Wisconsin at the PBR Future Games, OF Roman Sienza (Mukwonago, 2024; Butler commit) continues to show-well as one of the state’s top prospects.  Sienza is listed at 6-foot-2, 165 pounds with smooth athleticism. He showed off his athleticism with the second fastest 60 yard dash at the event at 6.72 seconds. The Butler commit then moved onto the hitting portion of the event where he showed off his under control swing with barrel awareness and hit balls with a max exit velo in the 90s. His outfield defense continues to be something that Sieza shines at with the ability to move well in the outfield and cut runners down with his strong throwing arm. 

+ INF Colin McCormick (IMG Academy, IL, 2024) is a 6-foot, 180 pound loose moving athlete who started off his day by running a solid 7.11 seconds 60 yard dash. McCormick then showed what he can do with the bat with his loose, repeatable, swing with bat speed and feel for the barrel. McCormick had one of the best max exit velocities of the day at 95 mph and hit a ball over 360 feet showing how the ball jumps off his bat. On defense, McCormick shows quality actions, athleticism, and solid footwork to go with solid arm strength at 86 mph across the infield. 

+ C Josh Gilroy (Arrowhead Union, 2024) is a player who continually shows out well in front of our staff in event. Gilroy, a 6-foot-2, 205 pound backstop who can hit, put on a display in batting practice. He hits with a simple, handsy swing that creates loads of bat speed, and with the present strength in his hands, the ball was jumping off the bat at the tune of exit velocities in the upper 90’s (97 MPH max exit velocity, good for fifth at the event). Behind the plate, Gilroy turns the ball around quickly on steal attempts and delivered a pop time of 1.98 seconds with accuracy. Gilroy remains uncommitted but has the toolset and skills to help a program at the next level. 

+ C/INF Neil Janssen (Delavan Darien, 2024) opened some eyes on Saturday with his performance. Janssen hits from a slightly open stock set up with relaxed hands. He shows quality rhythm and timing with a toe tap back and gets to a strong hitting position on time. He has a loose short and quick hand path and finishes long through the ball with solid barrel awareness. Janssen hit line drives through the middle of the field consistently throughout the round. Behind the plate, Janssen showcased the strongest throwing arm of the event at 80 mph behind the plate with a quick release for a 2.04 pop time. 

+ C Lincoln Ascher (Kettle Moraine, 2024) stands 6-foot-1, 205 pounds with strength throughout his frame. Ascher showcased was consistently on the barrel in his round hitting from a centered and grounded set up and move through the ball. Behind the plate, his pop times were consistently in the sub 2.1’s with a quick and clean release and an accurate arm. Ascher has both defensive and offensive acumen and is a player our PBR Wisconsin staff continues to like.  

+ OF Sam Reichert (Arrowhead, 2024) a 6-foot, 175 pound athlete who ran a 6.97 seconds 60 yard dash to start out his day at the showcase. He creates tons of leverage in his swing with his move to the hitting position and showed the ability to drive balls to the gaps. What was most impressive about his day was the outfield defense and the 92 mph bullets he unleashed during the outfield portion of the event. Reichert is the type of toolsy player our staff will keep a very close eye on this spring and summer. 

+ SS CJ Trask (Oak Creek, 2024) had a great day in front of our staff. Trask is a complete player with notable tools across the board. First, he can run. Trask ran a solid 7.08 seconds 60 yard dash. Next, Trask showed off his hitability and power potential. He hits with a short compact swing and was hitting backspun rockets to all fields during batting practice. He was one of the leaders in max exit velocity at the event at 97 mph (which was tied for 4th best). On defense, Trask showcased quality actions, a quick first step, clean transfers and serious arm strength at 88 mph across the infield. Trask is currently an uncommitted player who continues to impress in all aspects of the game. 

+ SS Benjamin Volpe (Whitefish Bay, 2024) is an athletic 5-foot-10, 170 pound athlete with some fill and strength coming. Volpe displayed a smooth and rhythmic swing and showed impressive barrel control throughout his round; he also had one of the highest max exit velocities of the day at 94 mph. He showcased the ability to handle the middle infield showing ease to his operation when moving laterally and softness to his hands. Volpe also displays smooth hands and transfers on double play turns in the middle. 

+ SS Carter Scott (Arrowhead, 2024) is listed at 5-foot-11, 140 pounds with more room in his frame to fill and get stronger. He showcased a well-sequenced, loose and smooth swing in batting practice hitting back spinning line drives all over the field. In the infield, he played a confident shortstop with clean and reliable hands and easy arm strength with carry and accuracy through the first base bag. Scott is an upside prospect that our staff took note of at the event. 

+ C Peyton Ryback (Nathan Hale, 2024) is listed at an athletic 5-foot-10, 180 pounds with strength throughout his athletic frame.. Ryback continues to show well in front of our staff at events. He’s an athletic back stop who can run; he ran a 6.99 seconds 60 yard dash which was 15th out of over 200 players who ran. He produced exit velocities in the low 90s from a quick, short, compact, and direct swing path. Behind the plate, he was throwing seeds down to second base and registered the third best pop time of the event at 1.94 seconds. Another outstanding showcase from Peyton Ryback. 

