Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Upperclass : Top Performances

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout

Our Preseason All-State Upperclass event contained some of the top players from the 2025 class - all traveling to Pro X Athlete in Westfield, Indiana on Saturday, March 2nd to showcase their talents. 13 pitchers eclipsed the 90 mph mark with their fastball, and 21 hitters reached a peak exit velocity of 100 mph or better. We will touch more on the top uncommitted talent later in the week, but for now, read along to find the top performers of the event, followed by a group of committed standouts, with the top uncommitted players highlighted next, and a group of uncommitted risers rounding out a talent-filled list. 

Find the full statistics for this event, HERE.

Top Performers

Matthew Fisher RHP / Evansville Memorial , IN / 2025

Fisher looks the part of future-Friday night starter at the next level and was undoubtedly the biggest winner of the event. An athletic, 6-foot-3, 200 pounder that doubles as QB1 in the fall - Fisher effortlessly sat 90-93 mph with fastball that he showed plus command of. His four-pitch mix tunneled off of his heater - starting with a tightly spun, 83-85 mph slider (2737 avg spin). The Indiana recruit tossed a slurve with sweeping properties at 77-78 mph, averaging -16.6" of horizontal break with just 0.1" of depth. His changeup faded to the arm-side at 84-85 mph, and he can really command that pitch, as well. A projectable frame, paired with prisitine arm action in a balanced delivery, and plus command of an advanced four-pitch arsenal cements Fisher as one of the top players in the class.



Parker Rhodes RHP / Greenfield Central, IN / 2025

Electric - that is the one word the comes to mind when describing Parker Rhodes. Wiry & athletic within a 6-foot-1, 175 pound frame, Rhodes tossed a well-executed bullpen with an arsenal full of swing-and-miss offerings. The fastball works with carry properties (16.6" avg IVB) from a low 3/4 slot (5'1" release height) at 93-94, touching 94.6 mph. The Xavier recruit showed outstanding command for spin, showing a firmer, tightly-spun slider at 84-85, along with a softer 81-82 mph curveball with similiar properties. The changeup has taken a real step up, working at 85-86 mph with a similar look to the fastball out of the hand. The arm action is electric - a loose, whippy sling with real arm speed, and his delivery is dynamic and full of athleticism. Look for Rhodes to continue to trend near the top of the class, with a chance to establish himself as a prep draft prospect. 



Alex Barr LHP / Kankakee Valley High School, IN / 2025

I love the growth that Alex Barr showed at the Preseason All-State. Now standing at 6-foot-2, 195 pounds with a leaner, more athletic look - Barr peppered the zone with a heavy, 92-93, touching 93.7 mph fastball. Coming from a an over-the-top slot that allows the fastball to work downhill, Barr complimented the heater with two distinct breaking balls that showed differing properties. The curveball, his traditonal out-pitch, showed two-plane shape at 72-74 mph. The Indiana recruit has added a firm slider to his arsenal, as well, spinning it at 78-82 with up to 15" of horizontal and minimal depth, showing true sweeper properties. The added velocity + slider adds excitement to his arsenal, and Barr moves exceptionally well within the delivery with mobile hips that suggest even more growth can be had. 



JD Stein SS / Carmel, IN / 2025

Stein stole the show on the position player side of things with outstanding measurables and the actions to match. The highest-touted uncommitted prospect in the class, Stein blazed a 6.66 60 yard dash to start the day, before putting together a professional round of batting practice with the top average exit velocity of the day (97.1 mph). Stein peaked at 102.6 mph, suggesting gap power could be a future-tool. Stein showed consistent tempo through his swing, delivering a quick, level barrel through the hitting zone that stays on-plane to extension. Stein was hands-down the best defensive infielder in attendance, showing real bounce in the feet with soft hands to match. His best tool is his arm strength, firing the ball across the infield at 97 mph with real carry. Uncommitted for now, expect high-level programs from across the country to be in contact with Stein as he plays his junior season. 



