Underclass Prospect Games: Corner Infield Analysis

By Rob Allison
Iowa Scouting Director

The Underclass Prospect Games brought over 30 uncommitted prospects to showcase themselves to colleges in attendance in the one day event held at the University of Iowa. Over the next week we will unveil our analysis of the top players at their respective positions.

Originally we planned on analyzing middle infielders and corner infielders together; but the depth and quality was so deep in this group it deserved a category of it's own.  Many of the corner infielders are 2 way players; this list is only analyzing them based on their ability as a position player.

Earning the top spot for corner infielders in this event is Brendan Dougherty from Dowling Catholic in Des Moines.  Dougherty showed athleticism and ability to field his position but the separating factor was due to his ability to hit.  Projects to hit for high average and power could take off with strength improvements over the next 2 year.  Ultimately this position had 5-6 players that have the ability to play Division 1 baseball.

TOP Corner infield PROSPECTS

1. Brendan Dougherty, 3B/RHP, Dowling Catholic, 2016
6-foot-1, 160-pound third baseman- right handed pitcher.  4.84 home to first time.  Athletic balanced set-up offensively.  Smooth load and stride.  Cocks wrists before initiating swing.  Creates some whip at contact.  Very fluid swing, bat is long through hitting zone, line drive swing plane with some lift at the end, still head, solid contact with each swing.  88 mph exit velocity off tee.  Defensively shows proper mechanics, plays tall through ball, short arm action from high ¾ slot, arm works, shows carry and accuracy.  78 mph across infield.  On the mound, simple balanced delivery.  Controlled rhythm.  Low effort mechanics.  Short repeatable arm.  Ability to play catch.  Throws strikes with three pitches.  Fastball ranged 77-79 mph.  Curveball sat 64-66mph.  Changeup was 69-70 mph.

2. Kyle Crowl, 3B, Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln, 2016
6-foot-2, 175-pound infielder.  Lanky solid build.  4.59 home to first.  Right handed hitter, slight hand load, close to pre-set, tends to drop hands when initiating swing, takes knob of bat to contact.  Small uphill swing plane, high finish, level head, stays on baseballs through contact. Quality gap to gap approach.  84 mph exit velocity off tee.  Defensively shows good athleticism, feet and glove work well, and consistently makes routine plays.  Arm is above average tool touching 86 mph across infield from high ¾ slot.  Throws show carry and accuracy.

3. Connor Lindaman, 1B/RHP, Davenport Assumption, 2016
6-foot-4, 240-pound 2 way player.  5.0 home to first time.  Right handed hitter, easy load and stride into contact, low hand set to start, line-drive swing plane with lift at finish.  Upper and lower half sequence well.  Gap to gap approach.  Ball jumps well when Lindaman gets extended.  Loud triple to right center gap in game.  Projected middle of order bat.  89 mph exit velocity off tee.  Probably needs to turn it loose little more for body type.  At times can be contact oriented.  Defensively, moves well at first base.  Good awareness around bag to handle throws from across the diamond.  Throws from over the top slot.  Easily handles the position with ability to start double plays with quality glove and feet.

4. Jack Knutson, 3B/RHP, Blue Valley Northwest (KS), 2016
6-foot-0, 200-pound 2 way player from Kansas.  4.5 home to first time.  Right handed hitter, pre-set load, balanced attacking stride to contact, aggressive and offensive to contact, stays through balls well.  Does become disconnected, will arm bar at times.  90 mph exit velocity off tee.  Overall above average hitting ability.  Defensively moves well through ball while fielding.  Does good job following throws across diamond.  Average feet and hands.  Tends to field tall.  84 mph across the diamond.

5. Javin Drake, 3B/RHP, Wilton, 2016
6-foot-4, 190-pound third baseman- right handed pitcher.  4.78 home to first time.  Long body with lean strength.  Good projection with body.  Front heel turn trigger.  Mostly pre-set load with hands.  Flat bat before swing.  Line drive swing plane.  Does show some uphill at times.  Long levers help create above average bat speed.  Drives through ball well with hands.  Defensively plays low to ground, moves well for his size, shows ability with glove, short arm action producing 82 mph velocity across infield.

6. Jordan Reid, 3B, Fairfield, 2016
5-foot-11, 170-pound third baseman.  4.66 home to first time.  Right handed hitter, slight shoulder turn load, strides into plate, flat swing producing solid contact, tends to get around baseballs.  Exit velocity off tee 81 mph.  Defensively, works ground to up, has energy, glove works well.  Average actions but has athleticism to make plays.  Low ¾ arm slot producing top velocity across diamond of 71 mph.  Consistently makes above average plays in infield.


Zeb Adreon, 1B/LHP, Pleasantville, 2016
6-foot-1, 180-pound first baseman/ left handed pitcher. 4.53 home to first.  Left handed hitter, small load, no stride, balanced swing, steady head throughout swing, consistent solid contact, flat bat plane through contact, 83 mph exit velocity from tee.  Has fluid actions around first base, moves with rhythm, soft hands, accurate throws around infield.  79 mph across infield.

William Angstman, 3B/RHP, Linn-Mar, 2018
6-foot-0, 170-pound third baseman/ right handed pitcher.  5.1 home to first.  Right handed hitter, wide stance, circular hand load, no stride. Path works uphill, 80 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively in the infield uses long arm action from a mid ¾ slot, 72 mph across.

Derek Dreller, LHP/1B, Dowling Catholic, 2016
6-foot-2, 170-pound left handed pitcher- first baseman.  4.79 home to first.  Left handed hitter, high hands, high back elbow, narrow stance, short stride, simple mechanics, easy swing.  Downhill swing plane, short to ball.  79 mph exit velocity off tee.  Defensively, easy actions at first base.  Ability to make routine plays.  Shows proper angles with good glove and feet.

Ryan Miller, RHP/1B, North Scott, 2016
6-foot-3, 175-pound frame.  4.85 home to first time.  Right handed hitter, no load, no stride, uses all upper half, minimal energy from lower half.  Line-drive swing plane, tends to hit bottom half of ball.  84 mph exit velocity off tee.  Defensively, good fielding position, active feet, field routine balls, works to get around balls and be active.

Colton Mills, 1B/RHP, Johnston, 2016
6-foot-3, 200-pound 2 way player.  5.12 home to first time.  Right handed hitter, inverted C load, toe tap stride.  Swings from back leg, uphill swing plane, short in zone, short finish, lacks extension through contact.  Hips spin through contact.  Defensively, active feet, fields routine, shows ability to handle position.  Throws from high ¾ slot, 74 mph across infield.

Michael Olsen, 1B/RHP, Linn Mar, 2017
6-foot-1, 175-pound first baseman and right handed pitcher.  Home to first time of 5.28.  Right handed hitter, very active load and stride, strides across body, cuts off swing, minimal use of top hand in swing.  Exit velocity off tee 77 mph.  ¾ arm slot across infield.  Fields tall at position.  69 mph across diamond.