South Alabama Games: Pitcher Reports

PBR Alabama Staff

MOBILE, AL - The South Alabama Games was held on Wednesday, July 13th at The Performance Lab in Mobile, AL. This event was an invite-only event that consisted of prospects from the 2023-2027 classes. These players went through extended pro-style workout that included batting practice using Trackman and Blast Motion, participated in defensive evaluations, ran the 60 yard-dash using Swift Performance, and much more. Pitchers were able to throw in simulated bullpens during the workout and were able to get numbers and metrics off of our Trackman unit, such as pitch velocity, spin rate, horizontal & vertical movement & much more. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing on Wednesday.

Wrapping up our post-event coverage for this event, we take a look at all of the pitchers that threw a bullpen at the event. 

Kaden Burgdorf, Faith Academy (AL), 2027
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-6, 120-pounds. Small, lean frame.
Delivery: Tall and fall type delivery, really athletic delivery.
Arm Action: RH. Short, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T76.6, 75.8-76.4 mph. Mostly straight with some natural sink, cut at times.  T2230, 2169 average rpm.
CB:  Tight 11/5 action, commanded well to the gloveside.  2304 average rpm.
SL: 63.4-66.1 mph. Late action with tight spin.  T2414, 2381 average rpm.
CH: 66.4-66.8 mph. Feel for the solid secondary offering, commanded the bottom half of the zone.  T1492, 1408 average rpm.

Frank Mercante, Bayshore Christian (AL), 2027
Positional Profile: C/OF
Body: 5-5, 125-pounds. Short, compact frame.
Delivery: Easy, no wasted action. Simple.
Arm Action: RH. High 3/4 slot.
FB: T68.7, 64.4-68.7 mph. Mostly straight with occasional ASR.  T1874, 1760 average rpm.
CB: 62.1-62.2 mph. 11/5 solid action, commanded well to gloveside.  T1708, 1708 average rpm.
CH: 62.7-65.8 mph. Late sink into RH hitters.  T1584, 1470 average rpm.

Jack Blanchard, Daphne (AL), 2026
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 5-9, 130-pounds. Athletic frame, lean.
Delivery: Clean delivery with minimal movement.
Arm Action: RH. Longer, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T75.9, 74.3-75.9 mph. Creates some ASR into RH hitters, busts RH hitters in.  T1852, 1779 average rpm.
CB:  11/5 sweeping action, showed tight spin.  1685 average rpm.
SL: 65.2-65.8 mph. Late bite, showing very similar action to the breaking ball.  T1800, 1702 average rpm.
CH: 69.0-70.8 mph. Late fade, identical arm speed as fastball.  T1807, 1729 average rpm.

Austin Heiden, Foley (AL), 2025
Positional Profile: OF/LHP
Body: 5-10, 130-pounds. Lengthy frame, still developing.
Delivery: Low effort, clean actions.
Arm Action: LH. Longer arm action from a high 3/4 slot.
FB: T77.5, 75.8-77.2 mph. late action (typical LH action) T2173, 2067 average rpm.
CB: 62.9-63.6 mph. Solid 1/7 shape with command.  T1913, 1861 average rpm.
CH: 67.5-69.0 mph. Really solid offering, plays exact to the fastball out of the hand.  T1242, 1224 average rpm.

Timothy Fitzhugh, Daphne (AL), 2027
Positional Profile: 2B/RHP
Body: 5-7, 135-pounds. Proportional frame with room to develop.
Delivery: Methodal effort, high leg kick out of the windup.
Arm Action: RH. Long arm slot from over-the-top.
FB: T68.5, 65.7-67.7 mph. Mostly straight with some late sink.  T1880, 1827 average rpm.
CB:  Solid feel for the pitch, thrown with confidence. 
SL: 61.5-62.0 mph. Fairly high spin with well-shaped action, commanded the bottom half of the zone.  T2127, 2104 average rpm.
CH: 65.6-65.7 mph. Quality tumble into RH hitters, late action.  T1373, 1357 average rpm.

Woods Mcelroy, N/A (AL), 2027
Positional Profile: C/RHP
Body: 5-10, 145-pounds. Present strength in a compact frame.
Delivery: Drop and drive delivery, gets down the mound well.
Arm Action: RH. Longer, higher 3/4 slot.
FB: T69.9, 65.5-69.9 mph. Easy out of the hand, late run into RH hitters.  T1473, 1403 average rpm.
CB: 53.4-53.7 mph. 12/6 shape, buried down in the zone with confidence.  T1285, 1260 average rpm.
SL: 58.6-64.0 mph. Sweeping action, stayed down in the zone T1370, 1347 average rpm.
CH: 59.0-59.5 mph. Showed late tumble to the arm side.  T1240, 1176 average rpm.