Noah Drake OF / Castle, IN / 2025

Drake had some of my favorite swings of the day, turning an electric barrel through the hitting zone that produced the furthest batted ball of the day (400'). An Indiana recruit - Drake has real, next-level bat speed with immense twitch in the left-handed stroke. Reaching a peak exit velocity of 101.9 mph, Drake appears to be a run-producer at the next-level, and his foot speed has improved (6.79). Drake is one of the top position player prospects in the class, making huge strides in his development over the past twelve months, and his arm from the outfield (89 mph) has a chance to be an impact tool, as well. 



Collin Osenbaugh SS / RHP Shenandoah , IN / 2025

I love the way Osenbaugh has trended recently, leaner now at 6-foot, 195 pounds with strength in the frame. A true two-way prospect - the Louisville recruit had one of the most complete days with loud performances on the mound and with the bat. His fastball/slider combo is arguably the best in the class - carrying the heater at 92-93, touching 93.6 mph, with 20.1" of IVB on average. The fastball is a real weapon, however his 78-80 mph slider took a late left turn, spinning at 2733 on average, with -17" of horizontal break and just 1.9" vertically, a plus out-pitch. Osenbaugh showed real command of all three pitches, rounding out his arsenal with a well-located, 77-80 mph changeup. The arm really works, and there is true body control within the delivery. With the bat, the left-handed hitting infielder put together a mature round of batting practice, working gap-to-gap with strength (99.1 mph peak EV). While the electric stuff on the mound suggests he is ahead as an arm, the way he swung the bat this weekend cannot go unnoticed and makes next-level two-way projections a possibility. 



Austin McNabb RHP / Perry Meridian , IN / 2025

McNabb provided a future-starter's look in his bullpen with one of the highest ceilings in the class. Loose and whippy with easy effort and real body control, McNabb's best offering currently is his low 3/4 slot fastball, working at 90-91, touching 92 mph from a 4'6" release height. A super-strikethrower, McNabb spins a sweeper at 72-73 mph and a two-plane, softer curveball at 66-68 mph. His changeup is a usable pitch, fading at 80-81 mph. I love the upside in the Dayton recruit - it's a no-doubt, next-level starter with a plus fastball and real command, and his arm with a loose whip to suggest 95+ fastball velocities are in the tank. 



Committed Standouts

Mason Barth SS / Andrean , IN / 2025


Barth is built with compact strength within a 5-foot-9, 205 pound frame. The Notre Dame recruit has a thick lower half and massive forearms that allow him to flick the barrel through the zone with easy effort power, turning in a peak exit velocity of 104.7 mph. One of the top in-game hitters in the class, Barth's bat will be the calling-card, projecting as a bat-first 2B/3B at the college level. A 6.93 runner - Barth's speed/power combination shows in-game with a track record of producing at a high level. 



Joshua Flores RHP / Lake Central, IN / 2025

Flores provided a loud look in his bullpen after coming off a breakout sophomore season. Athletic at 6-foot-1, 195 pounds with standout body control - the Cincinnati recruit showed an electric, four-pitch arsenal. The arm action is longer and he uses his front arm as a lever to create arm speed. A dynamic mover, the delivery works in-line with a controlled violence down the slope. Flores worked his fastball at 91-93 mph, complimented by a tightly-spun, bullet slider at 82-83 mph (2778 avg spin). Flores showed a 77-81 mph curveball with downer break and 11/5 shape, while also showcasing an 82-85 mph changeup with 16.6" of horizontal break. 



Blane Metz RHP / Floyd Central, IN / 2025

Metz showcased premium arm talent with a 6-foot-3, 205 pound frame to match. The Indiana recruit sat 92-93 mph with the fastball, touching 93.8 on his best bullet. Metz moves down the slope with a purpose, looking the part of a next-level power arm with the stuff to go along with it. The projectable, athletic right-hander is able to get his offspeed to both sides, getting to the glove side with a shorter, 79-80 mph slider and fading an 83-85 mph changeup. His fastball command was inconsistent during this look, however the frame + arm quickness is undeniable and will keep him near the top of the class. 



