IA Top Prospect Games: Instant Analysis

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By Rob Allison
Prep Baseball Report Iowa

Prep Baseball Report Iowa's Underclass Prospect Games took place on Tuesday in Iowa City, IA. The event featured over 75 prospects from the 2017 and 2018 class who showcased their talents in front of our scouting staff and multiple Division 1 coaches in attendance.

This event, which has been a staple in our other PBR states, was created to help launch underclass players into the recruiting spotlight. With the unveiling of Prep Baseball Report Iowa in June of 2014; we will continue to add events into our schedule to give Iowa players the best exposure and opportunities to attend college and continue playing baseball.

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There were numerous break-out performances at the event and the group performed well as a whole.

  • 19 players ran 7.00 or better. 
  • 27 players ran 7.25 or better
  • 20 players had exit velocities over 85 mph
  • 14 infielders were 80+ across infield
  • 11 outfielders were 80+ to home plate
  • 22 pitchers were 80+ for fastball velocity

Below we have listed the leaders for each statistical category at the event.

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60-Yard dash
6.63—Manny Olutunde, OF, Cedar Rapids Jefferson, 2016
6.64—Cooper Merrill, SS/RHP, Clear Lake, 2016
6.66—Kace Massner, OF, Burlington, 2016
6.75—Noah Heitshusen, 2B, Williamsburg, 2016
6.78—Ben Norman, OF, Des Moines Roosevelt, 2016
6.78—Daric Whipple, OF, Greene County, 2016
6.79—Braeden Brown, SS, Burlington, 2016
6.82—Callen Bertrand, OF/IF, Dallas Center-Grimes, 2016
6.87—Cal Stalzer, SS/RHP, WDM Valley, 2016
6.87—Victor Malloy, OF/RHP, Williamsburg, 2016
6.87—Judd White, SS, Dubuque Wahlert, 2016

Hitting Exit Velocity
96—Kace Massner, OF, Burlington, 2016
92—Noah Heitshusen, 2B, Williamsburg, 2016
92—Ben Dotzler, SS/RHP, BCIG-OA, 2016
92—Arthur Sells, OF/1B, WDM Valley, 2016
91—Sam Powell, OF/3B/RHP, Waukee, 2016
90—Blake Bagenstos, 3B/RHP, Dowling, 2016

Outfield Throwing Velocity
89—Ross Kramer, OF/RHP, Urbandale, 2016
86—Kace Massner, OF, Burlington, 2016
85—Arthur Sells, OF/1B, WDM Valley, 2016
84—Sam Powell, OF/3B/RHP, Waukee, 2016
84—Chris Witzke, LHP/OF, Humboldt, 2016

Infield Throwing Velocity
91—Kyle Crowl, SS, Council Bluffs A.L., 2016
85—Cal Stalzer, SS/RHP, WDM Valley, 2016
84—Arthur Sells, OF/1B, WDM Valley, 2016
84—Cooper Merrill, SS/RHP, Clear Lake, 2016
83—Blake Bagenstos, 3B/RHP, Dowling, 2016
83—Walker McDonald, 2B/RHP, Waukee, 2016

Catcher Throwing Velocity
75—Austin Martin, C, Southeast Polk, 2016
75—Cody Roush, C, Dubuque Hempstead, 2016
72—Max McCay, C/RHP, Carlisle, 2016
72—Carter Eldridge, C, Waukee, 2016
72—Brady Harpenau, C, Remsen St. Mary's, 2016
72—Greg Anderberg, C, Ankeny, 2016

Catcher Pop Times
1.84—Austin Martin, C, Southeast Polk, 2016
1.87—Colby Van Pelt, C, Winterset, 2016
1.91—Caleb Stekl, C, Cedar Rapids Jefferson, 2016
1.93—Max McCay, C/RHP, Carlisle, 2016
1.98—Greg Anderberg, C, Ankeny, 2016

Max Fastball Velocity – all Pitchers
87—Parker Thode, RHP, Ottumwa, 2016
87—Ben Dotzler, SS/RHP, BCIG-OA, 2016
86—Cal Stalzer, SS/RHP, WDM Valley, 2016
86—Ross Kramer, OF/RHP, Urbandale, 2016
85—Sam Powell, OF/3B/RHP, Waukee, 2016
85—Hunter Lee, RHP/1B, Des Moines Lincoln, 2016
84—Blake Bagenstos, 3B/RHP, Dowling, 2016
84—Max Steffens, RHP, Central Dewitt, 2016
83—Chris Witzke, LHP/OF, Humboldt, 2016
83—Victor Malloy, OF/RHP, Williamsburg, 2016
83—Cory Koster, LHP, Ankeny Centennial, 2016

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