+ C Nathan Hanel (Oak Creek, 2024) is one of the most polished catching prospects in the state. A big target behind the plate standing at a strong and well proportioned 6-foot-2, 190 pounds folds very well with a loose and flexible lower half. Hanel’s calling card is his defense with a strong arm and a quick release at 2.04 seconds pop time. His hands are silky smooth to go along with his calming leadership type presence for pitchers that was on display during the bullpen sessions. With the bat, Hanel showcased an easy swing with a short and direct path to and through the ball with consistent feel for the barrel. Hanel is a steady performer and has established himself as a guy that our staff continues to be impressed with. 

+ INF Ben Jimenez (Waukesha South, 2024) stands 5-foot-11, 190 pounds with projectability to his frame. He hit line drives throughout his round with a flat path through the ball creating a max exit velocity of 90 mph. He showed off his abilities on defense with smooth and fluid actions with notable arm strength throwing balls in the mid 80’s (86 mph) across the infield. He also touched 85 mph on the mound. Jimenez is a name our staff will follow closely this spring and summer. 

+ C Nathan Grams (Hortonville, 2024) is a twitchy athlete with skill and tools both behind the plate and with the bat. Grams ran a 6.88 seconds 60 yard dash showing off his athleticism with quick burst and fast turnover. His handsy swing was all over the barrel during his round and was hitting line drives to all fields. Behind the plate, he shows quick feet with a quick release and an accurate arm that recorded a 2.04 pop time to second base. 

+ 3B/OF Scott Brown (Kettle Moraine, 2024) has an athletic and strong build at 5-foot-11,190 pounds. He was launching balls to both gaps in batting practice with quick and strong hands. He threw the ball 86 mph from the outfield and also ran a 7.03 60 yard dash showing burst and athleticism with how he moves. Brown is a very intriguing prospect and we are looking forward to watching him perform this spring in the WIAA and during the summer circuit.  


+ LHP Tannis Lange (Waukesha South, 2024; Ohio State commit) is another name in this 2024 class that represented Team Wisconsin at the PBR Future Games last year, and he has seemed to be hard at work since. Standing at a projectable 6-foot-3, 185-pounds, Lange is an easy mover on the bump and utilized a loose, quick arm to create fastball velocities up to 87.6 mph with carry through the zone, roughly 15’ of IVB on average. He also spun in a sweeping type curveball with depth that flashed sharpness in the low-70s. He rounded out his three-pitch mix with a hard thrown changeup in the high-70s with fade and run action. In game Lange is one of the states fiercest competitors and after blowing up at the Future Games last summer, he seems all the much more of one of the state’s top pitching prospects going into his junior campaign. 

+ RHP Ben Moser (Sussex Hamilton, 2024) arguably put together one of the top ‘pens of the entire 240+ prospect event on Saturday. Listed at an imposing 6-foot-5, 230-pounds, Moser has seemed to clean up his mechanics since our last look at him in the summer. Now moving more fluidly downhill, Moser sat exclusively in the 88-89 mph range, with his top being 89.3 mph, which is a slight uptick since our previous look at him last year. One of Moser’s most impressive secondaries was a sinker that played heavy and averaged 15.9’ of horizontal movement, while spinning at an average of 2258 rpm. He also featured a sweeping slider in the high-70s that he showed feel for and a somewhat developing splitter that he effectively killed spin on.

+ LHP Tyler Wille (Kettle Moraine, 2024) made a loud statement in his ‘pen on saturday, jumping roughly six mph since our last look. The 6-foot, 180-pound strong-bodied southpaw worked his fastball up to 90 mph with all sorts of late sink and horizontal run through the zone, also never dipping below 88 mph. His changeup plays effectively off his fastball, coming out of the hand from a similar window and playing with similar fade/run, 78-80 mph. His final offering was a 1/7 curveball with depth that he was able to keep mostly down 73-75 mph. Currently ranked No. 84 in the state, it is safe to say that Wille’s performance was one of the more eye-opening showings on the day. 

+ LHP Chase Baker (Mukwonago, 2024) is a long projectable framed southpaw with upside on the mound. Baker has an up tempo athletic delivery that he repeats consistently. His fastball works downhill from a high three-quarter slot that tops out at 85 mph with slight arm side run. He has a 1/7 curveball he can land for strikes and a change up with fastball intent. Baker’s velocity continues to tick up year over year as his off speed pitches continue to develop which makes him an interesting arm from the left side. 

+ RHP Sam Moses (Cedarburg, 2024) popped as an intriguing right-hander to know over the weekend. Listed at 6-foot-1, 195-pounds, Moses is an athletic mover down the mound; starting his delivery with a high leg-kick into balance point before moving into a drop/drive lower-half that works into a long and in-line stride down the mound. From a ¾ slot, Moses worked his fastball in the 86-87 mph range, topping out at 87.8 mph. He delivered both of his off-speeds with fastball intent; the first being a short 11/5 slider at 75-79 mph - and the second being a late fading changeup, 76-78 mph. 