Cal Gates OF / Bedford North Lawrence, IN / 2025

One of the classes' best in-game hitters - Gates' game cannot fully be measured within a showcase setting, however he was able to post solid metrics across the board. Athletic at 5-foot-11, 185 pounds, with offseason strength gains noticeable, Gates put together a solid round of batting practice with a controlled leg kick, line drive approach, and a quick left-handed stroked. Reaching a peak exit velocity of 95.3 mph, Gates turns the barrel on an ideal path to optimize hard contact to the big part of the field. A 6.94 runner - the Indiana recruit posted one of the top outfield arms of the weekend, reaching 93 mph. 



WIll Jaisle RHP / Batesville High School, IN / 2025

Jaisle owns the best pitch in the class, a late-breaking, 78-81 mph slider with eye-popping Trackman metrics. The slider averaged 3097 spin, with -24.7" of horizontal break and just 0.1" of IVB. Jaisle could come out of a college bullpen and get swings and misses with the slider at this very moment - and he also showed a cutting fastball that worked at 89-90 mph. A physical, 6-foot-1, 205 pound Notre Dame recruit - Jaisle also provided a different look with a two-plane curveball that flashed 3000 spin at 77-78 mph.



Andrew Krupa OF / Center Grove High School, IN / 2025

Krupa swung it well and continues to trend upwards as an overall prospect. Adding strength over the offseason, Krupa now stands at an athletic, 6-foot-4, 185 pound frame that still has room to pack on more. A 6.75 runner - Krupa has a short, direct swing that is able to leverage at the front of the hitting zone, and he produced a peak exit velocity of 94.2 mph. On the sweet spot at a 70% clip - the swing is simple and repeatable with quickness to suggest velocity will not give him troubles. 



Brandt Kendall OF / Scottsburg, IN / 2025

Kendall turned one of the fastest barrels of the day - turning in one of the best average bat speeds of the day (averaged 81 mph bat speed). This translated to consistent hard contact, as the Ball State recruit was able to reach a peak exit velocity of 99.4 mph, averaging 94.3 throughout his round. An exceptional rotator, the swing is geared towards loud pull-side contact with controlled violence in a tight window from the left-side of the dish. One of the better bats at the event, Kendall shows a strong mix of power at the dish and foot speed, turning in a 6.66 60 yard dash. 



Huston Dunn SS / Fishers, IN / 2025

A Future Games alum that is committed to Ball State - I liked the growth that Dunn showed in his game, adding pre-pitch rhythm to the swing that allows the barrel to turn on an ideal path. Dunn did nothing but hit on the summer and fall circuits in 2023 - and all indications show that he will continue to be on the barrel consistently as he enters his junior season. Dunn is running better than ever, turning in a 6.99 60, and his 6-foot-2, 195 pound frame looks the part of a next-level run-producer. 



Bishop Cappetto RHP / Munster, IN / 2025

Cappetto will be a riser in our next rankings update with some of the highest upside in the class. The SIU-Edwardsville recruit owns a big league frame, standing at 6-foot-6, and 208 pounds. It's an easy effort operation, with a clean arm swing and controlled move down the slope that translates to an 87-89 mph fastball with 18" of arm-side run, on average. Cappetto flipped over a slurvey breaking ball at 68-71 mph, along with flashing a 74-78 mph changeup. There is plenty of room to continue to pack on strength, and his low-effort arm action, along with easy moves down the slope, suggest more velocity will come. 



Xavier Carrera RHP / Boone Grove High School, IN / 2025

Xavier may be the toolsiest player that I have seen in my time with Prep Baseball, posting eye-popping measurables at the All-State. A primary arm headed to Indiana University, Carrera worked his fastball at 94-95, touching 95.5 mph, the firmest heater of the event. The uber-athletic, 6-foot-3, 200 pound right-hander has electric arm action, but was inconsistent in the zone with the heater. Carrera struggled to get his slider near the zone, with his overall command being spotty at best, but the arm talent is second-to-none in terms of Indiana 2025s. Despite being recruited as an arm, Carrera also posted the top exit velocity of the event at 105.5 mph, speaking volumes to the athleticism and rotational capabilities that he possesses. 


Brayden Stevenson C / RHP / Pendleton Heights High School, IN / 2025

The Ball State recruit owns significant arm talent that is his carrying tool. There is still room for growth within a high-waisted, 6-foot-2, 195 pound frame. Stevenson posted the top catch & throw metrics of the event, turning in a pop times from 1.86 - 1.94, with an 84 mph arm from the crouch. Stevenson showed more impact with the bat, reaching a peak exit velocity of 101 mph with a loose, level swing. Also up to 89 mph on the mound - his future could be on the mound, but Stevenson showed positive growth as a position player this weekend. 



