Denver Metro Prospect ID: Corners Analysis

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director

The Prep Baseball Report’s Denver Metro Prospect ID took place Tuesday June 23rd at Grandview High School. 25 prospects completed a pro-style workout for the PBR Colorado's Scouting Staff, several of whom are new to the staff.

Over the course of this week we will break down the performances of the prospects by position.  Leading off our look are the corner infielders.

Corner Infield Analysis: 

Jack Patterson, 2018, Evergreen High School 3B  
Patterson ran a 7.56 60-yard dash, threw 66 mph from his 3B position and showcased a 75 mph bat exit velocity.  The 6-foot-1, 180-pound prospect showed an accurate arm from his position and moved well on balls in the hole and slow rollers.  He hits from a balanced stance with a slight leg kick for timing.  Good weight transfer at contact produces balls with good flight to the gap.

Dillon Schroeder, 2018, Grandview High School, LHP/1B
5-foot-11, 170-pound left-handed sophomore hits from a balanced stance with a short stride and level plane through the ball.  A front foot hitter who relies on timing for solid contact up the middle and to the left side, he had a 79 mph exit velocity.  On the mound Schroeder had a max fastball of 68 mph and was consistently 67-68.  He adds a 57 mph CB and 56-58 mph change.  In the field he showed good range at first base with a 69 mph arm velocity and accurate throws to 2nd base.

Nate Semmler, 2017, Chatfield High School, 3B/1B
Semmler showed well in all facets of the game. The 5-foot-11, 155-pound prospect ran a 7.85 60-yard dash, threw 67 mph across the infield and showcased a 76 mph bat exit velocity. Semmler showed athletic actions, soft hands and good carry on throws across the diamond from third base. Hitting from a 60/40 stance, a fast load with his hands puts the bat at the top of the hitting zone.  Good balance during the swing and a quick core produced line drives with good carry into the left center gap.

Braden Sullivan, 2016, Grandview High School, 3B/1B
Sullivan, a 6-foot-0, 208-pound, senior showed well as one of the few 2016 prospects in attendance. He ran a 7.95 60-yard dash, threw 73 mph across the diamond and showcased an 83 mph bat exit velocity. Sullivan had a solid round of batting practice with a balanced athletic set up.  A level swing path keeps the bat in the hitting zone for a long time and allows for good plate coverage and power to the gaps.  Good weight transfer at contact with a high finish.

Mathew Turner, 2017, Broomfield High School, 1B/RHP
6-foot-5, 180-pound junior hits from a tall 60/40 stance with long arms that swing the bat level through the zone.  Good lower half drive at contact produced an 83 mph exit velocity and balls with good carry into the gaps.  Turner ran a 7.47 60 and showed good athletic feet at first base that put him in good throwing position to 2nd base on double play balls.  He had a 71 mph arm velocity during infield evaluations.

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