Prep Baseball Report

Podcast: Deep Dive - 2023 MLB Draft & North Carolina

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
Prep Baseball Report

Brandon and Matt are back and looking forward to sitting down weekly throughout the year to talk all things baseball in North Carolina and more.  The guys will discuss players, events, games, and anything else they may have seen while around the field recently.

This week the guys talk about some of the following:

 + Where have the guys been
 + Catching up on lost time
 + 2023 MLB Draft
 + Players that made jumps... How did they do it
 + College World Series - Late Bumps to several prospects???
 + Several NC Players Drafted -- Where were they in HS
 + NC/SC Border Battle -- Best Event in PBR NC History
 + Players to know from the Border Battle
 + Break down of some of the talent from Team Carolina Trials: East
 + PBR Future Games -- Team Carolina
 + Late additions to Team Carolina from Border Battle and Team Carolina Trials
 + Looking forward to the Future Games & NC Top Prospect Games
 + Could 2023 NC Top Prospect Games be best ever...


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