Tucson Open: Quick Hits

Shea Sbranti
Arizona Scouting Director

On Saturday, August 27th, Prep Baseball Report Arizona hosted the Tucson Open at the University of Arizona. The Tucson Open is an open showcase provided for players in the 2023-2026 classes in the state of Arizona. Giving the players the chance to showcase their skills in front of the PBR Arizona Staff using state-of-the-art technology on field. 

Today, we’ll begin to publish our findings from the Tucson Open in the form of this Quick Hits post. In no order, we will state some of our initial takeaways and highlights from Saturday’s showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post-event coverage.

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Gavin Smith SS / 2B / Valley Christian , AZ / 2024

6-foot 165 pound Smith was a player we were looking forward to seeing going into the Tucson Open and he did not disappoint. The true shortstop put on a show this past weekend, showing a clean glove and accurate arm across the infield with a 86mph arm. At SS Smith has soft feet and good first step with lateral movement. At the plate Smith showed a mature round of BP with a center of the field approach.Smith showed a high leg lift, hands that worked inside the baseball with weight on his backside. At this moment Smith is a singles and doubles type hitter, with added strength we feel Smith will be a top of the line-up type hitter with power to the gaps. Smith is currently the #26 ranked player in the 2024 class and will be a high follow going into the Fall and Spring seasons.


Lucas Shannon 3B / RHP / Salpointe Catholic , AZ / 2025

6-foot-2 195 pound, Shannon showed an above average projectable build at the Tucson Open Saturday. The 2025 two-way prospect showed a HTQ slot and loose arm on the mound with a FB topping out at 86 mph. With Shannons slot he creates a good amount of sink with a HM of 16.7. If Shannon is able to attack the bottom of the zone moving forward we feel he will be able to amplify his success. At the plate Shannon had a balanced and simple stance with his hands working back at shoulder height. Shannon’s strong build showed with a 95 mph EV with line drives to the gaps. Shannons best contact was middle to middle away. Shannon is currently ranked the #19 player in the 2025 class but we see him climbing in the days to come. Shannon will be a high follow in the upcoming Fall and Spring seasons.


Jorge Zazueta 1B / OF / Desert view, AZ / 2025

6-foot 165 Pound, Zazueta was fun to watch this past weekend at the Tucson Open. 2025 grad Zazueta has a longer build that has room for growth. At the plate he showed his strengths with 74 mph bat speed and a topped out exit velocity of 93. Zazueta has a balanced stance with weight that goes into his back side, and a bat path that creates some natural loft. Zazueta showed some power to the pull side in his rounds, handling balls on the inner half well and hitting deep fly balls to the left field track. At firstbase, Zazueta played tall but worked through the ball well and had simple actions with the feet. When making a clean transfer with the glove he is able to stay short and accurate. We look forward to following Zazueta as he goes into his sophomore season at Desert View.


Adreano Lopez C / 3B / Cienega, AZ / 2025

5-foot-9 145 pound, Lopez showed well this past weekend at the Tucson open. At the plate Lopez showed a simple and compact swing that produced line drives to both fields. Lopez has a short simple set up and light toe lift load, his hands work inside well with a barrel path to match working on plane and producing quality contact. With added size we see Lopez being a gap-to-gap type hitter. Behind the plate Lopez had a smooth transfer and good arm topping at 74 mph down to second base. Lopez did show some accuracy issues with misses to the second base side of the bag, but when on the bag showed times under 2.0. The Arizona staff is looking forward to following Lopez’s progression as he goes into his Sophomore season at Cienega.


Aciel Guillen SS / 2B / Salpointe Catholic, AZ / 2025

5-foot-9 160 pounds, Guillen was perhaps the most intriguing player to come out of the Tucson Open. The 2025 put together a great round of BP with line drives around the field and deep fly balls to the gaps. Guillen has a shoulder width stance and toe tap load, short hands to the ball and creates extension through. Right now Guillen looks to be a middle of the order type hitter with quality barrel awareness. With added size Guillen could be a top of the order type bat that will produce power to the gaps. At shortstop Guillen showed soft hands and good actions with the feet and a second best 85 mph across with an over the top arm action. We see Guillen staying up the middle of the field at the next level on the right side of the diamond. We look forward to watching Guillen go into his sophomore year at Salpointe Catholic as he is a high follow for the Arizona staff.


Jacob Croxford OF / C / Liberty , AZ / 2024

5-foot-11, 170 pound, Croxford has had a breakout summer with the Canyon Thunder as he goes into his junior year at Liberty High School. The 12th ranked OF in the state has shown the Arizona staff his athletic ability posting a 6.92 60 at a previous event that translates in the outfield and on the bases. At the plate, Croxford uses the middle of the field and, with added strength, could be a potential gap to gap power type hitter. In the outfield Croxford has a HTQ slot with quick glove to throw skills. We look forward to seeing Croxford in the Fall and Spring seasons as he is a high follow for the Arizona staff.


Felix Enriquez 1B / RHP / Salpointe , AZ / 2023

6-foot-2 250 pound, Enriquez put on a show in Saturday’s round of BP at the Tucson Open. Enriquez has a large build that produced the highest EV of the day at 100 mph. Enriquez has a wide balanced base in the box and short load, his bat path works flat through the zone and produces deep fly balls to the gaps. With a quality barrel percentage of 71 at the Tucson Open, we feel 2023 grad Enriquez could be a big time power bat going into the Fall and Spring season at Salpointe. We look forward to following Enriquez moving forward.


Raydon Rocha SS / 2B / Vail Academy, AZ / 2026

5-foot-10 145 pound, Rocha was one of the stand out 2026 grads at this past weekend's Tucson Open. The RHH showed it during BP with 71 mph bat speed and a peak exit velocity of 90 mph. Rocha stands tall in the box with a medium high lift, his batpath is compact and direct with a long finish through the ball. Throughout his round Rocha drove balls to both gaps, and handled the ball on the outer half well. Rocha moves well up the middle and has a stiff glove at times. His arm works well with a long over the top action topping at 77mph across. Rocha will be a high follow for the Arizona staff as he goes into his Fall and Spring season at Vail Academy.


Gennaro Brito OF / LHP / Tucson Magnet, AZ / 2025

5-foot-10 160 pound, Brito was one of the standouts at this past weekend’s Tucson Open. The two-way prospect impressed on the mound showing a loose short arm and get’s down the mound well. Brito had a max FB velo of 83 mph that worked for heavy strikes at the bottom of the zone. Brito showed a sweepy slider that broke well to his glove side and worked at the bottom of the zone. At the plate Brito showed a simple compact swing that showed some pop to the pull side. If Brito can keep his hands inside it will benefit him moving forward. Brito handled the ball out over the plate best. We look forward to following Brito as he goes into his sophomore season at Tucson Magnet.

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