SoCal ProCase Spotlight: LHP Jake Thrift

California Staffer: Joey Cohen


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San Juan Capistrano, CA -  Jake Thrift - Was able to take in two of Thrift's starts this year and I can confidently this dual starting QB and ace for Moorpark HS was the best Ventura County Pitcher I saw. Ventura County agreed with this testament as the All-Coastal Canyon League awarded him Pitcher of the Year. The first outing I took in of his was against Newbury Park where he didn’t have his best stuff but still put out a solid outing going 4.2 2R/6H/7K. Then in his second start against a real solid Camarillo offense, he put together a top 3 start I’ve seen this year going six scoreless 1H/0R/13Ks. Two big things stood out to me in those starts. First, he understands his stuff and he knows exactly how he wants to attack hitters with that stuff. Secondly, he has one of the more serious, fast, and workmanlike manners I've ever seen from a HS pitcher. Thrift was effective in the simulated game action of our ProCase where he faced off against elite HS hitters as he only gave up one hit against the six batters he faced.  

The Report: 

Body: 6-foot-1, 180 pounds. Medium athletic build with a solid base and present strength in the lower half. Strength improvements throughout should help him make a velo jump.

Mechanics: One of the more repeatable and simple deliveries of the showcase. Thrift side steps into an overhead windup. Leg raise is straight up and down and he keeps his backside stable over the rubber. At hand break he keeps his glove hand down and pulls it tight. Uses a moderate stride that is kept inline. Stays closed well until footstrike and gets a good lead leg block which allows for good transfer up the chain. At hand break his arm works into a compact arm circle that comes up to release pretty quick. Comes out of the H ¾ slot. Follow-through is consistent at finish. 

FB: 85-86 T87 Velo was a bit down from what I had seen in the past as I have seen him up to 89. More over the top slot gives it some decent induced vertical break (Max: 23.8 inches). In game action was effective using it in on RHHs and following it up with the slider. Was also able to locate well to the armside which shows he likes to work more east-west. Spin rate sat around 2000 rpm. Velo bump should allow for increase in spin. 

SL: 72-74: True slider with minimal vertical break (3.6 IVB avg.) but this VB helps give it some nice depth where hitters typically swing over it. Spin rate sat around 1900 rpm. Was effective back footing it against RHHs and getting it over early for strikes during game action. Slots it the same as FB. Overall quality strikeout pitch with good shape where he has shown the ability to do what he wants with it.

CH: 69-70. Only flashed this pitch a few times in game action. Present arm side fade. Low spin CH working it around 1200 spin. Consistent arm speed as FB gives it added deception. Still some development is needed. 

Summary: USC got themselves a good one in Thrift as he has all the makings of a future solid college arm. His athletic frame keeps me optimistic that his velo should see an uptick. Junior season stats were as follows 5-4 2.25 ERA 56IP 94K.  The FB/SL combo is a plus strikeout combination that helped him to that 15.1 K/9 he had during the HS season and it should continue to get more lethal as he adds velo. Once he develops that CH, it will allow him to get hitters to stop zoning in on his FB. With his successful junior campaign in the books, he has made his name known around the scouting world.


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