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Future Games Helped Make It All Happen For UMass Commit

Bruce Hefflinger
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Future Games Helped Make It All Happen For UMass Commit

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Adam Merritt RHP / SS / Kingswood Oxford, CT / 2024

WEST HARTFORD, Ct. - “It all became real two years ago,” Adam Merritt said about his quest to play college baseball.

“I got time on varsity freshman year, performed well and thought it might be something I wanted to do,” the Kingswood Oxford High School senior reflected. “I talked to my coaches and they said ‘if my numbers grow Division I might be attainable for you.’ I was just trying to have fun and hangout with friends. But my numbers improved and it all became real on the big stage like the Future Games.”

That was where the 46th-rated 2024 right-handed pitcher in New England was seen by Massachusetts-Amherst.

“That’s the first time they saw me,” Merritt noted. “We had no contact before. After that they followed me on Twitter and came to games in the spring. I went on a visit at the beginning of June once school ended and they came to see me play in the summer. They were on me a lot, but I was still on the summer circuit. I wanted to make sure it was right.”

There were visits to Georgetown and Quinnipiac, but just before the school year started Merritt made his decision.

“UMass felt like the right place,” Merritt explained. “It felt like home when I went there. I wanted to make sure it was right for the next four years. I had a lot of good conversations with the staff. It was one of the top schools on my list. It all seemed to line up.”

That was the case for UMass as well in looking at the 48th-ranked senior in Connecticut.

“They like my projectability,” the 5-10 185-pounder said. “They like my offspeed a lot. They saw me at the Future Games and have seen my progression through the year through social media and PBR.”

It has been quite a progression since Merritt started high school.

“Freshman year I was 140 pounds,” the 12th-rated 2024 RHP in Connecticut reflected. “I worked out and gained weight and by sophomore year my numbers were up to the mid-to-upper 80s. I became obsessed with the game and with getting better at it. I did a lot of videos and became really coachable, taking pieces of others that were successful. Improving my strength and mechanics were big things.”

As was getting exposure.

“The first thing I did for my recruitment was I went to a PBR event and did well,” Merritt noted. “I hit 90 that day and got invited to the Future Games. That’s when it really took off. PBR really helped with getting my numbers out to schools.

“The Future Games was like nothing else in the country with all those schools there,” Merritt added. “Seeing all those coaches in one place was definitely impactful for me. I didn’t do great, but it helped me get used to that kind of stage. Come spring more schools were watching me. By mid-spring UMass came to see me and asked me to come on a visit. They were the first ones that wanted to meet me and have me come on campus.”

His parents along with Mike Perry and Mike Munson with the Connecticut Moose travel team are also credited by Merritt with playing major roles in his baseball journey to the Atlantic 10 Conference university, located 90 minutes from home.

“It’s a stressful process for most kids not knowing the landscape of it all,” the 134th-ranked senior in New England said. “Going somewhere that will take care of me and that likes me is exciting.”

Merritt, who carries a 3.7 GPA and plans to major in business in college, believes he has a lot to bring to UMass.

“On the field I’m an intense worker,” the 18-year-old explained. “I try to be as perfect as possible while helping my teammates out. That’s something I pride myself on.”

There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to playing college baseball.

“I’m excited for the new environment,” Merritt concluded. “Having to work extra hard is something I enjoy about this game. There’s nothing like working hard at something you love, something you’ve dreamed about … playing college sports.”

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