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Toronto Summer Open: Quick Hits I

Michael Stavraky
PBR Ontario Intern

On Tuesday, August 1st, the PBR Ontario staff hosted the Toronto Summer Open at Dan Lang Field in Scarborough, Ontario. This event featured 35 prospects from the 2024 - 2027 classes and allowed our staff an opportunity to get an in-depth look at the players, along with assessing them using our various tech partners.

Today we begin our post-event coverage with our first set of Quick Hits, providing scouting notes and video on five players who stood out to our staff.

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Max Jewusiak OF / 1B / Assumption, ON / 2024

2024 OF Max Jewusiak was one of the top performers at Tuesday’s event in Toronto. Muscular build at 6-foot-2, 190-pounds, and passes the eye test right when he sets foot on the field. Jewusiak had one of the best BP rounds of the day, highlighted by a few homers over the fence at Dan Lang Field, and a peak exit velocity of 93.5mph. Jewusiak utilizes a big load that helps him attack the ball with plus power to all parts of the field. Quick hands in the box with a feel for the barrel, helps him consistently hit the ball hard. Max also showed well defensively, posting an 83mph OF velocity with good movement in the outfield. Lots to like moving forward from one of the top outfielders in 2024’s class.

Ethan Parks RHP / 1B / Neil McNeil , ON / 2026

2026 RHP/1B Ethan Parks was one of the standout pitchers from the Toronto Open. The 6-foot-1, 210-pound righty showed feel for the zone with his 3-pitch mix of FB/CB/CH. Sitting 78.9-80.1mph on the FB with ASR paired with a snappy CB that tunnels effectively. His CH was off the charts, offering 20 inches of average movement with plenty of fade and showing characteristics of a swing-and-miss pitch. Parks also showed prowess with his bat, working from the right side he likes to extend his arms and keep his bat through the zone creating consistent line drives. He posted a max EV of 85.5 and consistently worked to his pull side. Overall a good showing from the two-way player at Tuesday’s event in Toronto.

Ethan Martin C / OF / Craig Kielburger, ON / 2025

2025 C/OF Ethan Martin had an event to be proud of at Dan Lang Field. He has an athletic 6-foot-3, 153-pound frame with plenty of room to fill. Imposing left-handed hitter with quick movements in the box that hits consistent line drives and likes to work to his pull-side. Posted a max exit velocity of 88mph and in the past, he has hit balls as hard as 92mph. There is some projectability in his bat and we expect to see more as he continues to develop and get stronger, good showing from Ethan.

Logan Cassidy OF / Humberview Secondary School, ON / 2024

2024 OF/RHP Logan Cassidy was another standout from Tuesday’s event in Toronto. Physical frame at 6-foot, 210-pounds with strength and size in the box. The left-handed hitting 2-way player showed off his ability to hit the ball hard to his pull-side, and had a clean round of BP with multiple hard-hit line drives. Also showed well on the mound with his FB/CB mix, FB looked firm paired with a CB that falls off the table, and the CB also tunnels effectively off of his FB. Overall Cassidy is a promising 2-way player with good movements in the OF, good showing from Cassidy.

Carter Delaplante SS / RHP / St Jean De Brebeuf, ON / 2027

2027 SS/RHP Carter Delaplante was one of the younger standouts at the Toronto Open. Projectable 6-foot-1, 148-pound frame with plenty of room to grow. On the mound, he has a 4-pitch arsenal, FB sitting at 78-79 with ASR paired with a SL that has plenty of movement and looks to be a swing-and-miss pitch. He utilizes a CH with high spin (1830 RPM) that can throw off hitters in the box. The young 2-way SS also had a promising round of BP, hitting a max exit velocity of 81mph which will get better as he continues to grow and get stronger. An all-around good showing from Carter at the Toronto Open.


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