Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Underclass - '26 Pitcher Notebook

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout

Indiana's 2026 class features major arm talent at the top of the list, with a large majority of the top arms in the state in attendance at the Preseason All-State Underclass on March 3rd. Four sophomore eclipsed 90 mph with their fastball, while plenty of others stood out and emerged as names to know. Read along to learn who the top performers were, followed by a list of uncommitted follows, and concluded with a group of 'darkhorse candidates' who have built positive momentum heading into their sophomore spring. 

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Top Performances

Kobe Cherry RHP / Center Grove, IN / 2026

A 2023 Future Gamer - Cherry had one of the most impressive showings of any sophomore this weekend, looking the part of a real next-level power arm. A massive, 6-foot-4, 230 pounder that generates all-kinds of ground force and power, Cherry holds Power 5 football offers, speaking volumes to the overall athlete that he is. Cherry produced a 92-93 mph fastball that worked downhill from an over-the-top slot, showing above average carry (16.4" avg IVB). There is fairly easy effort in the delivery, allowing for control of the zone. Kobe showed two different breaking balls, both working at 75-77 mph, with the slider behind ahead of the curveball at this time. His ability to spin two potential-plus offspeed offerings that tunnel off of a powerful fastball creates an uncomfortable at-bat for opposing hitters, and his frame + pitch-ability suggest long-term, in-game success. Kobe will be a prized recruit on the baseball diamond when August 1st hits. 



Beckett Doane LHP / Noblesville, IN / 2026

Doane has added noticeable strength to his frame since competing at the Future Games as an underclassman in 2023. Now standing at 6-foot-5, 200 pounds - Doane showed a major tick in velocity that was ahead of schedule, now showing a fastball at 88-90 mph. Doane shows control of five distinct pitches, adding a sinker over the offseason that worked at 87-88 mph with nearly 15" of arm-side break. I like Doane's splitter as his best offspeed offering at the moment, as the 6'5" southpaw is able to kill spin on the 77-78 mph pitch, and it shows arm-side fade. Doane has firmed up his slider, now throwing it 79-83 mph, and also spinning a 75-78 mph curveball to provide multiple looks with spin. Beckett moves down the slope with a controlled aggression, and his full arm swing works to a deceptive, low 3/4 slot. The ability to control a variety of pitches, paired with an up-tick in velocity and a frame that projects, made Doane one of the biggest winners of the weekend. 



Hudson DeVaughan RHP / Mooresville , IN / 2026

The sophomore class' top-ranked prospect - Devaughan showed a powerful fastball at the All-State with tons of upside for continued development. Up to 94 mph at previous events this winter, Devaughan averaged 92.2 mph on his four-seam fastball, carrying it with 16" of IVB. The 6-foot-4, 195 pounder also showed a 91-92 mph sinker with 15" of horizontal break. Devaughan will be able to bully hitters with two advanced heaters, and he spun a slurvey, 77-81 mph breaking ball that worked with two-plane shape and spun tightly (2500). The Alabama recruit was inconsistent with command in this look, particularly with his offspeed, but there is no denying the upside he has as a future mid-to-upper 90s arm. 



Aiden Smith RHP / Shelbyville, IN / 2026

A highly-touted uncommitted prospect with elite movement patterns and athleticism (also a 6.78 runner) - Smith has showed well at multiple winter events with his overall stuff trending upwards compared to his outing at the Future Games in 2023. It's easy to dream on the wiry, athletic, 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame and Smith moves down the mound in a drop-and-drive fashion with controlled intent. Smith's frame & pitch-ability screams future-starter, and he showed improved velocity on a four-seam heater at 89-91 mph, spinning it at 2500 with nearly 17" of IVB, on average. He paired the four-seam with a sinking fastball at 87-88 mph, and he was able to average nearly 15" of arm-side, horizontal break with it. Smith showed a tightly-spun, 80-82 mph slider and an advanced changeup for the class at 81-83 mph. All four pitches have the potential to generate swings and misses, and the velocity should continue to trend in the right direction. 



Kellen Thomson RHP / Center Grove, IN / 2026

Thomson owns an athletic, projectable, 6-foot-4, 195 pound frame paired with some of the best command in the class. Despite being in the middle of basketball season, Kellen sat 87-88, T 88.8 mph on his fastball, a tick compared to looks in the fall. His sinker worked with 17.4" of horizontal break, on average, and pairs very well with his ability to 'pull-the-string' on an 80-81 mph changeup, a pitch that will be a real weapon against left-handed hitters. The slider is an above average offering, spinning at 75-77 mph with late bite. We prioritize starter profiles within our rankings and Thomson certaintly fits that mold with his frame, athleticism, command, and a well-rounded four-pitch mix. 



Jeremy Lowrey RHP / Harrison (West Lafayette), IN / 2026

Lowrey will be the biggest riser in our next rankings update in the class - and he was one of my favorite sophomore arms of the weekend. A high-waisted, 6-foot-2, 180 pounder that is still maturing, Lowrey tossed a low-intent bullpen where he showed command of three-pitches, along with a running fastball that worked at 86-88, touching 88.9 mph. His changeup is a real weapon, thrown with fastball arm speed and showing late fading action at 78-79 mph. To round out a future-starter's mix, Lowrey spun a slurvey breaking ball at 75-77 mph. Lowrey lived in the zone during his bullpen, showing a controlled pace and easy effort within a clean arm swing. Must-follow sophomore arm!