+ RHP Mike Schoon (University School of Milwaukee, 2024) had a nice day on the mound at the event. Schoon showcased his athletic delivery that works downhill with good direction and a high three-quarter slot to deliver fastballs through the zone with arm side run at 83-84 mph. He pairs the fastball with an 11/5 shaped curveball that flashes late sharp movement at the plate making it a potential out pitch weapon. He also showed feel for a change up with late fading action. Our staff is excited to see how Schoon fairs this spring as we like the delivery, the stuff and the feel for how he gets it done. 

+ RHP Tyler Suttner (Waukesha North, 2024) is an athletic and projectable pitching prospect. He stands 6-foot-2, 175 pounds with more fill coming to his projectable frame. Suttner organizes his delivery and body well through the delivery pitching with a slight cross fire landing creating deception and angle on his fastball that was at 87 mph throughout the bullpen. He showed consistent feel for the strike zone and a good carry and ride at the plate with a 2400 rpm spin rate on the pitch. He has a late slider with short quick break at the plate and good feel for a change up. He also ran a 7.26 seconds 60 yard dash showing off his athleticism. Overall, Suttner is one of the more interesting pitching prospects in the class. 

+ LHP Robert Barrera (Union Grove, 2024) is listed at an upside 6-foot-1, 195-pounds and he got to show off the big gains he has made on the mound. During his ‘pen, Barrera worked out of the stretch only, and is clean and fluid mover while on the mound. As for his repertoire, Barrera’s fastball topped at 89.1 mph and sat in the 85-88 mph range; and one of the more eye-popping things about this pitch is that is averaged 17.4’ of induced vertical break, too. As for his offspeeds, he featured a short wrinkle slider in the mid-70s, and a changeup, with some run to the arm-side, in the mid-to-high-70s. 

+ RHP Nicholas Heisl (Germantown, 2024) stands a projectable 6-foot, 150 pounds with an athletic frame. His delivery shows good movement patterns with proper sequencing between his lower and upper half. His fastball topped out at 84 mph with high spin metrics (2583 RPM’s) on the pitch. His 70-71 mph curveball has an alarming 3000 RPMs with 10/4 shape and break at the plate. His slider featured huge sweeping action and spun at an astonishing 2900 RPM’s. The ability to spin the baseball with both the fastball and his secondary weapons has put Heisl firmly on the list of names to know in the state going forward. 

+ RHP Brayden Rohde (Oak Creek, 2024) was yet another uncommitted junior that showed well on the day. Built at 6-foot, 165-pounds, Rohde still has room to add on strength to his frame. He’s an athletic mover, utilizing a medium/high leg-lift to work into balance point before striding down the mound in-line. His arm plays with a repeatable circle into a ¾ slot, producing a fastball that sat in the 83-86 mph range with some finish through the zone. He showed a knack to spin the breaking ball, spinning his slider between 2,500-2,600 RPM routinely with sharp 10/4 bite. His final offering was a straight changeup with developing feel, 72-77 mph. 

+ RHP Jason Janczak (Whitefish Bay, 2024) is a high wasted, long and projectable 6-foot-2, 180 pound prospect. Janczak works the ball downhill with a long, loose and whippy arm from a high three-quarter slot. His fastball topped at 84 mph with notable spin rate (2200+) showing feel for the zone and ride and carry to the pitch. He pairs the fastball with an 11/5 breaking ball with notable depth at the plate making it a potential out pitch weapon for both handed hitters. The change up has late sink at the plate giving him three offerings to get hitters out. Janczak is an upside prospect in the state. 

+ LHP Riker Blahnik (Appleton West, 2024) is an uncommitted junior that left Saturday’s event with an arrow up. Listed at an athletic 6-foot-1, 180-pounds, Blahnik works with an up-tempo delivery and loose ¾ arm to produce sinkers in the 82-84 mph range with dive through the zone - also featuring a four-seam fastball with finish through the zone. His slider looks to be a potential out-pitch, playing with sharp 2/8 shape and sweep. His final offering was a fading changeup, thrown with fastball intent at 78-79 mph.

+ RHP Ethan Engelbrecht (Oak Creek, 2024) is an upside arm with a 6-foot-4, 230 pound frame with strength and power to the delivery. Engelbrecht gets moving down hill with a loose and whippy arm. His fastball sat 86 mph throughout the bullpen with late running action through the zone. The slider, 72-75 mph has shorter two plane breaking action at the plate and pairs well with the fastball that moves in the opposite direction. His split has depth and late run at the plate giving him three pitches to use in his repertoire to get hitters out. 


+ RHP/INF Kyle Alivo (St. Thomas More, 2024) put together one of the more, if not the most impressive ‘pen of the day. Currently the No. 14 ranked player in the state, the Iowa commit has all sorts of upside to go along with present ability, listed at 6-foot-1, 162-pounds. The right-hander is an ultra-athletic mover down the mound, creating power and using his body well down the mound to create a fastball that sat 90-91 mph with over 2,300 RPM on average - also featuring above average ride through the zone with an average IVB of 16.6 (T18.2). He then went to a sinking fastball in the 84-88 mph range, topping out at 89 mph and playing with late/heavy downward action and feel to his arm-side. His changeup flashed well above-average as a potential out-pitch, dropping his slot slightly at times but still playing with late life and downward action, 77-79 mph. His final offering was a 10/4 slider that spun between 2,250-2,340 RPM, flashing sharp action at 75-79 mph. Extremely high-upside right-hander with more to come.

