2022 Rewind: Top Average Fastball Spin Rates

PBR Alabama Staff

As we are beginning to wrap up the year of 2022 and gear up for the 2023 Preseason, our PBR Alabama Staff has decided to gather all the numbers and data from our event schedule in 2022. With this being our fourth leaderboard from the year, we will break all of our numbers down and compile them into leaderboards for all statistical categories.

All of the data for the following exit velocity leaderboard comes from our TrackMan unit and is based on the information gathered from PBR Alabama events such as, Preseason ID's, Preseason All-State, Rising Stars, PBR Future Games, summer open events, Invite-Only events and our Scout Days.

Continuing our rewind of our 2022 leaderboards, we are taking a look at the Top-25 Average Fastball Spin Rates from 2022. Click HERE to view the 2022 Rewind: Top Fastball Velocities.


TOP Average FASTBALL Spin Rates OF 2022

Spin Rate: This metric calculates the rate of spin on the baseball as it leaves the pitcher’s hand, measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). Historical data shows that high-spin fastballs lessen the impact of gravity, allowing for more ‘rise’ (or less fall, in other words) as it carries through the zone. Low-spin fastballs typically indicate the pitch has greater horizontal action, often making it tougher to square up, but generally easier to make contact with, leading to more ground balls, while high-spin fastballs show a correlation with swings and misses.

1 Zachary Wyatt AL Thompson 2023 RHP 2492 rpm
2 Connor Gatwood AL Baker 2024 RHP 2418 rpm
3 Gatlin Pitts AL Bayside Academy 2024 SS/RHP 2387 rpm
4 Brayley Smith AL Pell City 2024 RHP 2359 rpm
5 Bo Bachtel AL Gardendale 2024 OF/RHP 2343 rpm
6 Eli Driskell AL Faith Academy 2024 RHP 2334 rpm
7 Jack Bryson AL Marbury 2023 RHP/SS 2328 rpm
8 Carter Johnson AL Oxford 2024 SS/RHP 2313 rpm
9 Reed Hartsfield AL Chelsea 2024 OF/RHP 2306 rpm
10 Mason McCraine AL Glenwood 2025 LHP 2285 rpm
11 Levi Hall AL Hazel Green 2023 C/RHP 2283 rpm
12 Andrew Bennett AL Mobile Christian 2027 RHP 2282 rpm
13 Alex Sherman AL UMS-Wright Preparatory 2024 RHP 2269 rpm
14 Ryan Everly AL Sparkman 2024 RHP 2268 rpm
15 Wyatt Baldwin AL Hazel Green 2023 INF/RHP 2252 rpm
16 Jake Fridley AL Hoover 2026 C/RHP 2248 rpm
17 Nathan Owen AL Evangel Christian 2024 RHP/SS 2244 rpm
18 Charlie Cassingham AL Grissom 2025 SS/RHP 2231 rpm
19 Ian Cartwright AL Alexandria 2024 OF/RHP 2230 rpm
20 Austin Uptain AL Athens 2024 SS/RHP 2223 rpm
21 Hayden Greer AL John Carroll Catholic 2024 OF/LHP 2221 rpm
22 Connor Gehr AL Gulf Shores 2024 RHP 2216 rpm
23 Will Greenwood AL Jacksonville 2024 RHP 2207 rpm
24 Luke Davenport AL James Clemens 2024 RHP 2205 rpm
25 Dalton Fink AL Pell City 2024 3B/RHP 2200 rpm


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