Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Underclass : '27 Position Players Notebook

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout

All indications show that Indiana's freshman class is a talented group. We saw a good group of freshman at the Preseason All-State Underclass event, with players that we have been monitoring showing positive growth, and a handful of new faces that will make a splash within the next rankings update. Read along to learn about the (15) freshman position players that stood out on March 3rd, along with ten more freshman follows. 

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Middle Infielders 

Parker Robinson SS / RHP Lake Central , IN / 2027

The state's top freshman prospect showed extremely well in all facets of the All-State showcase. Robinson holds highest-level upside with a projectable, athletic, 6-foot-3, 185 pound frame. Robinson showed silky smooth actions in the infield, dancing around with quick, controlled feet, and fires the ball across with advanced arm strength to pair (87 across : '27 event-best). Robinson has the actions and athleticism (6.97 runner) to stick at short in the long-run. The long-levered, right-handed hitter holds power potential within a smooth, upward stroke, and he flashes bat strength (93.1 peak EV). The frame still has room to pack on strength, and there is five tool upside to dream on. The movement patterns are fluid and athletic, and Robinson also hopped on the bump to show a low-to-mid 80s fastball with casual intent. 



Liam Delp SS / CF Mooresville , IN / 2027

A quick-footed, middle of the diamond defender - Delp turned in one of the better run times for the class, a 6.89 60, before showcasing prisitine actions on the defensive side of the ball. Delp's footwork in the infield is outstanding, and he has soft hands and elite body control to match. His arm is a solid tool (85 across), and Delp showed a tablesetter's profile at the dish. His swing is short, with quick, twitchy hands, and the swing is geared towards line drive contact. One of the premier freshman athletes that we have identified, Delp owns some of the most impactful feet in the class and there is all-kinds of twitch in the 5-foot-10, 155 pounder's frame. 



Isaiah Snavely SS / Fort Wayne Snider, IN / 2027

Snavely is an exciting young shortstop that I am extremely high on after his performance at the All-State. The 6-foot, 170 pounder has one of the purest swings in the class - using a slow-controlled tempo and holding a coiled back hip into heel strike. This allows for a well-sequenced swing, and the bat whips through the hitting zone with effortless intent. The left-handed hitting shortstop turned in a solid run time for the class (7.07) and also showed above average arm strength, with infield actions that suggest he could be a long-term SS. Snavely will be a riser in our next rankings update and will be a priority follow within the freshman class. 



Brayden Ring SS / Zionsville Community High School, IN / 2027

Ring is a fundamentally sound player that shows pristine actions on both sides of the ball. A body control athlete that stands at 6-foot, 150 pounds - Ring took a break from the hardwood, a varsity standout on the basketball court, to take one of the best infield rounds of the day. Ring plays forward with confidence, showing ultra-soft hands and long-term shortstop traits. Offensively, Ring hits out of a relaxed, athletic stance and creates stretch with a well-timed load that is repeatable. The swing is geared towards line drive contact and the barrel stays on-plane to extension. 



Athletic Outfielders 

Drake McClurg OF / Center Grove, IN / 2027

McClurg is a special athlete and the only committed player in the freshman class (Indiana). McClurg stands at 5-foot-11, 160 pounds and is the best overall athlete in the class at the moment, a multi-sport athlete that turned in a 6.59 60 time. The athleticism translates to the box as the switch-hitter shows quick, twitchy bat speed, with the left-handed swing showing more impact than the right at this time. McClurg reached a peak exit velocity of 92.4 mph and has the potential to grow into gap power as he matures. His feet are a weapon on the basepaths and in centerfield, where the Indiana recruit showed above average arm strength (85 OF Velo). 



Colin Axel-Adams OF / Pendleton Heights High School, IN / 2027

Axel-Adams showed outstanding progress in all areas of his game at the All-State event. A lanky, twitchy, 6-foot, 160 pound outfielder - the swing has clean up, specifically the bat path, and the twitch he possesses allows for present above average bat speed. Axel-Adams had one of the loudest batting practice rounds of any '27 in attendance, reaching a peak exit velocity of 96 mph, and he averaged 90.9 mph throughout his round (event-best for 2027 grads) - with 60% of his swings coming off the bat at 90 mph or better. A 6.96 runner - Axel-Adams holds CF upside, and a valuable profile of a power / speed threat that hits from the left-side. 



Jackson Sorgi OF / Tri-West High School, IN / 2027

Sorgi continues to trend upwards, now standing at an athletic, projectable, 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame. The swing works direct, with an ability to leverage to the pull-side, and he looks the part of a future-power bat. Added strength translated to more bat strength, as Sorgi reached 97 mph, an event-best for 2027 grads. Sorgi doubles as a QB1 on the gridiron, with a 7.12 60 that will surely tick into the sub-7.0 range soon, and his arm is a future tool, as well.  One of the more projectable bats in the class, Sorgi will be a priority follow as we continue to monitor the freshman class. 



