Preseason All-State Player Spotlight: Davis Payne, 1B, CBA HS, NY (2017)

Dan Cevette
Davis Payne
Director, New York

Name: Davis Payne
High School: CBA
Position: 1B
Projects As: Power Hitting 1B

Scouting Report
Davis Payne, 1B, CBA HS, NY (2017)
Payne stands 6-foot-4, 205-pounds with incredible size and projection at the corner. At first base he fields the ball out in front of his body, uses good footwork for his size lining up with his target, clean arm action, throws from a high-3/4 slot, infield arm strength at 68 mph. Velocity projection with maturity. At the plate he has next level tools. His setup is relaxed and upright. On the pitch he loads back, powers his hands inside the ball (85 mph exit velo), level through the zone, short path. Long extension out in front with a high balanced finish. Power potential is there, with continued development expect big things from him. Excited to see Payne on full display Feb. 15 at our MEGA Preseason Invite-Only event.

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