11.8 Unsigned Senior Showcase: Pitchers Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On November 8, Prep Baseball Report-Missouri held the Unsigned Senior Showcase at Center STL in Saint Louis, MO.  We will break down each position in the next several days. Twenty-two uncommitted players from the class 2015 class participated.  Today we will begin with the pitchers.  Eleven players participated in the pitching evaluations, with many taking part in defensive fielding evaluations as well.  This is just look at the pitching performances.  In the days to come, we will analyze infielders, outfielders and catchers.
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Catchers Analysis
Outfielders Analysis
Infielders Analysis

Pitching Prospects

Nathan Bock, 3B/RHP, Fort Zumwalt West
Bock is an athletic 5-foot-11 165-pound right-handed pitcher. High ¾ release, loose/easy arm action, fastball in 79-82 mph range (one of the top for the event), slight run, throws for a strike,12-to-6 curveball, 65-67 mph, shows command, 69-72 mph change-up, fastball arm speed. Overall, stays in line, quick arm speed, level down the mound, athletic finish.

Cole Englert, 1B, Sullivan
Englert is a 6-foot-2 210-pound right-handed pitcher. In the zone with 69-73 mph fastball, straight, high ¾ release, average arm speed, slow tempo during delivery, 12-6 shaped curveball,  55-58 mph, gradual break, best pitch is split, 61-64 mph with sink, good command, stays inline and level during delivery. 

Nick Hogan, RHP, Pacific
Hogan is a 5-foot-8 175-pound right-handed pitcher.  Fastball at 73-75 mph, over-the-top slot, average arm speed, stays inline, throws with regular effort, 12-to-6 curveball, 58-60 mph, gradual/late break, throws for a strike, change-up at 68-69 mph, fastball arm speed.

Zachary Howard, RHP, Fort Zumwalt South
Howard is a 6-foot 175-pound right-handed pitcher. High 3/4 release, fastball between 79-82 mph, with run, one of the top velos of the event, 12-to-6 shape curveball, throws for a strike, 67-70 mph, change-up at 76-78 mph, down in zone, throws with regular effort, smooth and controlled rhythm during delivery, stays inline with athletic finish, repeatable release point.

John Hughes, RHP, Alton Marquette (IL)
Hughes is a long-armed 6-foot-2 198-pound right-handed pitcher.  High ¾ release with easy effort, loose arm action, fastball in 82-84 mph, one of the top velos for the event, tall and fall style, 11-to-5 curveball, late/sharp break at 65-67 mph, could produce hitters to swing and miss, 73-76 mph change up with arm side release, near fastball arm speed. Overall, quick arm speed, smooth rhythm, square landing, athletic finish. 

Cody Klotz, OF/RHP, Oakville
Klotz is a 5-foot-10 164-pound right-handed pitcher.  Top fastball velo of the event at 85 mph, over-the-top release throws with quick arm speed and regular effort,  over, 82-85 mph fastball velo, 12-to-6 shape fastball, late/sharp break, throws for a strike, 73-74 mph change-up, fastball arm speed, works in to RHH with arm side release, 73-74 mph cutter with sink, throws for a strike, strong lower half, gets a bit uphill just before release but has quick arm speed to repeat release point.

Matthew McCauley, OF/RHP, Vianney
McCauley is a strong, well-built 6-foot-1 185-pound right-handed pitcher. Works at 79-82 mph with fastball (one of the top velos for the event), high ¾ release, 12-to-6 shaped CB at 67-70 mph, late break, good feel, shows command of 69-71 mph slider, swing and miss pitch, change-up at 76-78 mph, fastball arm speed. Overall, throws with regular effort, tall and fall style, smooth rhythm, square landing.

Alex Milholland, 2B, Francis Howell Central
Milholland is a 5-foot-11 190-pound right-handed pitcher. Works from a 3/4 release, 75-80 mph fastball, slight run, gets a bit more on top of 11-to-5 curveball, gradual/late break, 67-71 mph, down in zone, change-up at 69-72 mph, near fastball arm speed, drop and drive style, level shoulders, lands square, will change arm slot for movement and deception.

Zach Ralph, 2B, Parkview
Ralph is a 5-foot-10 170-pound right-handed pitcher. Worked in the zone with fastball at 71-74 mph, 12-to-6 shape curveball, 53-57 mph, slider/slurve at 56-59 mph, splitter at 59-60, with sink, high 3/4 release, throws with some effort, has some deception in rhythm, short arm action, lands square, tall and fall style, finishes towards 1B. 

Dante Stevens, RHP, Parkview
Stevens is a 5-foot-8 187-pound right-handed pitcher. High ¾ release on fastball and 12-to-6 curveball, 75-76 mph fastball with slight run, 60-66 mph curveball, down in zone, change up at near fastball arm speed, 70-71 mph, slider at 62-65 mph, throws with regular effort, stays inline and level during delivery, repeatable release point.

Will Whiteman, RHP, Francis Howell
Whiteman is a lean 6-foot-1 170-pound right-handed pitcher. Loose arm action, high 3/4 release, throws with regular effort, attacks zone with three pitches, fastball at 75-78 mph, late run, 12-to-6 curveball, late break, consistently down in zone, change-up at 71-74 with arm side release, fastball arm speed, repeats release well, stays inline, lands square with athletic finish. 

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