Lincoln Hoffman OF / Westfield, IN / 2027

Hoffman is another left-handed hitting '27 that we have been monitoring. An athletic prospect with compact strength, Hoffman stands at 5-foot-10, 185 pounds and his foot speed (6.95) continues to progress as he adds strength, an encouraging sign. Hoffman posted the best bat speed metrics of any '27 at the event, stemming from an efficient lower half that works connected with the ground. The path works uphill, allowing for future gap power projections, and he showed barrel accuracy with his best ball leaving the bat at 90.9 mph. Hoffman is another freshman prospect with CF upside, and his bat is his carrying tool. 



Alex GILLIAM OF / Center Grove High School, IN / 2027

Gilliam showed off one of the most well-rounded toolsets in the class at the All-State event. An undersized, twitchy athlete that stands at 5-foot-8, 155 pounds - Gilliam turned in the second-best run time of any '27 at the All-State, with a 6.78 60. To go along with an advaned run tool, Gilliam also reached 90 mph from the outfield, an event-best for 2027 grads. The combination of foot speed and arm strength is advanced, and should allow him to be an asset on the defensive side of the ball. In the box, the right-handed hitter makes an athletic forward move before turning the barrel on an ideal bat path. There is rotational strength within the swing, allowing for above average impact, with his exit velocity peaking at 92.6 mph. 



Standout Bats 

Grady Nelson 1B / Warsaw Community, IN / 2027

One of the most exciting freshman prospects in Indiana, Nelson is a national-level name to know with superstar potential. Holding a run-producer's profile, standing at 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds, Nelson creates easy bat speed with special bat strength in a simple, left-handed stroke. The swing is repeatable and his lower half works efficiently to allow for high exit velocities (96.2 mph) with low effort, a trait of a future-power bat. Nelson is not just a power bat, his swing works to the inside part of the ball and his barrel accuracy also stands out, and he also moves extremely well (7.16 60) for having such a physical frame. Nelson will be a high level prospect when recruiters shift their focus to 2027 grads, and his frame + bat strength + athleticism is a special combination. 



Mason Meyer 2B / OF / Mt Vernon, IN / 2027

Meyer continues to establish himself as one of the best hitters in the class, and he took a professional round of batting practice at the All-State. I love the pace at which Meyer moves in the box, a controlled operation with an efficient lower half that allows for easy effort. Meyer was all over the barrel, showing some of the best hand-eye in the class, and his best ball left the bat at 92.7 mph. The 5-foot-9, 165 pounder is a swiss-army knife defender, holding the ability to play all 3 OF spots, middle infield, and can catch, as well. Meyer is a multi-sport athlete with body control, and an above average runner for the class (7.16). 



Jackson Harris C / Carmel, IN / 2027

Harris is a left-handed bat that our staff is very high on, holding a valuable profile as a left-handed hitting catcher. The bat is the carrying tool at the moment, and he uses a toe-tap stride to control his forward move before landing in an ideal hitting position at heel strike. There is easy flick in the swing, and Harris shows above average bat strength with an exit velocity that peaked at 93.7 mph. The 6-foot, 170 pounder has a mechanically sound swing, with controlled effort, and the swing is geared toward line drive contact to optimize accuracy. An above average defender, Harris showed solid receiving skills with above average arm strength (75 mph from the crouch) and pops that ranged from 2.04 - 2.09.



Crewe Hasenour SS / 3B Gibson Southern, IN / 2027

Hasenour is a gamer - one of the top performers on our Junior Future Games team from a season ago. The 5-foot-9, 175 pounder with compact strength swings an accurate barrel, controlling his forward move and creating stretch with a hand load that works on-time with his stride, reaching a peak exit velocity of 90.9 mph. His arm is a solid tool, reaching 85 mph across the infield, and he shows soft glove actions. Likely a long-term 3B/2B, Hasenour is one of the top game hitters we've evaluated in the class and will be a priority follow moving forward. 



Luke Brown C / 1B / Evansville Memorial, IN / 2027

Brown is an upside backstop hailing from Evansville that we are excited about. An athletic, projectable, 6-foot-3, 165 pound multi-sport athlete with wiry strength - Brown showed improvements with the bat, reaching a peak exit velocity of 92.1 mph with 80% of his batted balls coming off the sweet spot. A high sweet spot percentage speaks to the barrel accuracy, and his overall impact will easily improve as he adds more mass to his ultra-projectable frame. Brown works behind the baseball with a controlled lower half and the swing works uphill. The path + frame + accuracy makes it easy to project him as a future-power bat. Brown's best tool at the moment is his arm strength, showing the best arm from the crouch of any '27 at the event (78 mph) and his pop times ranged from 2.03 - 2.08.  


Jackson Dinnsen SS / 3B North Central, IN / 2027

I really liked Dinnsen at the All-State, specifically what he showed in the left-handed batter's box. The swing is mechanically sound, using a slow-controlled gather into the back leg before turning a tight barrel that works behind the baseball. Dinnsen has present gap power in his strong, 5-foot-10, 175 pound frame and should mature into significantly more. Dinnsen's swing reminds me of Collin Osenbaugh, a current Louisville recruit, and the body types are similiar, as well. Dinnsen will likely transition to 3B/2B in the long-run, but I like the way he moves in the box and he holds upside as a run-producing left-handed hitter. 



Freshman Follows