Uncommitted Standouts

Logan Cotton RHP / Crown Point High School, IN / 2025

Cotton has made outstanding improvements within his game, trending in an upward fashion. Establishing himself as one of the top uncommitted arms in the class, Cotton worked his fastball at 89-90, touching 90.5 mph, with some arm-side run. The projectable, 6-foot-4, 185 pound frame suggest more is in the tank, and he is an above-average strikethrower. Cotton spun both a 77-78 mph slider and a 74-77 mph curveball, with the slider a touch ahead at the moment. His best off-speed pitch is his 82-84 mph changeup, a pitch that he has real feel for and it gets up to 16" of horizontal movement. Cotton will be a must-see arm for recruiters looking to add an arm to their 2025 recruiting class. 



Ivan Mastalski RHP / Andrean, IN / 2025

Mastalski has done nothing but trend upwards over the course of the past year and is another must-know uncommitted '25 arm. The arm works with an easy effort sling to a low 3/4 release point, producing a fastball at 87-89 mph. It's easy to dream on the 6-foot-4, 220 pound frame and his strikethrowing capabilities screams next-level starter. The fastball averaged nearly 17" of horizontal break to the arm-side, and his 80-83 mph changeup is a real weapon. Mastalski can get to his glove-side with a sweeping, 76-78 mph slider. Mastalski shouldn't be uncommitted for long with 3 usable pitches, a frame to dream on, and some of the best overall command in the class. 



Jaxon Sparks OF / Carroll Fort Wayne , IN / 2025

Sparks had the best performance of any uncommitted outfielder at the event. There is real physicality in his 6-foot-1, 220 pound frame that translates to major strength in his left-handed swing. Sparks works behind the ball with an efficient lower-half, producing a peak exit velocity of 100 mph, with multiple well-spun balls to the pull-side gap. To add excitement to the offensive profile, Sparks turned in a 6.63 60 yard dash. Arm strength is a tool for Sparks - up to 92 mph from the outfield along with 88 mph from the mound. Sparks is a must-know uncommitted junior that has improved his game since last year's Future Games. 



Maalik Perkins OF / Whiteland Community, IN / 2025

Perkins changes the game with his feet, one of the most dynamic outfielders in the class, and his bat continues to trend in the right direction. Perkins turned in a 6.33 60 yard dash - a real CF at the next-level that is a weapon on the basepaths. Along with 6.3 speed in CF, Maalik's arm is a next-level tool, tossing 91 mph from the outfield. The bat continues to trend up, adding rhythm in the upper body over the offseason that allows for a well-sequenced swing and loose barrel turn. The bat is becoming more impactful, as he reached a peak exit velocity of 98.2 mph in his batting practice round. 



Gabe Mathison OF / LHP / Carmel, IN / 2025

Mathison was another uncommitted winner that showed exceptionally well at the All-State event. A switch-hitting outfielder with real twitch, Mathison showed a loose, quick swing from both sides with plenty of bat speed. Reaching a peak exit velocity of 96.4 mph - the swing works direct and the ball jumps off the barrel. An above average runner (6.86) with arm strength from the outfield (88 mph) - Mathison has traditionally been a strong in-game performer and his tools continue to trend in a postive direction. 



Trent Kulig RHP / Andrean, IN / 2025

Kulig remains as one of the top uncommitted arms in the class, showing positive trends within his development at the All-State. There is real physicality in the frame, an imposing figure that toes the rubber at 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds. Working downhill on a fastball with life, Kulig sat 87-90, touching 90.5 mph. The physical right-hander has added a sinker to his arsenal, showing late arm-side life at 88-90 mph. The breaking ball has firmed up, now working at 78-79 mph with 11/5 shape, and he rounds out a four-pitch mix with a 79-81 mph changeup. Kulig should receive plenty of attention this spring and summer as one of the best uncommitted junior arms that the state has to offer. 



Uncommitted Risers