Player Spotlight: 2017 RHP Kyle Angel (St. Joseph Metuchen)

Dan CevetteKyle Angel
Director, New Jersey

Name: Kyle Angel
High School: St. Joseph Metuchen
Class: 2017
State Rank: 68

Scouting Report
Winter Trials South (January 30, 2016)

K yle is a filled out 6-foot-3 225 pound RHP who continues to impress each time out. Pitching- Kyle continues bump his velocity and show improved command of his secondary stuff. Uses a short side step with a leg drive just above the belt. Showed a slight wrap behind his body within his arm action but keeps his body in alignment with this. Eats up ground with a controlled, yet aggressive stride. Demonstrated good hip/shoulder rotation to the plate, supporting the arm in a low 3/4 arm slot. Tremendous leverage when getting up and over his front side allowing him to get good extension and stay over his breaking ball. FB peaked at 87 MPH, pitching mostly in the 82-84 range. Interestingly enough his two best fastballs (86 & 87 MPH) came from the stretch. Change up held it's plane and 77 MPH and breaking ball (slider/slurve family) showed above average action with some late, biting tilt at 72-73 MPH. Interesting to see how he projects as he's a horse on the mound that can use 3 pitches but may also fill a short man role at a high level with a live FB that continues to climb and an above average breaking pitch, especially with his comfort out of the stretch.

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