+ RHP/OF Payten Jibben (Oak Creek, 2024) continued to show well as a two-way prospect during Saturday’s large event, especially on the mound. Built at a ultra-athletic 6-foot-3, 210-pounds, Jibben has a simple, repeatable delivery that he uses to drive the ball downhill to spots. During his ‘pen, Jibben’s fastball sat in the 88-89 mph range with his highest being 89.8 mph, and this is a pitch that plays with some major ride and carry through the zone, roughly 18.2’ of induced vertical break on average. He also showed the utmost feel for a curveball and changeup. The curveball plays with sharp 11/5 action and it was thrown all around the zone. Jibben’s changeup is thrown with intent and features late, hard fade and depth, and averaged more than 18’ of horizontal movement, too. Offensively, Jibben recorded exit velocities up to 93.1 mph, utilizing strong quick hands that averaged a bat speed of 72.2 mph, too. While in the outfield, Jibben’s arm strength was on full display as his hardest bullet to plate came in at 93 mph. Overall, it was yet another good look from this uncommitted two-way prospect who is truly making a name for himself inside the state's talented junior class. 

+ C/RHP Jonah Roloff (Kettle Moraine, 2024) started his impressive day off with a clean ‘pen. Standing at a projectable 5-foot-10, 160-pounds Roloff is an athletic, free mover downhill and he pairs it with a loose, whippy arm. During his ‘pen he ran his fastball up to 84.3 mph and this is a pitch that plays with life/carry through the zone, roughly 14’ of IVB on average. Roloff also showed a refined feel for three different offspeed pitches, the first being a low-70s curveball with downer action. He also spun in a mid-70s slider with tight 11/5 break. Behind the plate, Roloff is an advanced receiver and is quick out of the crouch that recorded pop-times in the 1.93-2.06 range. Offensively, Roloff features a smooth left-handed swing that is short and quick to the ball, and he registered exit velocities up to 86.4 mph. 

+ 1B/LHP Graham Kasten (University School of Milwaukee, 2024) continues to show up and impress in event on both sides of the ball. Kasten’s overall frame is strong and sturdy standing 6-foot-1, 205 pounds with good proportions. During batting practice, Kasten hits from a stock set up from the left side. He has a short and quick swing that’s well-sequenced with good use of the ground and his lower half to deliver the barrel to and through the ball. He had one of the hardest max exit velocities of the event at 96 mph and hit a ball 363 feet. On the mound, he has a very polished look to how he gets it done. His fastball was sitting 79-82 mph but plays up at the plate. He also has a sharp breaking ball and a change-up with late fade to arm side at the plate for a three pitch mix. 

+ INF/RHP Cooper Kamlay (Franklin, 2024) is an athletic and toolsy two way prospect in the state. Kamlay has an athletic build at 5-foot-10, 175 pounds, he showed off that athleticism by running the third fastest 60 yard dash at the event at 6.80 seconds. He then showcased his barrel feel and barrel control with a loose and fluid swing hitting line drives through the middle of the field and turn on balls for pull side power. He continued his notable performance during infield defense by showcasing his smooth actions with a quick first step and a strong throwing arm across the infield (87 mph). On the mound, Kamlay can back spin his fastball up to 85 mph which shows ride and carry through the zone. His curveball has a shorter sharper slurvy look and shape to the break and his change up has quality lateral fade to the pitch. Overall, Kamlay’s performance was solid and opened some eyes at the event. 

+ CIF/RHP Aidan Perdreau (Mukwonago, 2024) took the loudest round of BP during our time in Franklin. Standing at a hulking 6-foot-2, 210-pounds, Perdreau utilizes a short, quick swing with barrel feel, that produced exit velocities up to 99.4 mph, and an average of 95 mph, both of which were event highs. Defensively, Perdreau is a reliable defender on the corners and he is able to control his large frame on the move. Perdreau would wrap up his day with a clean ‘pen and out of a simple repeatable delivery he ran his fastball up 84.9 mph. He also mixed in a curveball that was consistently thrown low in the zone and played with short 11/5 action. He also showed feel for a changeup that was thrown at arm speed and featured running action with some depth through the zone. While Perdreau’s ‘pen was impressive, inside his large 6-foot-2, 210-pound frame, there is plenty more of upside there. 

+ RHP/INF Andrew Halsler (Marquette, 2024) showed why he is a notable two-way prospect in the state for the class. His 5-foot-11, 160 pound frame is projectable and will continue to add size and strength. He made consistent line drive contact throughout his round with an early foot down timing and a handsy swing working the ball through the middle of the field. On defense, he shows fluid actions and reliable hands to go with his 84 mph throwing arm with accuracy and carry through the first baseman. As a RHP’ing prospect, Halsler’s fastball was sitting 86-87 and showed quality arm side run to the pitch. He also showed feel for a 11/5 breaking ball and a fading change which gives him a 3 pitch mix to profile as a starting pitcher. Halsler is a player our staff will continue to follow after this solid showing. 

