Colorado Underclass Invite QUICK HITS: 2024 Pitchers

Mike Anderson
Colorado Scouting Director


On Feb. 20, the PBR COLORADO team hosted the Colorado Underclass Invitational at the Marucci Clubhouse in Castle Rock, CO.  The event featured 75+ uncommitted underclassmen from all 4 corners of this great state.   Our staff collaborated to highlight the biggest takeaways and highlights from Saturday's event.  Over the next week, we will be highlighting our players through our series of Quick Hits.  We started our coverage with an extensive look at all players stats and an event STATS LEADERBOARD

Today, our coverage continues with a breakdown of Top Pitchers and Performances in the 2024 Class:

Brady Snow, RHP/1B, Chatfield   Looks the part at 6-2,190 Good tempo through delivery.  High leg kick with coil.  Long arm action to clean finish.  FB 83.32( Top 2024 Spin Rate avg 2099) CH 73  Still working on OS...OT release.  Good overall athlete with High Ceiling

Ian Kersten, C/OF, Legend  Strong armed athlete. Catcher and Outfielder, as well.  Pitched from the stretch.  Great rhythm. Coil and aggressive delivery.  FB 83.80  CB 67-69  Pounded the zone. Potential in variety of positions as he develops 

Tate Gargasz, 3B/SS, Palmer Ridge  Best 2024 FB Velo in event 84.60.  Quick arm and quick delivery to plate. Pitched from the stretch.  High ¾ release with aggressive coiled delivery.  Demonstrated gain in strength and velo.  CB 64  CH 71   

Easton Miller, RHP/OF, Fossil Ridge  Great athlete as Hitter and OF, as well.  RHP, Easton has controlled up tempo delivery.  Repeatable tall/fall delivery with high ¾ release. Quick arm clean finish. FB 84.40  CB 70  SL 76 has downward plane.  High ceiling and projectable   Would consider Easton a Top 2024 Prospect in Colorado

Mitch Haythorn, RHP/1B, Eaton  Thin 6-1,175 RHP.  Hands over head/high leg kick with strong coil.  Uses lower half well and creates good sync. FB 81.7 Spin 2083, CB/SL 69-70  CH with quick arm and movement at 73. Has ++2 Seam with ASR.  Very projectable.  Top 2024 Follow


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