Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Underclass : '27 Pitchers Notebook

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout

Our freshman class has some national-level names at the top of the list, and we had plenty of other prospects show well at the All-State, suggesting this class will have plenty of depth as they mature. We had multiple arms in this class show positive trends within their development, and today we highlight the top (8) freshman pitchers from the event, along with a group of follows that we are excited to monitor. 

Find the full pitching statistics from the Preseason All-State Underclass, HERE.

Top Performances

Jaylen Wells-Henderson RHP / New Albany , IN / 2027

The top-ranked arm in the class provided a high upside look at the All-State, flooding the zone with a future-starter's mix. The long-levered, athletic, 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame is one to dream on and Jaylen showed his athleticism by turning in a 6.89 60 time. The arm works with an easy-effort whip to a 3/4 release point, and he sat 83-85, touching 86 mph on his best bullet. The frame + athleticism & arm action makes it easy to project the fastball velocity to reach 90 mph sooner rather than later. Wells-Henderson showed a short slider at 77-78 mph, along with a curveball at 68-72 mph with depth, and he 'pulled-the-string' on a 73-75 mph changeup that was executed down in the zone and thrown with fastball arm speed. The ceiling is uncapped for this young arm and should be an exciting follow over the next four years. 



Gavin Markus RHP / Greenfield Central, IN / 2027

Another top-ranked arm in the freshman class, Markus took a break from the hardwood to toss a low-effort bullpen with his fastball working at 82-84 mph. Looking the part of a future-starter, Markus is a twitchy mover with athleticism in his 6-foot-2, 160 pound frame. Markus has ample room for added strength, which will allow the fastball velocity to sky-rocket, and his arm works quick and freely to a 3/4 arm angle. Markus spins one of the best breaking balls in the class, a tight, 72-73 mph curveball that shows two-plane shape. He rounded out his three-pitch mix with a 75-77 mph changeup. 



Mason Gomez RHP / Franklin Community High School, IN / 2027

Gomez is a future-power arm to dream on, holding an ultra-projectable, 6-foot-4, 175 pound frame. The fastball shows carry properties (17" IVB avg) at 83-85 mph, a number that should steadily improve as he adds strength. Gomez showed a 70-71 mph slider with late sweep, along with a straight change at 74-77 mph. There is minimal effort in the operation with the arm accelerating to a high, over-the-top arm slot and the lower half working with controlled intent. 



Carter Strole RHP / Fishers , IN / 2027

Strole emerged as one of the top arms in the class and holds significant upside within his 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame. Strole is athletic for his frame and offers quick, compact arm action that works uninterrupted to a 3/4 arm slot. The fastball lived in the zone at 82-84 mph, and he tunneled a tightly-spun, 75-77 mph slider off the fastball. His best offspeed pitch at the moment is his 74-77 mph splitter, a pitch that he kills spin on (1131) and generates 12" of horizontal movement with. Strole holds starter upside when considering the frame and arm action, and he shows a present ability to command all of his pitches. 



Gunner Wade LHP / Franklin , IN / 2027

Wade is the top-ranked southpaw in Indiana's freshman class, holding a lanky, projectable, 6-foot-2, 160 pound frame. The arm action is long and uninterrupted, and there is body control within an easy-effort delivery. Up to 83 mph at an event this winter, Wade worked his fastball at 79-81 at the All-State. The fastball plays up in-game due to real carry properties, showing the top IVB numbers of any freshman arm, carrying it at 20" on average (23.1" max). The velocity will continue to trend upwards and Wade shows very solid feel to subtract with a 72-74 mph changeup that reached up to 21" of horizontal, arm-side break, again the best in the class. Wade is a strikethrower with a starter's look and rounded out his three-pitch mix with a tightly-spun (2400), 68-69 mph curveball. 



Lincoln Gregg RHP / Terre Haute North Vigo, IN / 2027

Gregg showed positive trends within his development at the All-State compared to looks last fall. A high-waisted, projectable, 6-foot-2 160 pounder - Gregg worked his fastball at 82-84 mph with above average carry (16" IVB). He commanded the fastball and showed the ability spin two breaking balls, a 69-70 mph curveball with depth (2400), and 71-72 mph slider with sweeper properties (2400). A low-intent mover, Gregg will continue to trend up with his overall velocities as he adds strength and his feel for spin is advanced for the class. 



Brady Keck RHP / Snider Fort Wayne , IN / 2027

A high-waisted, 6-foot, 165 pound right-hander with solid arm strength for the class - Keck worked his fastball at 83-85 mph, showing improved command compared to multiple looks in 2023. The arm swing is short, with some deception, and the arm speed is solid for the class. Keck showed a slurvey, tightly-spun, 71-72 mph breaking ball that showed two-plane shape with significant horizontal. The changeup is still developing at the moment, a 70-73 mph offering. Keck offers a firm fastball for the class, with an ability to spin a solid breaking ball, and the improved command is an encouraging sign. 



Connor Christiansen RHP / CATHEDRAL HIGH SCHOOL, IN / 2027

Christiansen is an athletic mover that showed one of the firmest fastballs in the freshman class at the All-State event. The 5-foot-11, 170 pounder creates hip-to-shoulder separation within the delivery to allow a quick arm to work to a high 3/4 slot. His four-seam fastball worked at 84-85, touching 86 mph and he also showed a sinker with arm side run that reached 85 mph. Christiansen spun a slurvey, 70-73 mph breaking ball and showed feel for a 76-77 mph splitter. The arm speed is advanced for the class and Christiansen was in the zone at an above average clip. 



Freshman Follows

Jack Nelson RHP / Franklin Community High School, IN / 2027



Aaron Humphrey RHP / Evansville North High School, IN / 2027



Franko Ortega RHP / Columbus North, IN / 2027



Grant Wolf RHP / Fishers , IN / 2027