PBR Future Games:Team Pennsylvania Pitching Rotation (Revised)

By Greg Williams
PA Director of Scouting

The PBR Future Games will run July 31 - August 2 at Grand Park just north of Indianapolis, IN. Team Pennsylvania begin play on Friday August 1 with a game against Team Kansas at 12:15pm. The PA squad will also lock up with a Select Team of players from PBR states and with Team Missouri to finish the event.

Following is the pitching rotation that will be utilized for Team Pennsylvania in its three games on August 1 and August 2.

Friday, August 1

12:15pm Team Kansas vs. Team Pennsylvania

             + RHP Connor Yoder (Innings 1-2)
             + RHP Zach Schultz (Innings 3-4)
             + RHP Druw Bowen (Innings 5-6)
             + RHP Frankie Fraschetti (Innings 7)

  2:30pm Team Select vs. Team Pennsylvania

             + LHP Peyton Reesman (Innings 1-2)
             + RHP Casey Vincent (Inning 3-4)
             + RHP John Matthews (Inning 5)
             + RHP Matt Gorman (Inning 6)
             + RHP Frankie Fraschetti (Innings 7)

Saturday, august 2

10:00am Team Missouri vs. Team Pennsylvania

              + RHP Connor Yoder (Inning 1)
              + RHP John Matthews (Inning 2)
              + RHP Casey Vincent (Inning 3)
              + RHP Zach Schultz (Inning 4)
              + LHP Peyton Reesman (Inning 5)
              + RHP Druw Bowen (Inning 6)
              + RHP Matt Gorman (Inning 7)