Inside The Recruitment: Jordan Bernacet, 1B/OF, Schenectady HS, NY (2015)

Alex JurczynskiJordan Bernacet
Assistant Scouting Director, New York

PBR New York sat down with Jordan Bernacet, 1B/OF, standout for a deeper look inside his recruiting process.

Jordan Bernacet
High School: Schenectady
Position: 1B/OF
Commitment: Dominican

Bernacet's Top Three: Dominican, St. Rose, Molloy
Top Offer: Domincan

When did you start looking into schools?

Bernacet: I started looking for schools in the beginning of my junior year. It was a fairly difficult process at first because when I started looking for schools I didn’t know what my major was going to be. After deciding that I wanted to study Nursing, I was able to narrow down my search and plan my visits accordingly.

PBR: When did you go on your first college visit?

Bernacet: I started visiting schools early in my junior year, and went on my first official visits this summer and fall.

PBR: What did PBR offer you from a recruiting standpoint (The Process)?

Bernacet: PBR gave me the opportunity to play in front of college coaches across the region; an opportunity that probably wouldn’t have been available to me had I not attended a PBR event. Not only was I able to play in front of these coaches, I was able to interact with them on and off the field. I learned things from these coaches about the game that I was able to carry on to my summer and fall teams. Whether it was my footwork on defense, tiny adjustments to my swing, or advice on recruiting, the staff at PBR helped me learn more about the game of baseball and the college selection process.

PBR: What did you like about the PBR events you attended?

Bernacet: The variety at the PBR events is what amazed me the most. I was able to participate in several different drills and skill competitions at each event that kept it interesting. There were different college coaches at each event I attended and the PBR staff attracted top players from all over the northeast. PBR is a powerhouse in the recruiting game and that was evident each time I went to an event.

PBR: Do you think showcases are necessary for players looking to pursue a collegiate baseball career?

Bernacet: Absolutely, whether it is a PBR event or an event at a school, players need to showcase their abilities to college coaches. A video or recommendation can only do so much. Coaches need to see how a player performs on the field, and how he matches up against other talented players. These events are the way to go.

PBR: How did you land at Dominican College?

Bernacet: Well first and foremost the offer I received from them was very good. After making a visit and meeting with their staff in the Nursing department I realized it was the perfect place for me. The team consists of a good group of guys, and the coaching staff is really awesome. The field is beautiful, and the work ethic the coaches expect from their players is exactly what I wanted.

PBR: How excited are you to play with your cross-town rival, Justin Decker next season at the collegiate level?

Bernacet: I’m pumped. Justin is a great ballplayer who is only going to get better. This isn’t the first time we’ll be teammates though. In 2012 and 2013 we played for the Northern Titans in the summer and we were a successful team, winning the 15U AABC North Atlantic Super Regional. We’ve been talking about next season and we’re hoping to bring those winning ways to Dominican College.

PBR: What words of advice would you give for the upcoming classes based on your recruiting experience?

Bernacet: Take care of business in the classroom. Show college coaches that you’re not only a good baseball player, but a good student. The majority of scholarships available are academic in nature, and if you’re as worried as I was about how you’re going to pay for college, academics will be your number one priority.

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