+ RHP/INF Tyler Conger (Waukesha South, 2024) stands 6-foot, 172 pounds with an athletic build and likely more size and strength coming. Conger impressed at the event as a two way prospect. First, he showed off his athleticism with a sub 7.00 second 60 yard dash (6.99 seconds). He back spins baseballs with a direct path and quality barrel contact. In the infield he displays steady and reliable hands and notable arm strength (87 mph) across the infield. On the mound, Conger has a loose arm and a fastball up to 85 mph and heavy arm arm side run and feel for the zone. His curveball is a short quick mover only 10 mph off his fastball with the ability to land in the zone. He also has a changeup that tunnels and looks like his heater out of the land rounding out a solid 3 pitch mix arsenal. 


+ C Turner Kuhnke (Hortonville, 2025) stands at a solid 6-foot-2, 175-pound frame, with more room to fill out as he progresses through his prep career. Offensively, Kuhnke fills the box with a wide base setup, complemented with a powerful swing. Maxing out in the upper 90s in exit velocities, Kuhnke’s fast hands and his ability to get through the baseball allowed him to showcase his power and barrel awareness at the plate. That same strength showed behind the dish as well, as Kuhnke impressed with a pop time range of 1.95-2.07 seconds. His quickness and athleticism allowed him to consistently put the ball on the base on his throws to second base. Kuhnke established himself as a name-to-know inside the states ‘25 class. 

+ OF Cole Fox (Nicolet, 2025) had a quality showing during his batting practice session. Fox, at 6-foot-0, 180 pounds showcased an athletic and projectable frame, which played into his success as a hitter. At the plate, the righty is centered and balanced with a stocky setup, in addition to a strong back elbow. Throughout the swing, Fox is rhythmic and fluid, consistently hammering baseballs to both gaps. On the defensive side, Fox reached 79 mph from the outfield, featuring a long arm path from the ¾ slot. 

+ C Nick Kleczkowski (Muskego, 2025) presents a 6-foot-0, 170-pound frame to the playing field. He ranged from 2.08-2.19 seconds in pop times from behind the plate, maxing out at 75 mph in arm strength. Kleczkowski made noise from the offensive side of the ball as well, starting in a narrow, slightly open stance. Then, with high bat speed and a quality hitting position, Kleczkowski repeatedly barreled baseballs to the gaps, showcasing advanced power for his age group. Kleczkowski’s easy power will be a trend to follow as he continues to progress in his prep career.

+ SS Henry Lynde (Menomonee Falls, 2025) stands at 6-foot-1, 175 pounds, featuring long levers with more room to grow as he develops. From the left side of the plate, Lynde begins his motion with a toe-tap load, and ends his swing with quick hands that fly through the zone. Because of this, the lefty demonstrated his ability to barrel the baseball to the gaps, extending throughout his swing, impressing as a young and upcoming prospect through the Menomonee Falls system.  

+ SS Nathan Glapa (Sussex Hamilton, 2025) presents an athletic and projectable frame, standing at 5-foot-10, 170 pounds. On the infield, Glapa’s soft and confident hands separated him as one of the top 2025 infielders at the showcase. He displayed natural infield actions as a future middle infielder, topping out at 82 mph from the SS position. His loose and long limbs projected as a hitter as well, as Glapa’s direct bat path allowed him to drive the ball up the middle and to the pull side consistently. His performance on both sides of the ball will make him a prospect to watch in the future. 

+ OF Yamato Takahashi (Arrowhead, 2025) had a quality showing on both sides of the ball, standing at 5-foot-8, 165 pounds, featuring good proportions and an athletic body. At the plate, Takahashi uses that athleticism, paired with a wide base in his stance. The lefty prospect has strong and quick hands, a quality combination that allowed him to consistently drive baseballs to the gaps with intent. Takahashi, with that formula, reached 88 mph as a max velocity, a repeat of what he did at the West Milwaukee ID earlier in the offseason. Defensively, Takahashi’s quick-twitch athleticism and loose arm got up to 82 mph, completing his all-around game as a future prospect. 

+ OF Jackson Neilitz (Plymouth, 2025) has an athletic and wiry frame, standing at 6-foot-1, 170 pounds, displaying projectability throughout the body. In the batters box, his relaxed hands paired with twitchy bat speed allows him to whip the barrel through the strike zone and elevate the baseball. As he makes contact, Neiliitz backspins and elevates the baseball, showcasing his constant power. His max exit velocity reached 91 mph, averaging the mid-80s throughout his round of BP. 

+ C Marek Wawrzyniakowski (Catholic Memorial, 2025) presents a projectable frame at 5-foot-9, 160 pounds in a catcher’s body. At the plate, in a slightly open stance, Wawrzyniakowski gets to a strong hitting position and whips his barrel, featuring a strong swing that stood out at the showcase. His max exit velocity peaked at 90 mph, an impressive feat as a member of the 2025 class. Wawrzyniakowski will continue to project as a future hitter, as we’re interested to see where his power at the plate takes him. 

+ OF Connor Weeks (Big Foot, 2025) is a stocky athlete at 5-foot-7, 157 pounds, who fared well both at the plate and in the field on Saturday. Weeks, with a compact set up in the batters box, reached 90 mph on his max exit velocity, featured a well-sequenced swing throughout his BP session. From the outfield, Weeks maxed out at 84 mph with a compact and quick arm, similar to his swing. Weeks’ athleticism will be an intriguing follow as a future prospect as he progresses into more of his prep career. 


