Pitchers Analysis from June 21st WNY Prospect ID Games

Dan Cevette
New York Scouting Director

Pitcher Analysis from June 21st WNY Prospect ID Games

Calvin Blish RHP/1B (Elmira HS, NY 2015)                            
Blish stands a strong 6-foot-2 205 pounds with a fastball at 87-88 mph with  some late run. He showed a nice 12/6 shape curveball that ranged 71-75. His mechanics are a touch funky with short arm action but it works for him. He’s relatively new to the position so there’s some upside and projection with Blish and I feel there’s more in the tank when he gets it all figured out.

Jack Caswell LHP (St. Thomas Aquinas, Ontario 2015)

Caswell has great size at 6-foot-3 180 pounds and oozes projection. His fastball was consistently in the low 80’s topping 83 mph. He shows a nice 1/7 shape curveball with some sharp action at 70 mph. Changeup had hand speed and faded arm side at 74 mph. His fastball has late life and arm side run with some deception. Needs to add some weight and could see some added velocity.  

Nicholas Virdo RHP (St. Marguerite D’Youville, Ontario 2016)

Virdo stands 6-foot-3 180 pounds and has a high ceiling. His fastball sat 82-84 mph but has the late life on it appearing harder. He steps across his body and gets some extra arm side run because of that, not sure if I would change it or not, works for him. His 69 mph slider had nice sweep to it with 10/4 shape. Virdo is definitely a projectable pitcher at the next level.

Zachary Fascia C/RHP (Turner Fenton, Ontario 2016)

Fascia has good size at 6-foot-1 190 pounds. He showed good arm strength sitting 84-86 mph on the fastball. He has good action on the ball and threw a lot of strikes. His curveball had some sharp spin with 11/5 shape at 65-68 mph. Fascia is a baseball junky and work horse. He projects as a catcher (1.91 pop times all day) at the next level but has pitching in his back pocket. He will only get better.

Jacab Burlingame RHP/OF (Horseheads HS, NY 2016)

Burlingame stands 5-foot-10 170 pounds and impressed Saturday. He has a clean, smooth, effortless delivery and arm action sitting 80-83 mph but there’s more in the tank. Curveball has a lot of spin with 11/5 shape sitting 65-66 mph. He needs to improve on his changeup command but showed the makings of one with good hand speed at 73 mph. Burlingame has a lot of projection and is young, look forward to seeing him grow.

Ryan Stott RHP (Liverpool HS, NY 2015)

Stott stands 6-foot-0 182 pounds and has an athletic slender body. He works fast with all pitches rushing some. His fastball sits 80-82 with a lot of arm side run with late action. The baseball was getting on hitters late. Stott needs more arm speed on his curveball which was 62 mph, but had some tight spin and 12/6 bite.

Sean Nickerson RHP/OF (Horseheads HS, NY 2015)

Nickerson stands 6-foot-0 170 pounds and has a nice loose arm. His fastball topped 84 mph sitting 81-83 with late down action. Nickerson spins a nice 12/6 shape curveball at 70 mph for strikes. He rushes at times and ball stays up and flat, but when he is slower and relaxed the ball comes out with life down in the zone.

Sean Harris LHP/OF (Portville HS 2016)
Harris stands 6-foot-1 165 pounds and works from a ¾ arm slot. Fastball sits 75-76 mph but there’s more in the tank. His fastball has some cut movement to it with some slight late action. He throws a curveball with 1/7 shape at 61-62 mph.

Robert Shepard RHP/1B (Corning HS, NY 2015)

Shepard stands 6-foot-3 250 pounds. His fastball sits 76-78 topping 79 mph with some sink. Rushes a bit but new to the position, worked all corners of the plate and planes going up and down/ in and out in his outing. Curveball sits 63 mph with 10/4 shape with gradual action.

Austin Teets RHP/OF (Horseheads HS, NY 2015)

Teets stands 6-foot-0 175 pounds and had an athletic strong slim look. His fastball sits 77-78 mph but doesn’t use his lower half at all opening up his hips too soon. When he addresses this I know there will be more velocity. Curveball has some action to it at 63 mph with downward spin.

Nate Gorges RHP/3B (Corning HS, NY 2016)
Gorges stands 6-foot-0 180 pounds, and had a very easy and controlled delivery. His fastball sits 76-78 mph and shows a 12/6 shape curveball at 62 mph. Over the top arm slot with a smooth delivery. He has a very easy effortless arm with some projection.

Tom Easton RHP/SS (Ellicottville HS, NY 2016)

Easton stands 6-foot-1 190 pounds with a nice athletic frame. His fastball ranged 72-74 mph with short arm action. He threw a few 64 mph changeups with fastball arm speed.

Dawson Fascia RHP/C (Turner Fenton, Ontario 2015)

Fascia stands 5-foot-9 177 pounds and has a fastball ranging from 68-71 mph. He is a strike thrower with all pitches mixing in a curveball at 60 mph. He has a nice tempo in his delivery but needs to keep his front side closed longer and stay on target longer (Falls to 1b).