Mile High Crosscheck: Week 4 Games

Mike Anderson
Colorado Scouting Director

Lewis Palmer 3    Cheyenne Mountain 2 

6.8.2021    Dave Mumper

2021, Brad Helton, RHP,  Cheyenne Mountain (Metro State commit)  2 Way player

Helton shows a balanced, fluid approach with an arm that works free and easy.  He is an efficient pitcher who attacks the strike zone and challenges hitters by pitching to contact.  His fastball sat at 86-87, touching 90 and  with two excellent off speed pitches, a curveball that has tight rotation and depth to it at 75 mph and a change up that can be an out pitch  at 72 mph.   He likes to establish the fastball and work off of it and then as the game goes on he has an uncanny ability to elevate the fastball in  high leverage situations to try and secure a strikeout and then does the same thing with the change up by throwing it down and out of the strike zone.  He is an high energy, competitive pitcher who works with good tempo and has outstanding command of all three pitches.

Fastball:           86-87  Curveball:         75  Change Up:      72  

Outstanding game, Lewis Palmer won 3-2, Helton gave up two really tough hits, one off the handle and another off the cap in the 6th and that was the difference in the game.

One of Lewis Palmer's best players, Justin Hudson is going to Barton County CC and the coach there had set him up to go to Puerto Rico to play for the summer and so he left earlier this week and will miss the rest of the high school season.  


6.10.2021 Mike Anderson

Holy Family  7     Severance 2 

At 15-1, Holy Family remained one of the hottest teams in the state. In this week, they have had impressive wins vs Frederick and Top 5A Chatfield.    Uncommitted, 2023,  Jacob Syverson, RHP/C Holy Family HS, threw a 87 pitch complete game.  Syverson was efficient and in control throughout the game.  He used a repeatable  delivery and pounded the zone with his FB 84-87, SL 77-78, SLV 74 and his CH 78-80.  Pitched both sides of plate well and up in zone in advantage counts.  He used a “get me over” SLV to get ahead and his SL as a Strikeout pitch.  SL has late break, +spin and down in zone.  Easy, but attacking demeanor on the mound.  Very effective and great feel for change of speeds to hitters


Jacob Syverson had opportunity to pitch to his brother, Uncommitted 2021, Andrew Syverson, C, Holy Family.  Andrew has strong arm 2.04 pop and great hands and receiving behind the dish.  Demonstrated soft receiving skills, he works down to up. He has some length in swing, but creates quick and consistent line drive path.  Past events with PBR produced 93+ Exit Velos.  Strong student with + grades!

Holy Family continues to develop top prospects for the collegiate levels.  2021, Blake Hammond, RHP, (Santa Clara Commit), 2021, Conner Cooney, OF, (Holy Cross Commit), 2021, Izaak Siefken,  RHP/Inf, (Illinois Commit).  Siefken going to Illinois as a RHP throwing 91-92 with ++ OS also Homered and hit a double in Thursday’s game 


2022, Carson Fagan, MIF, Severance continues to impress.  The SS shows above avg defensive skills and strong arm.  Good range as SS, still see his collegiate position as a corner.  3 hole hitter with Gap to Gap abilities.   2023, Nolan Hertzke, 3B, Severance shows great athleticism and developing baseball skills.  A QB, Hertzke has strong frame with potential for future power.  Shows ability to use all fields.  Developing talent that catches your eye. 


6.10.2021  Dave Mumper

Mullen 15  Arapahoe 5

2022 Trevor Moore, RHP/INF,  Mullen HS.  Stanford Commit (Trevor was the DH today)  Trevor shows a balanced approach that allows for gap power, primarily in the    middle of the field.  He is quiet and allows his hands to work and showed the ability to barrel up four balls in four at bats with good, loud, hard contact.  His bat path has a slight uphill angle which allows him to create some loft and carry on many of his hard hit balls.  His approach and his bat speed will allow him to hit a wide variety of pitches to all fields.  His calm demeanor will be an asset to him at the next level, whether it is as a pitcher or as a position player.


2021 Garrett Dykstra,  LHP,  Arapahoe HS (Garden City CC Commit)  Garrett demonstrates an efficient, compact, controlled delivery.  He attacks hitters on both sides of the plate especially working inside to right handed hitters.  His delivery creates a degree of deception as he has the ability to hide the ball from the hitter, giving the hitter less time to recognize the pitch.  He sits between 83-85 with the fastball and his breaking ball is 69-70, the change in velocity makes the fastball appear harder than it is, his ability to pitch backward with good command creates an uncomfortable at bat for the hitter and Garrett continues to make the hitter off balance.  He also does an excellent job of fielding his position.





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