+ Saturday was our second look at RHP Jaxon Clayton (Brookfield Central, 2025) this winter and yet again, he walked away a winner. Clayton, who just pitched at this event is listed at an athletic 6-foot-1, 182-pounds and put together his second impressive ‘pen of the winter. While on the mound, Clayton features an athletic, repeatable delivery that produced hard running fastballs up to 87.1 mph, the second highest mark amongst sophomores in attendance and averaged over 12’ of horizontal movement on average. He also threw in a sinker that played with similar metrics, too. As for offspeeds he spun in two different breaking balls, the first being a more traditional curveball that played with depth and averaged over 2200 RPMs, too. His slider was also a well-above average pitch and it played with short 10/4 action with more horizontal action and averaged over 2300 RPMs as well. 

+ Currently the No. 30 ranked player in the state, LHP Ben Verges (Franklin, 2025) gave a strong look throughout his ‘pen on Saturday. Listed at 6-foot-3, 220-pounds, Verges is strong-bodied with a durable build. The southpaw is an athletic mover for his size, working into a high leg-kick and long/flexible stride down the mound. He worked his fastball in the 83-86 mph range with between 15.9”-19.2” of run. He showed tremendous feel for his changeup which was in the zone 100% of the time according to TrackMan, playing with between 14.8”-17.2” of run, 78-79 mph. His final offering was a 1/7 curveball that he kept mostly down, 68-69 mph with developing spin. 

+ RHP Adam Urban (Wauwatosa West, 2025) is another one of the states top arms and on Saturday he showed why. Standing at a lean and athletic 6-foot-1, 185-pounds, Urban is an athletic mover downhill and features clean repeatable mechanics that produced fastballs up to 88.8 mph. This is a pitch that plays with some major ride/carry as he produces true backspin at a 2245 RPM average, and a max of IVB of 15’. As for offspeeds he spun in a hard thrown slider with sharp downer action that averaged over 2400 RPMs. He rounded out his three pitch mix with a splitter in which he was able to kill spin on, roughly 900 RPMs on average, and was able to locate this down action pitch low in the zone. 

+ RHP Manuel Sostre (St. Thomas More, 2025) is an upside pitching prospect in the state. Sostre has a projectable frame at 6-foot-3, 175 pounds with long levers. Sostre works with a low effort delivery with a three-quarter arm slot. His fastball was up to 86 mph with heavy arm side run and boring action into right handed hitters. His curveball flashed hard late break with 10/4 shape and finish to the pitch. His slider works in the zone a tick harder than the curveball with similar shape; both breaking balls have potential to be consistent out pitches for Sostre. It was an intriguing look and a quality performance from the right handed hurler. 

+ RHP Logan Zaverl (Germantown, 2025) is an upside right-handed pitching prospect who showed well at the MOSH. Zaverl, a long and projectable 6-foot-1, 180 pounds uses a high three-quarter arm slot to drive the fastball downhill touching 85 mph with ride and carry. He also has a 12/6 breaking ball at 68-70 mph and a split with developing feel. Zaverl has consistently performed well both in game and in the showcase setting in front of our staff. He is a player we will continue to follow closely as the WIAA season gets underway. 

+ RHP Jayden Forbes (Menomonee Falls, 2025) is listed at 6-foot-1, 185 pound pitching prospect with a four pitch arsenal. First, his 80-81 mph fastball from a three-quarter slot works to areas of the zone to set up his secondary offerings. He’s got a short quick lateral breaking cutter, a slider with 10/4 shape, and a changeup with heavy late fade at the plate. Forbes is an interesting prospect with a feel to pitch 

+ RHP Ryan Buchta (Oak Creek, 2025) an imposing 6-foot-4, 195 pounds pitching prospect, pitching from a high three-quarter slot. Buchta gets heavy arm side run on the fastball that was up to 84 mph. His 70-72 mph 12/6 curveball flashed out pitch quality at times. He also has a change up with developing feel that flashes late arm side fade to the pitch. Buchta’s projectable frame likely fills with a chance for his stuff to tick in the near future. 

+ LHP Nolan Ewig (Brookfield East, 2025) is listed at 6-foot, 165 pounds with an athletic frame with some upside to it. His delivery is well-sequenced, balanced and repeatable and arm works into a high three-quarter slot. His fastball is in the upper 70s with arm side run. He uses his fastball to set up the 11/5 curveball and developing feel for a change up. Ewig has some upside with how it all works and our staff is excited to see how this left-handed pitching prospect develops. 


+ SS/RHP Nolan Meis (Lakeside Lutheran, 2025) is an upside two-way prospect in the state, standing 6-foot, 163 pounds with a wiry frame and more strength likely to come. He displayed “hitter’s hands” during batting practice with smooth and fluid bat speed and barrel feel. He showed off his smooth and athletic actions with reliable hands and an accurate arm during infield work as well. On the mound, Meis has a smooth and fluid delivery and a fastball up to 81 mph with finish through the zone and likely more velocity coming in the future. He has a breaking ball with downer type finish, and a sharp slider with 10/4 break and shape. Meis put himself on the map as a result of the performance at the event. 

