The Ontario Big Board: Top Uncommitted Underclass Right-Handed Pitchers


By Chris Kemlo
PBR Ontario Scouting Director

Previously, we featured top uncommitted senior right-handed pitchers. Below, we bring to you three new names for your recruiting board from the Ontario's class of 2016. 

Noah Skirrow, 2016, Ontario Blue Jays

6-foot-3, 205-pounds. Tall, well proportioned with strong build. Good lower half with room to get stronger. Works well over the rubber. Separates on time. Lands slightly across his body with good extension. Tempo and rhythm is there using a ¾ arm slot. Fastball in the low 80’s. Easy to see him adding to his velocity with his size and arm strength. Showed 11/5 rotation at Tournament 12 with his curveball. Changeup was down in zone. Kept arm speed and showed feel. With size and makeup Skirrow is a high projectable righty for the 2016 class.

Ben Tiernan, 2016, Toronto Mets

Tiernan is a 5-foot-11, 150-pound righty with plenty of room to get stronger and fill out. Proper arm action, with an easy, repeatable delivery. On-time landing with good extension on his follow thru. Fastball is currently 78-82 mph in recent appearances with some sinking action. Works of his fastball, which he can throw for strikes. Curveball has makings of being a solid pitch. Proper rotation to it with good break, at times can try and over power with it causing to stay up, sits around 66-68 mph with it. Shows feel and confidence with changeup. Turns it over with good fade. Uses well off his fastball.  Knows how to pitch, three pitches that he can attack the zone with for strikes. Quiet competitor on the mound. Worked four scoreless this fall at Kent State vs. Pirates scout team from Pennsylvania.

Sam Turcotte, 2016, Ontario Terriers

Tall, well proportioned right-hander at 6-foot-5, 190-pounds. Strong frame, well proportioned build, some physical maturity remains. Delivery is on-time, separates over the rubber. Drives off back leg with good core rotation and explosiveness. At times can get underneath the ball, usually works on top creating some late arm side action. Fastball topped at 85 mph at Tournament 12. Curveball sat 72 mph with proper spin. Changeup was 70-73 mph and Turcotte showed confidence to throw each of his off-speed pitches at any time. Good looking right-hander with plenty of upside.