Q and A with 2013 6th Ranked Prospect and Western Michigan Commit Danny Ayers

Danny Ayers, a 6-foot-3 inch LHP from Columbus North High School, is the 6th ranked prospect in the 2013 class in the state of Indiana.  Ayers consistently sits at 82-85 and throws a plus breaking ball that shows to be an out pitch at the next level.  With a good frame, arm action, and total make up, Ayers is expected to make a significant jump in velocity during his junior year.  Ayers was a member of Team Indiana at last year’s inaugural Under Armour Mid-West Futures games in Chicago. 

PBR: What were your stats last season for Columbus North?

Ayers: My pitching stats last season for Columbus North were 51.2 IP, 74K, 0.86 ERA, and 29 hits given up. 

PBR: Why did you choose Western Michigan?

Ayers: I chose Western Michigan because I have developed a close relationship with the coaching staff, and as soon as I stepped on campus I felt comfortable. Their goals are clear and are heading in the right direction. Western is also a top 100 public school and offer the major I would like to pursue.

PBR: What other schools were you considering?

Ayers:  Louisville, Indiana, Coastal Carolina, and Kentucky.

PBR: Where did Western Michigan first see you compete?

Ayers:  Western first saw me pitch at a tournament in Bloomington the summer after my freshman year. After that they watched me pitch at quite a few of my outings. 

PBR: What role do the coaches expect you to play during your first year on campus?

Ayers:  When I arrive on campus they expect me to work extremely hard and pitch in the rotation while competing to be a Friday night starter.

PBR: What is your biggest strength as a player and how do you feel that will help Western Michigan?

Ayers:  I feel my biggest strength as a player would be being a leader and being able to control the game on the mound. I can help them because I will always be there for my teammates.

PBR: Who has had the biggest impact on you as a baseball player?

My teammate Adam Jones definitely had the biggest impact on me. We are always competing against each other and push each other to be a better player.

PBR: You play for the Indiana Redbirds during the summer, what was your most exciting experience?

Ayers:  I have played for them for three summers, including this summer. My most exciting experience was starting a game on the hill at WMU because it was a preview of where I would be in years to come.

PBR: Who is the toughest batter you have faced in Indiana?

Ayers:  The toughest batter I have faced in Indiana is Alex Krupa from Greenwood. You can't let him put it in play.

PBR: What are your goals both individually and for the team going into your senior season?

Ayers:  My individual goals for this season are to keep my ERA under a 1.00 again, and to compete in every outing. Our team goals are 20+ win season, a sectional title, and to win a state championship.