+ LHP/1B Adam Kudronowicz (Mukwonago, 2025) was one of the biggest winners of the event. The long levered two-way prospect stands an imposing 6-foot-3 and weighs 210 pounds with a strong build and more strength likely to come. During batting practice, Kudronowicz consistently hammered balls to the gaps as he creates tons of leverage with a short compact swing. He  registered the second highest max exit velocity of the event at 98 mph. There’s also a lot to like on the mound. He repeats a delivery from a deceptive low three-quarter slot and locates an 85 mph fastball with a high spin rate (2300+ RPM’s). He throws a true sweeping slider at 70-71 mph with advanced feel for the pitch and has a change up to round out his impressive repertoire. Overall, this was yet another impressive performance from a ranked member of the state’s 2025 class.


+ Saturday gave us our first showcase look at SS Ben Kuglitsch (Muskego, 2026), who is one of the states top prospects, regardless of class. Kuglitsch, a top-85 ranked player in our national rankings, started off his day by running a 7.03 in the 60-yard dash, which speaks to the advanced athleticism Kuglitsch currently possesses. He then moved over to the infield defense portion of the event and there he really stole the show. While on the infield, Kuglitsch is an athletic mover with fluid actions that point to him having the ability to stick at the shortstop position in the long run, and he pairs his advanced actions with a advanced arm that topped at 89 mph across the diamond. Offensively, Kuglitsch sets up with rhythm and utilizes a free and easy swing that creates leverage to drive the ball hard to all parts of the field. He registered some of the day's loudest metrics, with a 93.7 mph max exit velocity, and an average bat speed of 73.9 mph. Overall, Kuglitsch is an advanced prospect within the states talented freshman class and his performance at the MOSH was just the first of many impressive ones we expect to see throughout his prep career. 

+ OF Luke Schaning (Nathan Hale, 2026) is one of the class's most physical prospects, standing at an advanced 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. During our time in Franklin, Schaning's athleticism was on full display during the outfield portion of the event as he featured athletic actions to move from left-to-right and paired it with a strong arm that topped at 87 mph on his hardest bullet from the outfield. Schaning really impressed during his round BP where he recorded some of the days loudest contact, despite being one of the younger prospects in attendance. In the right-handed box, Schaning uses his advanced strength to deliver a quick, and strong barrel to the ball to consistently backspin liners to both gaps. His hardest hit ball of the day came off at 96.5 mph and he averaged 86.6 mph, too. His hit-tool plays in game too as he arguably had the top offensive weekend at the PBR at The Rock Summer Championships last yea, and also tallied multiple hard-hit balls down in Georgia where he represented Team Wisconsin at the PBR Junior Future Games. 

+ INF Ethan Karaszewski (Wauwatosa East, 2026) is an interesting middle infield prospect who flashed tools and skill on both defense and with the bat. Karaszewski stands 5-foot-10, 152 pounds with fill and strength coming to his already athletic build. He displayed what scouts call “Hitter’s Hands” during batting practice with a loose, rhythmic and whippy swing that creates bat speed and consistent line drive contact out front. On defense, Karaszewski showcased fluid actions and soft hands in the middle infield. He certainly placed himself on the radar and is a name our staff will follow closely in the spring and summer circuits. 

+ C Jacob Huff (Delavan-Darien, 2026) opened some eyes at the event with his performance. The 5-foot-8, 135-pound projectable framed backstop had an event best 1.86 seconds pop time. He showed quick feet and quick transfers to turn the ball around to second base very quickly. At the plate, he hits with a rhythmic toe tap gather and shows very fast hands in delivering consistent barrel contact hitting balls gap to gap. Overall, Huff’s performance makes him a name to know in the state going forward. 

+ INF Owen McLellan (Shorewood, 2026) is a name who showed out very well at the event at the MOSH. His 5-foot-9, 145 pound frame is athletic and projectable. McLellan showed off his athleticism right off the bat by running a notable 7.17 seconds 60 yard dash, which was 4th best at the event for the talented 2026 group. He hits with a handsy swing and possesses tons of barrel feel with the ability to hit line drives through the middle of the field. He thoroughly impressed our scouts with his defensive acumen in the middle of the diamond and a strong and accurate arm which should allow McLellan to profile as a shortstop for the long term. 

+ OF Jackson Niemiec (Muskego, 2026) showed well in Milwaukee, especially on defense. From the outfield position he showed athletic actions and worked on-line on his throws to home. He featured a loose, quick arm that produced a velocity of 79 mph on throws to home. At the plate, he showed the ability to drive balls to both gaps, and he used his quick hands to produce a max exit velocity of 83.3 mph.


+ RHP Jonathan Urban (Wauwatosa West, 2026) is listed at a well proportioned and athletic 6-foot, 170-pounds. On the mound, he showed athleticism with a fastball that sat 78-81 mph with quality spin (2,143 avg.) and running action. His slider showed 11/5 actions, and he slightly dropped his arm slot on the pitch. Rounding out his mix, he threw a changeup that flashed fade and depth resulting in 12’ of induced vertical break and 12.1’ of horizontal movement, on average.