Jackson Horn, Fairhope (AL), 2027
Positional Profile: LHP/1B
Body: 5-4, 150-pounds. Small, projectable frame.
Delivery: Clean delivery, soft landing on front foot.
Arm Action: LH. H 3/4 slot.
FB: T59.5, 54.5-58.9 mph. Some arm-side run. T1546, 1368 average rpm.
CB: 51.7-53.4 mph. Gradual 1-7 shape. T1480, 1465 average rpm.
CH: 56.3-57.6 mph. Works off the fastball with some fade. T1464, 1437 average rpm.

Michael Daniel, Auburn (AL), 2024
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 6-0, 160-pounds. Lengthy frame. High waisted, long limbs.
Delivery: Easy, clean mechanics. A lot more in the tank.
Arm Action: RH. Longer arm slot with high 3/4 action.
FB: T86.2, 84.5-85.9 mph. Showed natural sink with advanced run into RH hitters. Can miss a ton of barrels.  T2167, 2083 average rpm.
SL: 71.9-72.9 mph. Solid pitch with late bite. Commanded well to the gloveside.  T2212, 2187 average rpm.
CH: 72.4-76.3 mph. Identical to the fastball out of the hand with solid fade late. T1884, 1856 average rpm.

Ethan Barrett, Thomas County Central (GA), 2024
Positional Profile: LHP/OF
Body: 5-11, 165-pounds. Long, lean frame with plenty of room for added size, strength.
Delivery: Polished, clean delivery, starts closed with soft landing.
Arm Action: LH. Long H 3/4 slot.
FB: T83.2, 81.4-82.9 mph. Arm-side run, cuts it at times. Lots of strikes. T2195, 2074 average rpm.
CB: 68.1-69.8 mph. Sharp 1-7 break, high spin with depth. T2742, 2655 average rpm.
CH: 75.4-75.5 mph. Quality sinking action. T1593, 1556 average rpm.

Nathan Owen, Evangel Christian (AL), 2024
Positional Profile: SS/RHP
Body: 5-8, 170-pounds. Compact frame with present strength.
Delivery: Controlled, slow-tempo, keeps weight on back side.
Arm Action: RH. Compact, fast arm stroke.
FB: T83.6, 82.0-83.5 mph. Some sinking action. T2227, 2126 average rpm.
CB: 66.5-67.7 mph. Gradual 11-5 shape with depth. T2166, 2130 average rpm.
SL: 73.0-75.1 mph. Tight spin, hard to pick up. Showed some late depth. T2053, 2024 average rpm.
CH: 73.7-74.8 mph. Fading action. T1515, 1513 average rpm. 

Andrew McDaniel, Robertsdale (AL), 2025
Positional Profile: RHP/C
Body: 5-9, 175-pounds. Proportional frame, long limbs.
Delivery: Drop and drive delivery, high leg kick out of the stretch.
Arm Action: RH. Shorter arm action from a high 3/4 slot. Ball explodes out of the hand.
FB: T77.7, 72.9-77.2 mph. Showed some sinking action. T1830, 1791 average rpm.
CB: Nice 11/5 shape, thrown with a ton of confidence.  T1807, 1807 average rpm.
SL: 67.6-70.7 mph. Well- shaped out of the hand, commanded well to the gloveside.  T2089, 2061 average rpm.
CH: 69.1-69.2 mph. Late tumble, effective when down in the zone.  T1421, 1397 average rpm. 

Sutton Snypes, UMS-Wright (AL), 2023
Positional Profile: LHP/1B
Body: 6-1, 175-pounds. Has filled out physically, showing solid strength throughout the frame.
Delivery: Smooth, controlled delivery, gets down the mound well.
Arm Action: LH. Full arm circle with H 3/4 slot.
FB: T81.5, 78.6-81.1 mph. Sinking action, heavy feel. T1984, 1784 average rpm.
CB: 70.3-72.3 mph. Late downer break with 11-5 shape. T2008, 1700 average rpm.
CH: 74.2-75.0 mph. Fading action, tunnels off the fastball. T1583, 1571 average rpm.

Miles Drew Johnson, Fairhope (AL), 2025
Positional Profile: LHP/1B
Body: 6-0, 180-pounds. Athletic, proportional frame.
Delivery: Drop and delivery, solid lower half.
Arm Action: LH. Longer arm action from a high 3/4 slot.
FB: T76.9, 75.1-76.6 mph. Legit 2-seam action with late life.  T1952, 1869 average rpm.
CB: 61.9-62.2 mph. Solid 1/7 shape with feel. Pounded the bottom half with the offering.  T1864, 1809 average rpm.
CH: 66.8-66.8 mph. S/M offering, really has confidence in the pitch. Legit late fade to the pitch.  T1453, 1348 average rpm.

