MA Preseason Underclass Central: Class of 2018/'19 Complete Evaluations

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Preseason Underclass Central Showcase

We would like to thank all who participated in PBR Massachusetts' Underclass Central Showcase. This was a great opportunity for 2016, '17, '18, and '19 prospects to be put on college radars. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories. 

In the coming weeks, we will be adding and updating profiles for each of the players in attendance, including complete analysis and video.

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For now, please take a look at the statistical results from the event by clicking here.

Preseason Underclass Central: Class of 2018/'19 Evaluations

TOP Pitcher:
Zach Clesas, SS/RHP, Johnston (RI), 2018
Ramon Jimenez, SS, Chicopee, 2018

Brandon Lee, 2B/RHP, Newton South, 2019
Scouting Report: May have been the most impressive showing of the day from this two-way player. At 5-foot-9, 128-pounds he showed promise in both areas. On the mound, he showed rythym and feel for his delivery. A ¾ clean and smooth arm slot, he showed a very good repertoire of pitches. Fastball had run and sink at 73. The changeup had the right spin and depth at 63 along with a short breaking ball at 64. Pounded the strike zone and moved it around while continuingly repeating the delivery. As a positional player, he show a smooth glove with an accurate arm at 64 mph. The swing is clean and the base is solid, tee exit velocity of 81 mph, for an eighth grader. Ran a 8.35 but has plenty of time to improve immensely. Kid can play and is advanced for a guy not even in HS yet.

Cole Durkan, C/OF, Holy Name, 2018
Scouting Report: Very good looking athlete, 5-foot-9, 160-pounds. Worked out behind the dish and swung the bat from the left side. Threw the ball well at 66 and showed clean footwork and a nice transfer. Pop time of 2.16 and he is athletic back there, ran a 7.44. The swing is simple and flat right now. Tee exit velocity of 81 at this point. This guy should be on everyone's radar.

Drew Sluckis, RHP/3B, Leicester, 2018
Scouting Report: On the mound, he showed a high-¾ slot and touched 71 with his fastball. There is some head movement and direction red flags as he has a good pitchers body at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds but needs some direction and learn to control his effort. The changeup was 65 and the breaking ball is a 11/7 spinner at 60. As a positional player, he worked out at third base, throwing 69 across the diamond. The glove needs reps and the feet need prep steps to help him gain confidence. The bat is a bit long now and the feet need to be under control a tick better, tee exit velocity of 79. Ran a 7.94.

Evan Zanauskas, C/OF, Killingly
Scouting Report: Left-handed hitting catcher at 5-foot-8, 145-pounds. He showed well for me behind the dish as he was quiet and kept it simple, 2.19 pop time and threw it 65. The feet are good and the throwing is short with a clean transfer. Ran a 8.25 and had an exit velocity of 73. The swing needs strength as he drops his hands and the bat head is and out of the zone. Cleaning up the swing and strengthening the body will make a huge difference. Left-handed hitting catchers are hard to find and this one may turn out to be a good one as the catching tools are there and the bat will come.

Harrison Brickett, 2B/MINF, Malden Catholic, 2018
Scouting Report: Worked out at second base at the workout, glove played well and arm was accurate. The arm strength was 58 across the diamond. Ran a 8.57. The bat needs strength and he needs to get a load in his swing. The bottom half is even and under control. Physical strength is important for this young man. Tee exit velocity was 69.

Johnathan Flynn, 3B/1B, Wachusett Regional, 2018
Scouting Report: An infielder by trade at both corners, glove was and hands work. Ran a 8.8 and threw 69 from the infield. The set-up at the plate is even, and the hands are held high. The tee exit velocity was 73. The swing plane needs to flatten out and will do so in time and with physical maturation. Keeping his head still and not dropping his hands will aid his progress.

Kobe Akana, SS/2B, Holy Name Central Catholic, 2018
Scouting Report: 5-foot-5, 120-pounds infielder showed confidence and good actions. He has a good glove, threw 63 across the diamond and showed good footwork. The running needs to improve as he ran a 8.07 but surely it will. The bat was clean, loose and flat through the zone. Tee exit velocity of 72 was his best.

Nick Bove, SS/2B, Wachusett Regional, 2018
Scouting Report: 5-foot-10, 125-pounds and still growing, he ran a quality 7.68. Threw the ball in the infield at 59 and showed a stable glove. The feet prep need cleaning and he needs reps but he is still young and putting it together. The tee exit velocity was 73 as he casts his hands a bit which makes his swing long. Quieting down the amount of movement and getting your bottom half under control will work, helping produce a shorter swing and inside the ball will help him immensely.

Ramon Jimenez, SS, Chicopee, 2018
Scouting Report: One of the better 2018’s I have seen. The glove is above average and the throwing tools are there. He needs to continue to improve his strength and his running but the tools to do so are there. Ran a 7.75 and threw 68 across the diamond with no effort. He projects as a defender as the glove and throwing angle are excellent. The bat needs strength but the path is flat. The approach is good, as he stays inside the ball. The bat does get wrapped a bit but with strength he wont need to do that anymore. Exit tee velocity was 81 mph. Good looking prospect.

Ryan Dorneo, 1B/OF, St.Peters Prep, 2018
Scouting Report: A good looking left-handed hitting 2018 prospect for me. The glove was good and the arm is clean and accurate, he threw the ball around the infield at 68. He ran a 8.06 but will improve that as he gets stronger. The bat is a good one, 87 tee exit velocity for a 2018 is legit and he shows some power potential from the left side. Keep an eye on this clean and loose swing, with strength could become formidable.

Steven Luttazi, 1B/OF, Franklin, 1B/OF
Scouting Report: Worked out in the infield and the outfield at the event. At 5-foot-10, 135-pounds he is still growing and needs time to develop. He ran a 8.41 and threw 72 from the outfield with a clean arm swing and carry on the ball. The approach to the ball was good and he stayed through it. The infield glove is in play and he threw 69 in the infield. At the plate, he had a tee exit velocity of 71. The stance is open on the bottom half and the hands are even. The swing is a bit long now but with strength and maturation it should shorten down.

Zach Clesas, SS/RHP, Johnston (RI), 2018
Scouting Report: Showed very well for himself. On the mound, he repeated a clean delivery out of a ¾ slot and stayed with his arm very well. Fastball sat at 75 and he was out front with extension. His changeup was a circle change and sat at 66, with the correct rotation. The breaking ball was slurvy and sat at 62. Showed athleticism in the stretch as he was 1.44 out of a small leg lift. The arm is clean and one to watch. As a positional player, he ran a 7.97 and threw 68 from shortstop. The arm path was clean, and the glove is good. The footwork and prep steps need reps. At the plate, he shows a flat path and which he throws his hands very well to the ball. Tee exit velocity of 81. Clesas is very good for a 2018.

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