Team Carolina Future Games - SC Catcher Analysis

Eddie Tisdale
Scouting Director - South Carolina

The PBR Future Games is the biggest underclass recruiting event in the country.  The 2019 version moved to LakePoint in Emerson, GA, and continued to grow in terms of the talent on the field and the coaches and schools in attendance.  Over 500 of the top uncommitted underclass players from across the country, and Canada, performed in front of over 320 college coaches and scouts.

For the second year, Team Carolina combined the top prospects from North Carolina and South Carolina.  Position players participated in a full pro-style workout on day 1, with most of the workouts coming on one field for the coaches and scouts.  The following three days saw Team Carolina take on Team Georgia, Team Florida, and Team Alabama. 

As we continue our coverage of the 2019 PBR Future Games, we begin to jump into the individual player evaluations.  Today we take a look at a high level backstop that represented Team Carolina.



~ Team Carolina Analysis - SC Catcher ~



Justin Lehman C / RHP / Nation Ford, SC / 2021

 6-2, 180lb frame with sloped shoulders and lean strength. Substantial physical potential with room to add mass and a frame to support it. 7.50 sixty time. 78 mph catcher velocity and 1.97-2.15 POP Times. 88 mph exit velocity (tee). Left handed hitter works from a taller stance with the weight stacked slightly over the backside. Loose rhythm pre pitch with slight wiggle of the barrel. Open stance with a toe tap timing mechanism. Moderate stride length lands slightly closed, slight shoulder turn when the stride foot hits. Hands worked freely inside the ball with line drive feel to the opposite field. Positive attack angle and uphill path through contact with a long one handed finish. Collected two hits in game and flashed some pop to the opposite field with a loud fly out to the wall in LF. Good bend in the hips behind the plate with a lower set up and wider crouch. Strong hands and wrists handling balls inside the shoulders as well as to the edges of the zone. Athletic behind the plate with above avg blocking ability and good recovery. Quick exchanges from the crouch into a short OTT release that produced accurate throws with minimal fade. Confident in the throwing ability, picked off two runners throwing behind in game. 




- Justin Lehman -