Fall Top Prospect Games: Team Navy Outfield Analysis

By Doug Hall
Tennessee Director of Scouting

The PBR Tennessee Fall Top Prospect Games event took place at Lipscomb University on November 1 and afforded close to 60 players the opportunity to showcase their abilities in a combination showcase/game play event.  Despite abnormally chilly conditions, some solid performances were turned in as some players established themselves as potential high-level prospects.

Below we take an in depth look at the group of outfielders that participated on Team Navy during the event.

Luke Brown, LHP/OF, R/L, Hopkinsville (KY), 2016
5-foot-10, 145-pound prospect plays much bigger than his size denotes. Has participated in several PBR events and has continued to climb the ranks and impress.  As a position player, shows athletic outfield actions, plays through the ball well with a clean exchange, throws stay online through a long, over the top arm slot, showed strong and accurate throws with line carry to the bag at 86 mph.  At the plate, hits from a balanced setup with a short stride, good use of lower half torque in swing, line drive type hitter with good rhythm, shows good speed getting down the line in the 4.41-4.44 range, shows bat speed with 84-86 mph tee exit velocity, went 1-for-4 in game action with a sharp single up the middle, good overall athleticism.

Brent Richey, OF/RHP, R/R, Knoxville Christian, 2016
6-foot-1, 180-pound prospect, strong/athletic body. Offensively he hits from a balanced stance, good lower half usage with a short, toe tap stride, level swing path, ball jumps off bat when squared, shows power potential to the pull side, posted a 4.53 home to first base time, 87 mph exit velocity, went 1-for-4 in game play with a sharp single. Defensively shows decent movement in the outfield, accurate throws with long arm action from the high 3/4 slot, 85 mph arm strength. Versatile and can pitch as well. 2016 prospect to follow.

Hunter Ross, OF/LHP, S/L, Grace Christian Academy, 2017
5-foot-6, 150-pound prospect has smaller build with plenty of room to add to his frame. The switch hitter has a similar slightly open stance and quiet approach in the box from both sides, good balance and short path to the ball, line drive producing swing from both sides, 76 mph exit velocity, took a solid round of batting practice going to the opposite field well, was 1-for-4 in game play with a single to left field. Quick instincts in the outfield, plays through the ball, medium arm action through the high-3/4 arm slot produces accurate throws, 73 mph arm velocity. Potential to add more arm strength as he matures and fills out frame.

Jackson Vance, OF/3B, R/R, Friendship Christian Academy, 2016
5-foot-10, 205-pound prospect has a big/strong frame with room to mature. Hits from an open stance, tends to drop hands during load phase, uphill path to ball, flashes some pop, 84 mph tee exit velocity, ran a 5.19 home to first time, shows he can hit to all fields, went 2-for-4 in game play with singles to left and right field. Defensively shows average hands, throws from high-3/4 slot with long arm action, 75 mph velocity from the outfield and 76 from the infield. Could add more velocity with strength gains and body maturation.

Peter Clifford, OF, R/R, Ravenwood, 2017
5-foot-10, 150-pound right-handed hitter hits from a open stance with a short stride, long swing path, flashes a line drive swing when he squares the ball, 68 mph tee exit velocity, had a solid day at he plate during game play where he went 2-for-4 with two singles. Defensively has a long, loose arm from the high 3/4 slot, 72 mph arm velocity from the outfield. Should benefit from getting stronger and filling out lanky frame.

Jason Kemper, OF, R/R, David Crockett, 2016
6-foot, 155-pound right-handed hitter hits from a spread stance with a short stride, long swing path with tendency to not use back side, flashes some occasional pop, recorded a 4.64 home to first time, 70 mph velocity off the tee, went 1-for-4 in game play with a single up the middle. Long arm action with high 3/4 arm slot from the outfield, 71 mph arm velocity