Team Texas Future Game Workout - Part 1

Phil Haig

We kick of the 2021 Future Games at Lakepoint day one with our team workout and the Texas boys didn’t disappoint. With many players fighting the long summer and driving a long ways to get into town, the players stood out in all facets of the workout. Lets take a quick dive into a few of the highlights from Day 1. 

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Luke Billings - C - 2025
Billings is one of the young bucks of the group, but he sure didn’t look like the young guy at the workout. Billings started his day with a mature/ strong round of BP driving baseballs to all parts of the field with backspin line drives and a balanced finish. He shows a natural feel for the barrel with plenty of present bat speed to become a special player. Behind the dish he shows loose hips and the ability to handle the low pitch with ease, while also showing a quality transfer and strong throws to 2B with a pop time of 2.06-2.1. There is a lot to like about the future of Billings. 

Micah Dean - SS - 2023
Dean came out of the gates with a 6.77-sixty yard dash and didn’t slow down from there. Defensively, Dean shows all the actions to play up the middle of the field and shows a strong arm up to 88 mph across the infield. Dean also plays the game with plenty of savvy and awareness which allows his tools to play up some. At the plate, Dean stays inside the ball well and stays in the middle of the field. Dean didn’t have his greatest round of BP he has ever taken but still shows plenty to like about the swing and ability to hit. 


Carter Groen - OF/1B - 2023
Groen is one of the more physical players on the team and it showed with his ability to handle the bat as he hit. Groen took one of the better rounds of BP on the day with a mature round full of backspin line drives in the middle of the field. Groen has a small simple load and really allowed his hands to work through the baseball with each swing. He will be a fun one to follow over the weekend as he can show the same tools in a game play setting. 


Jace Martinez - SS - 2023
Martinez once again showed a complete game on the day. Right out of the gates Martinez ran a 6.84-sixty yard dash, and followed it up with quality defense and a high level round of BP. During BP he showed a balanced setup and approach spraying line drives over the second baseman’s head with backspin. Martinez did a great job of staying inside the ball and wearing out the opposite field. He will be able to showcase all his skills both on the dirt and the outfield over the next 3 days. 


Ethan Mendoza - MIF - 2023
Fresh off a 10 hour drive into Lakepoint, Mendoza hops out of the vehicle and once again showed his ability to turn the barrel at the plate. Mendoza shows natural rhythm with his hands and the barrel pre swing and allows him to hit hard line drives consistently when on time. He is another player that will be able to show his talents all across the field. Look for Mendoza to put together some quality AB’s and do some damage at the plate against some quality arms this weekend. 

Dylan Schlaegel - OF/RHP - 2023
Another one of the players that was fresh off a 10 hour drive to Lakepoint, Schlaegel got loose and came out of the gates flying with a 6.63-sixty yard dash, and followed it up with throws at 90 mph from the outfield. Schlaegel is a smaller frame with a strong build and showed the ability to handle the bat during his round of BP. With a simple setup and load, Schlaegel was able to show lots of hard contact with a flat stroke and repeatedly hit hard line drives up the middle of the field. He will also double up on the mound and close out one of the games this weekend. 


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