Parker Lomax, Daphne (AL), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/1B
Body: 6-2, 180-pounds. Athletic frame with long limbs, highly projectable.
Delivery: Drop and drive delivery, some athleticism.
Arm Action: RH. Full arm circle, quick arm.
FB: T85.1, 84.5-85.1 mph. Some sink to the bottom of the zone. T2055, 1952 average rpm.
CB: 65.1-66.0 mph. Big 11-5 shape, thrown for strikes. T2475, 2432 average rpm.
SL: 72.6-73.5 mph. Short, tight action. T2326, 2276 average rpm.
CH: 73.0-75.0 mph. Same arm speed and slot as the fastball, late fade.  T1313, 1287 average rpm.

Jack Malone, Bayshore Christian (AL), 2025
Positional Profile: C/RHP
Body: 6-0, 190-pounds. Strong frame with strength throughout.
Delivery: Slower tempo, drop and drive down the mound.
Arm Action: RH. Shorter srm slot from a high 3/4 action.
FB: T78.1, 75.9-77.5 mph. Mostly straight with some natural sink. Occasional cut.  T1904, 1808 average rpm.
CB: 63.3-65.6 mph. Showed solid 11/5 shape with late bite.  T1944, 1843 average rpm.
CH: Showed action away from RH hitters.  T1542, 1542 average rpm.

Kepler Lively, Chilton County (AL), 2024
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 6-2, 150-pounds. Long, lean frame. Can really add size and strength.
Delivery: Up-tempo delivery, soft landing with some athleticism. Impressive looking 2024 arm.
Arm Action: RH. Short action with H 3/4 slot.
FB: T82.7, 80.5-82.4 mph. Some arm-side run. T1987, 1837 average rpm.
CB: 68.3-70.0 mph. Sharp 11-5 shape, landing for strikes. T1809, 1709 average rpm.
CH: 72.4-73.7 mph. Sinking action. T1369, 1315 average rpm.

Manning Amorde, UMS-Wright (AL), 2027
Positional Profile: OF/LHP
Body: 5-11, 155-pounds. Lean frame with room for development.
Delivery: Tall and fall delivery.
Arm Action: LH. Short, compact arm action, H 3/4 arm slot.
FB: T72.4, 69.6-72.3 mph. Arm-side run, located to the outer-half well. T1799, 1741 average rpm.
CB:  Gradual, downer shape with 1-7 depth.
CH: 60.9-62.2 mph. Late fading action. T1153, 1091 average rpm. 

Dalton Fink, Oxford (AL), 2024
Positional Profile: 3B/RHP
Body: 6-3, 195-pounds. Strong lower half with broad shoulders.
Delivery: Slow tempo, drives off back side.
Arm Action: RH. Short, compact H 3/4 slot.
FB: T81.9, 80.8-81.9 mph. Some arm-side run. T2278, 2200 average rpm.
CB: 69.0-71.1 mph. Shorter shape with some depth. T2019, 1960 average rpm.
CH: Late tumble into RH hitters.  1609 average rpm.

Carson Joyner, Bayside Academy (AL), 2024
Positional Profile: 3B/RHP
Body: 5-11, 200-pounds. Present strength in a compact frame.
Delivery: Controlled tempo, really uses the lower half.
Arm Action: RH. Quick arm from a high 3/4 slot.
FB: T89.2, 85.7-88.4 mph. Showed occasional run into RH hitters T1892, 1833 average rpm.
SL: 68.4-69.6 mph. Sharp action, solid sweeping action. Late bite.  T2145, 2076 average rpm.
CH: 72.8-74.7 mph. Solid deception out of the hand, late tumble, plays well off the fastball.  T1814, 1634 average rpm.

Anthony St. Vincent, Crestview (FL), 2024 
Positional Profile: RHP/3B 
Body: 6-0, 200-pounds. Strength throughout, physical frame. 
Delivery: Fairly quick delivery, uses a strong lower half. 
Arm Action: RH. Quick arm from a high 3/4 slot, shorter arm path. 
FB: T85, 83.9-85.0 mph. Commanded well to both halves, the pitch seemed "heavy" with late sink.  T2094, 2089 average rpm.
CB:  mph. Solid 11/5 shape, late action, power breaking ball.  T2044, 2044 average rpm.
SL: Very similar to the breaking ball with tight spin.  mph. Power breaking ball showing sharp, late action.  T2246, 2224 average rpm.
CH: 76.7-77.7 mph. Commanded the pitch down in the zone with confidence, solid tumble.  T2033, 1699 average rpm.


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