+ RHP/INF Cruz Ramirez (Muskego, 2026) is a 5-foot-8, 150 pound athlete with a projectable framed two way prospect. He hit with a well-sequenced, centered and balanced swing and drove balls consistently gap to gap. He really opened some eyes with the glove as well with smooth fluid actions and a quick first step in the middle of the infield. He threw the ball 80 mph across the infield with accuracy and carry through the first basemen. Ramirez impressed with his performance on the mound as well. He showcased a clean and repeatable delivery with a quick arm from a three-quarter arm slot getting his fastball up to 79 mph with some arm side run and feel for the zone. His fastball sets up a sharp 11/5 curveball that he can land for strikes and get below the zone for swing and miss and chase. He also features a slider with short quick two plane break that he can land in the zone and get chases on the pitch. Finally his change up rounds out the impressive arsenal with hard running fade at the plate at 71-72 mph. Overall, Ramirez is a prospect that placed himself firmly on our staff’s radar going into the spring and summer circuits. 

+ RHP/INF Brayden Alivo (St. Thomas More, 2026) represented Team Wisconsin at the PBR Junior Future games this past summer, and was a prospect our staff was looking forward to seeing at this event. He is listed at an athletic and projectable 5-foot-10, 145-pounds. Alivo showed well, especially on defense where he showed athletic and smooth actions from the infield position. He showed a quick arm with accuracy across the diamond that produced a max velocity of 81 mph on throws to first. At the plate, he hammered balls through the middle and to the pull-side gap resulting in a max exit velocity of 80.7 mph. On the mound he featured a three-pitch mix with a clean and balanced delivery. His fastball sat 76-78 mph (78.3 max) with some arm-side action. His curveball featured an 11/5 shape with short action, and his changeup flashed above average sink action with 14.1’ of horizontal movement.

+ RHP/INF Chance Ruby is listed at a wiry and projectable 5-foot-10, 150 pounds. He impressed as a two way prospect. Ruby hit balls consistently hard in batting practice with a loose, free and easy swing with quick hands and fluidity through the ball. His swing is very well sequenced and showed the ability to drive the ball to all fields. On defense, Ruby showcased fluidity and smooth movements with a strong arm indicating that shortstop will be his future home as a position player. Ruby also has a bright future on the mound. His athletic and smooth delivery delivers fastballs up to 81 mph with running action through the zone. His fastball sets up his 11/5 shaped breaking ball and a lateral sweeping slider. He also features a change up as a fourth pitch to his repertoire giving him multiple weapons to get hitters out on a consistent basis. Overall, Ruby was a big winner on the day. 

+ OF/RHP Dylan Jeske (Muskego, 2026) is listed at a strong and athletic 5-foot-11, 170-pounds, with a projectable body. During batting practice, he showed the ability to create leverage and bat speed. He consistently hit line drives, and showed natural hitability at the plate recording a max exit velocity of 88.0 mph. From the outfield, he worked in-line on his throws to home that recorded a max velocity of 82 mph. On the mound his fastball sat 81-82 mph with arm-side run. His curveball showed 11/5 shape with above average actions. He rounded out his arsenal with a slider that he was able to throw for strikes.

+ RHP/INF Carter Nicolato (Muskego, 2026) showed well as a two-way prospect in Milwaukee. Nicolato is listed at a strong 5-foot-11, 165-pounds, with projectability. At the plate, he showed a balanced set up with quick hands that drove the ball to both gaps. He had a max exit velocity of 90.7 mph, a max batted distance of 289 feet, and a max bat speed of 73.3 mph. Defensively, showed fluid actions and a quick arm that produced a velocity across the diamond of 82 mph. On the mound he showed a fastball that sat 78-81 mph (81.9 max) with four-seam actions. He also mixed in a slider with some downer action, and a changeup with 17’ of induced vertical break on average.

+ RHP Jaden Pryor (Oak Creek, 2026) impressed our staff in his first PBR event in Milwaukee. On the mound he showed a long, in-line arm with a fastball that sat 78-79 mph (79.8 max) with arm-side run and some life. His curveball showed a short 11/5 action, and he showed feel for the pitch. He featured a changeup that showed running action (14.5’ HM avg.) with some feel for the pitch. At the plate he showed a swing path geared for line drives through center, producing a max exit velocity of 85 mph and a max distance of 257 feet.

+ LHP Noah Ruleford (Burlington, 2026) made his PBR event debut in Milwaukee. Listed at 5-foot-9, 158-pounds, Ruleford showed well on the mound. The left-hander showed an athletic delivery with tempo with a fastball that sat 75-76 mph (76.7 max) with arm-side run. His curveball played with slurve actions, and he showed above average feel for the pitch. He showed quality spin on the pitch with an average of 2,213 rpm. To round out his three-pitch mix he threw a changeup that showed sink at times. At the plate, he showed relaxed hands with the ability to drive the ball to both gaps.

+ RHP Caden Constantine (Oak Creek, 2026) is another freshman who made his PBR debut at the event in Milwaukee. Constantine impressed our staff on the mound. His fastball sat 76-80 mph (80.2 max) and showed some life out of the hand with slight arm-side run. He featured two offspeed pitches with a curveball that showed gradual 11/5 shape, and a changeup that plays with fade to the arm-side. At the plate he showed the ability to drive balls to both gaps white recording a max EV of 82.8 mph.