Jaxon Lueken RHP / Forest Park, IN / 2026

Another prospect that represented Team Indiana at the 2023 Future Games as an underclassmen, Lueken had another strong showing at the All-State. An athletic, projectable, 6-foot-3, 175 pounder, Lueken carried (17" of IVB) his 87-88 mph fastball and was able to get it in the zone at an above average clip. The slider has firmed up, now working in the mid-to-upper 70s, and it has late, sweeping break. There is some feel for a 76-81 mph changeup, but it is behind the other two at this point. A multi-sport standout, Lueken moves with athleticism down the slope and uses his front arm as a lever to create arm speed and whip. 



Matthew Cook RHP / Hanover Central , IN / 2026

Another uncommitted arm that showed a significant tick in velocity was Matthew Cook. It was only a matter of time before the 6-foot-3, 190 pounder made this jump, as we saw him have in-game success in multiple looks during his freshman campaign. Cook's fastball now works at 85-87 mph, flashing ride/run properties with significant arm-side run (16" avg horizontal), from a low 3/4 slot (3'9" release height). The slot creates deception, and his 80-82 mph changeup gives a fastball look out of the hand. Cook gets to the glove-side with a sweeping, 75-77 mph slider. Another starter profile, there is easy intent in the way that Cook moves and an outlier arm slot allows the stuff to play up. 



Uncommitted Follows

+ RHP Eric McAtee (Center Grove) provided an upside look in his bullpen. The 6-foot-4, 190 pound frame projects and he's a loose mover with some freakish mobility. The arm swing is uninterrupted, whipping to an over-the-top slot, and I think his fastball will reach 90 mph sooner rather than later. The uncommitted righty showed a breaking ball with depth at 69-71 mph, and a straight change in the mid-70s. The overall feel for his offspeed is still developing, however there is a lot to dream on within the operation to suggest rapid development will be had. 

+ RHP Gavin Lykins (Plainfield) is a sophomore arm that we have been monitoring that is beginning to blossom into a power arm. Uber-projectable at 6-foot-4, 195 pounds - Lykins attacks with a shorter stride and a long, full arm swing that accelerates to an over-the-top slot. There is some carry properties to the fastball, and it works at 85-87, touching 89 mph on his best bullet. Lykins showed a firmer, 73-75 mph slider that has improved since looks in the fall. An athletic arm built with lean strength, Lykins continues to make positive trends. 

+ LHP/OF Tanner Post (Illiana Christian) is a projectable, uncommitted sophomore left-hander. Standing at an athletic, 6-foot-3, 195 pounds - Post commanded a four-pitch mix, highlighted by a ride/run heater that worked at 82-83, touching 83.5 mph. The fastball averaged 19.8" of IVB, and he also induced 15" of arm-side run, properties that suggest the velo will play up. Post showed a softer curveball with depth at 71-74 mph, along with a firmer slider at 74-76 mph, and rounded out his arsenal with a 74-77 mph changeup that he was able to execute to his arm-side. An effortless delivery suggests more velocity is in the tank, and his ability to command the zone stood out. 

+ RHP Cayden Stockbridge (Penn) was an uncommitted winner that moved very well in his bullpen. An athletic, 6-foot-2, 175 pound prospect, Stockbridge creates hip-to-shoulder separation within the delivery that allows the arm to accelerate without any added effort. The arm action is loose and whippy, allowing for future velocity projections, and he was able to command an 85-86 mph fastball at the All-State. The slider showed late bite at 75-76 mph, and he also showed a 71-73 mph curveball with depth. Stockbridge holds starter upside and rounded out his arsenal with a 77-79 mph changeup, thrown with fastball arm speed, that was commanded at the bottom of the zone. An easy mover with above average command and a frame that suggests more is in the tank. 

+ I like the way that RHP/SS Jacob Morris (New Palestine) has progressed on the mound since looks last fall. A wiry, athletic, 6-foot, 180 pounder with body control - Morris uses a loose, clean arm swing that whips to a 3/4 release point. The two-way performer sat 85-87 on his heater, touching 87.5 mph on his best fastball. His breaking ball spins at 70-72 mph with two-plane shape, and he also showed a mid-70s changeup. Morris should continue to elevate himself as a pitching prospect as he gets more mound experience, but the arm talent stood out and he is a '26 that we will monitor throughout the season. 

+ RHP Jackson Trueblood (Trinity Lutheran) is a high-upside sophomore that we have been monitoring for awhile. An athletic, projectable, 6-foot-3, 175 pounder with wiry strength, Trueblood shows cutting action on an 84-86 mph heater, and that number should improve as he learns to spin the ball more efficiently. The slider shows sweep at 70-74 mph, and he has made improvements with his 77-79 mph change since 2023 looks. There is late intent within the delivery, and there is whip in the arm action that releases from a 3/4 slot. Trueblood has made improvements in his overall command, with room for growth in that department and his overall ability to repeat his delivery, however the arm talent is obvious and he is another sophomore arm we will monitor throughout the year.

Darkhorse Candidates