Showcase Tournament: Schedule and Details

TJ Hunt
Director, PBR New Jersey

PBR New Jersey will be hosting a 2-game Showcase Tournament featuring some top travel teams in the Northeast on Sunday October 2nd at the Wood-Ridge Athletic Complex in Wood-Ridge, NJ.

The effects of Hurricane Ian have limited the event to a one-day, two-game event for all participants. See below for times and schedule for tomorrow's event.

100 Johnson Dr.
Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075

*Note: GPS address should have Wood-Ridge not Woodbridge or any other combination*


Date Time Teams
Sunday 10/2 8:00 AM Diamond Jacks 2024 vs Crossbridge Raiders / Show NE
Sunday 10/2 10:15 AM Crossbridge Raiders / Show NE vs Baseball U Philly
Sunday 10/2 12:30 PM Baseball U Philly 15U vs Diamond Jacks 2024
Sunday 10/2 2:45 PM Baseball U Scranton Wilkes Barre vs Baseball U Philly 15U
Sunday 10/2 5:00 PM Baseball U Philly vs Baseball U Scranton Wilkes Barre