Unsigned Seniors: Top 10 Available 1B From This Summer's Events

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

The Prep Baseball Report has made its way to New York producing eight top flight events between June and Sept. In that time we have seen over 50 class of 2015 1B's through the door and with that came some next level talent. With 20 players already making verbal commitments, here's a look at the top 10 1B's in the class of 2015 still available from this years events.

1. Todd Brockhuizen, 1B, Pal Mac HS, NY (2015) 
Brochhuizen stands 6-foot-0 215-pounds with a big solid frame. At first he comes and gets the ball with his glove down and out in front of his body. He fields in the middle of his stance and gets low. He uses an average transfer and short quick arm action. Throws form a mid ¾ slot with a 77 mph arm across the diamond. At the plate he starts wide and balanced. On the pitch he uses a back load, small stride, hands power through the zone staying inside the ball, bat plane has a slight incline, some extension after contact with a shoulder height hard finish. He over rotates some with his hips and upper body. Bat speed was above average at 88 mph off a tee displaying power growth.

2. Chris Sullivan, 1B, Oswego HS, NY (2015)

Sullivan stands 6-foot-1 205-pounds with a strong body build. From the corner he moves quick around the bag evidenced by his 6.96 60 yard time. Fielding position is sound, transfer to release is slow, throws from a high-3/4 slot at 75 mph arm strength. At the plate his setup is wide and tall. On the pitch he uses a stride, hips slide forward and open, path is short to the ball, bat plane is level through contact. He uses a shoulder height finish, exit velocity was 90 mph off a tee showing above average power potential.

3. Jordan Bernacet, 1B, Schenectady HS, NY (2015)
Bernacet stands 5-foot-9 170-pounds with an athletic build. At first he gets behind the ball, stays low and fields the ball out in front of his body. His transfer is clean and smooth, arm slot is low-¾ and really gets his back side through the throw. At the plate he starts with his hands relaxed by his back shoulder, stands upright and feet are shoulder width apart. On the pitch he uses a leg kick and stride, hands are quiet before coming forward. His bat path is slightly inclined through the zone, he uses extension through contact and a high finish. He generates plus bat speed at 85 mph off a tee. Has received multiple offers.

4. Michael Denimarck, 1B, Webster Schroeder HS, NY (2015) 
Denimarck stands 6-foot-1 195-pounds with great size at first base and a good athletic frame. At first he fields the ball smoothly with good techniques, fields’ ball off to his throwing hard side with a quick, clean transfer. His arm action is long and he throws from a very high over the top slot collapsing on his back side with arm strength of 76 mph across the diamond. At the plate his set up is wide with hands head high. On the pitch he back loads, brings his front knee in shifting his weight back before powering his hands inside the ball with a level bat plane through the zone. His exit velocity was 85 mph showing signs of next level power potential and his finish is balanced at shoulder height.

5. Tyler Clehane, 1B, East Islip HS, NY (2015)
Clehane stands 6-foot-3 185-pounds with great size and presence at the corner. At first base he moves off the bag well getting around the ball. Stays low with glove down and out in front. Clean transfer, throws from a high-3/4 slot with arm strength at 76-78 mph. At the plate his setup is balanced and wide. Hands start back, on pitch small stride, bat plane is slightly uphill through the zone, extension after contact, shoulder height finish. Exit velocity was 80 mph. Power potential projection.

6. Matt Van Allen, 1B, West Genesee HS, NY (2015) 
Van Allen stands 6-foot-3 215-pounds and has a lot to like in size and strength. From the OF and 1B he fields the ball glove side, keeps feet moving, long arm action to a high-¾ slot at 79 mph with some carry. If he focuses his efforts this winter on building arm strength good things could come this spring. At the plate he sets up wide with his weight back. On the pitch he uses a back load, hands drop some, bat path is long, plane is slightly inclined through the zone, he generates powerful bat speed at 87 mph off a tee, he uses long extension and a high finish.

7. Robert Shepard, 1B, Corning HS, NY  (2015)
Shepard moves well around the bag, keeps his feet moving, and fields the ball out in front of his body. He has an average transfer, short arm action and throws 74 mph from a mid-¾ slot across the diamond. At the plate Shepard brings some next level power potential with above average bat speed over 90 mph. He sets up with his hands high, uses a small stride from a wide base. His bat path is slightly inclined through the zone, powerful hands stay inside the ball, high finish after contact.

8. Jake McArdell, 1B, Cicero-North HS, NY (2015) 
McArdell stands 6-foot-2 240-pounds with a big strong body. At first he moves to the ball, stays behind the ball, fields the ball out in front of his body and uses a quick transfer. He throws with a short arm action from a mid ¾ slot at 70 mph. At the plate he bats from the left side with a tall approach, hands high and weight shifted back. On the pitch he shifts his front knee back, uses a back load all for timing. His hands are quick and powerful with above average bat speed at 86 mph, he has long strong extension through contact with a high finish.

9. Brandon Gwinner, 1B, Schenectady HS, NY (2015)
Gwinner stands 6-foot-2 185-pounds and lean. At the plate he starts semi wide and uses a small stride before the swing. He uses a back load, bat path is level through the zone with his hands staying tight to his body. His exit velocity was 83 mph off a tee. At the corner he gets around the ball some and funnels tight to his core. His transfer is clean and throws form a mid-3/4 slot at 78 mph. He ran a 7.0 60 yard dash.

10. Austin Ross, 1B, Horseheads HS, NY (2015)
Ross stands 6-foot-3 211-pounds and has a strong solid frame. With the bat he has an athletic setup and strides on contact landing open. He uses his back side well, swings level through the zone, has gap to gap power potential with his exit velocity at 88 mph. At 1B he moves well for a kid his size and throws from a low/mid-3/4 slot. His arm strength was 72 mph to third.

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